Statcounter: WP crosses 20% in Finland (#Nokia #Lumia)

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We’ve been watching Finland, home of Nokia and Lumia, and the progress of WP for a while. Fortunately it’s been a nice positive incline as WP adoption continues to increase in Finland, month after month, no doubt predominantly due to Nokia Lumia.

We’ve previously noted spikes passing 20% but now it’s remaining steady over 20% over the last few weeks.

Here’s what it’s looking like since January 2012. Note the arrival of Nokia Lumia around Feb.

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As always, we like to give some context:

  • Statcounter gives data extrapolated on browser usage of all current phones. Not just the recent sales. Actual percentage of Lumia sales is definitely higher than 20% for Lumia/WP to reach this much percentage of overall users. Let’s take a look at UK which was said to have 5.9%. To statcounter, that is 2.76%

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Similarly, Italy which is said to have 13.9% of December sales. A shy 4.51 in Stat counter.

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  • Finland’s population is just shy over 5 Million. It’s not a big enough population sample to declare WP a success at all.
  • Finland is the home of Nokia. Though you could say that Finns are just buying Nokia things, well, you could alternatively ask them why Symbian phones began freefalling from 2008. Perhaps they just like what’s good and the competition brought something better. Now their home grown brand is bringing back something which is worthy of their use and hard earned cash?
  • Lumia 800 was a best seller for 2012 in Finnish networks.
  • Growth, other than Finland, is still slow elsewhere (except perhaps a few other countries). For this to be significant, we need to see significant global growth.

Out of interest, WP actually now finally appears in Statcounter’s Global chart.

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Hopefully more to come as Nokia announces more compelling Nokia Lumia devices. More innovation at the top, more value at the bottom.


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