Microsoft trying to work around the Google Sync Problem by supporting CalDAV and CardDAV in Windows Phone?

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As you may or may not know, Google will stop supporting ActiveSync from January 30th 2013. It’s what makes Windows Phone work so flawlessly with Google Mail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar. No set up, just sign in and sync. From Jan 30th, any NEW WP users will be unable to sync said google items.

Since the December announcement, MS has apparently asked Google to extend ActiveSync support in order to push an update that would allow CalDAV and CardDAV support. Google has apparently been unresponsive (and possibly giving some middle fingers to MS, what with the kerfuffle with google Maps being blocked on WP as well as Goog-execs instructions to make a poor YouTube experience for WP).

If you can get ourself out of the Google bubble, you could always try


I’m not quite sure the stance on ‘new’ WP users being affected. Does that mean if I reset my phone or log into a new phone it will still be able to sync with Google stuff, or will only phones currently logged in work and after Jan 30th, future attempts at adding Google accounts  to WP will fail?

Source: TheVerge

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  • fuck Google!

    • Me

      Why what google actually does is that it forces Microsoft to support open standards.
      It was the same with the maps Microsoft needed to support enough of the standard in the browser for it to be aloud to use the service.
      So it’s not actually google being a prick, it’s microsoft who refused to support and use open standards.
      So in the end who’s the prick?

  • One solution to make sure you always have access to your Google Calendar at the moment, and make sure it still works on any new WP which you sign into after Jan 30th is to subscribe to that calendar on your hotmail/live/outlook account now. Therefore, every time you update your Google calendar it will automatically update your Live calendar also, at least that’s what I’m hoping will happen.
    Though best solution would be for MS to support Caldav.

    • Bob is a great alternative.

  • shallow ocean shoal

    Was the reason that Google went to North Korea solely to get advice from Kim Jong-un on how they should run their company??

    This is getting ridiculous.

    • Keith too

      Good point!

    • Craig

      Is it just me or is Microsoft starting to look like the Good Guys compared to Apple and Google??

      • Jiipee

        Ita more like Google is catching up with MS and Apple.

      • Dr.Smart

        And MS being weaker than ever.

        • jiipee

          Its almost sad that there are now three major players – Google, Apple and MS – on the ecosystem game. If there was only one, the governments (ie EU) could force a player to support common standards. Now that there are more players, the anti-trust officials cant really do anything.

          Hopefully Samsung will become the new Nokia in the sense that they drive common standards. The would benefit from it since they have several platforms that might not work together.

          • Dr.Smart

            Don’t believe Samsung is a leadership material no matter how big it gets. Despite the global presence, it is essentially a provincial company when it comes to the management/leadership style, constitution, location and mind-set, somewhat like the fact that Matsushita has never transcended the “Japanese-ness” even at its zenith.

            • jiipee

              Agree with you, that is probably too much to hope for.

  • belle and jolla beat lumia 920

    ms phone not deserve google support, all nokia wp fanboys

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Why are you here?

      • JGrove303

        Because he’s a pedo with no victims to go after on message boards. Anonymous will wrech his shit if he gets caught by them, so he trolls Nokia WP threads.

        Strange lot, those pedophiles.

      • JGrove303

        Because he’s a pedo with no victims to go after on message boards. Anonymous will wreck his shit if he gets caught by them, so he trolls Nokia WP threads.

        Strange lot, those pedophiles.

  • Weirdfisher

    google has no responsibility to support windows phone

    • Mark

      Great! MS has no responsilibity to support Chrome Borwser on Windows or to support Google Mail and Maps in IE. Let’s get rid of them and see who squeals, shall we? 🙂

      • jiipee

        That could be the case atm. The EU vs MS case is no more valid since there starts to be options, if one considers computer market more broadly.

        Dont they already more or less block google search on WP?

        Welcome to the battle of ecosystems.

        • Not sure about MS blocking google search for WP. My default search engine is google for I.E. Mobile on my 920.

          • arts


  • Jiipee

    Does this also affect Ashas with mail for exchange?

    “It’s what makes Windows Phone work so flawlessly with Google Mail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar”

    Did I do something wrong with L800? I tried to sync my contacts with Google sync. I did thevcontacts to the phone, but nothing was synced back to Google.

    • Marc Aurel

      It affects anything that rely on the Microsoft’s proprietary ActiveSync protocol to sync contacts and calendar. That is, Windows Phone, Symbian (Mail for Exchange) and Asha with MfE app. iOS will be unaffected, since versions 5 and later recent support CalDAV and CardDAV.

      The Asha app does not officially support syncing with Google anyways, and while Nokia promised that it would in the future, I suppose that won’t happen now. It doesn’t even support (Hotmail) officially at the moment. Basically it’s just for syncing with your employees servers at the moment. Google does work in practice, but I haven’t tried

      And for Jay: this will affect only new account activations. All old devices will continue to work as long as you don’t hard reset them.

      • jiipee

        Thanks, that was good info!

  • Thieric

    In fact, google sync doesn’t work anymore for calendars since mid-december I believe. One year ago, google opened their google sync so that Google Calendar users could synchronize more than their main calendar (up to 25 secondary calendars), but this doesn’t work anymore. The way one could do that was to launch from their WP then to sync checking the option “WP user” or something like that. This option already vanished at the start of january. (One can only find “Android users” and “Apple users”). It is clear that google has a problem with Microsoft, but in the meanwhile, it’s customers who are paying for their discordances. Actually, hotmail calendar is wayyyy behind google one so we haven’t really the choice… So yes google is becoming the bad guy.

    • Marc Aurel

      Actually, paying corporate customers will get ActiveSync as before. So if you pay, you will get service. Pretty much business as usual. There is very little sense for Google to support (and pay licensing fees to Microsoft) consumer ActiveSync, because I don’t see how they could effectively monetize it. ActiveSync also has features which corporate users might need, but consumers usually don’t.

      That said, the situation is unfortunate for WP and Symbian users, but the fact is that nothing stops Microsoft and/or Nokia to support CardDAV and CalDAV. They have no licensing fees. This may also encourage Microsoft to develop calendar further; something that it needs anyways.

      • Noki

        OMG reason and logic 🙂

  • MO

    I like Google but this feeling is starting to ware off. Who made them king and queen of web apps ???? 🙁

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  • Solutios


  • Shaun

    Surely this is a great outcome.

    Google have managed to get Microsoft to support open standards. Well done Google I say but also well done Microsoft for realising their customers increasingly use services other than their own proprietary ones.

    This also means WP will support Apple’s iCloud Calendar/Contacts sync via iCloud and also private cloud syncs to ownCloud.

    • Kadearlak

      It may be an open standard but is diabolical compared to ActiveSync.

      They should just make ActiveSync free (not necessarily open).


    meh… been using hotmail since 2002 and recently switched to outlook.

  • John801
  • Great Publish.thanks for discuss..