My Dream Nokia #81: Nokia Lumia 1080 WP8 Concept

| January 21, 2013 | 31 Replies

Nokia_Lumia_1080_concept_1-490x257This is My Dream Nokia #81, the Nokia Lumia 1080, created by Adrian Jankowiak. So named because of the 1080p screen. It otherwise follows the fabula design, with some slight tweaks.

At 4.4″, minimal bezel on the side it makes for an almost edge to edge viewing experience. At 1080p, that creates some super fine pixels at about 500DPI.


It looks nice and slim, no? Plus there’s supposedly a 12MP PureView camera with “unbelievable low light performance” PV3? 😀 Possibly not in something so slim, but who knows. Interesting flash layout.






Concept Phones Via ST



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  • Peter L

    I wish designers would realize that edge-to-edge design will introduce massive problems with accidental presses. Edge-to-edge design would require an UI that would be designed in a way that there is no touch elements near the device edges.

    • viktor von d.

      or those edges could be just glass without touch imput. so you would still be able to enjoy the view but not be able to interact with it on the edges

      • Perhaps, but then you’re facing another real world problem. A very small innocent bump or drop would already break the glass. Not even Gorilla Glass will be stron enough in such an arced around the edge construction. It might be if you make it thick enough but that would also increase thickness.

        Aesthetics is all fine and dandy, but there are limits where it starts to interfere with usability or better yet durability.

  • JGrove303

    WANT!!! This look very much like the natural evolution of the fabula design.

    Does WP8 currently support 1920×1080? I recon it shouldn’t be a problem if it doesn’t now to unlock it at the kernel. The Qualcomm SoCs definitely support it. Though, I am one who follows the idea that 1080 res is wasted under 5″. A 5 I” display would fit inside the Lumia 920 no problem.

  • Toni

    What is this sillyness with 1080p — is it even humanely possible to see any difference between 720p and 1080p from the distance that one normally holds a phone. Or for that matter, from any distance?

    • MNhut

      Unfortunately, Nokia has to keep up with its competitors (Sony Xperia Z, Samsung Galaxy IV rumored to have a 1080p display, etc…).

      • dss

        GS3 is going to have more of everything.. faster cpu, faster gpu, more cores, more ram, bigger screen, higher res..

        Its hard to keep up, and Samsung knows that in this market specs sell.. they sell very well.

        • dss


      • Toni

        I do understand that one has to go where competition is, but maybe it would be time for us customers to tell them to stop. All this does is drain the battery even faster for no discernible benefit. Having specs for the sake of having them seems the silliest form of silliness.

        I guess that more than customers it is tech media to blame. I have read (already) countless accounts on how “crisp” the images are on 1080p displays, even though everyone admits that it comes with a hefty price on battery duration. Not to mention that much of that “crisp” must reside in the eye of the beholder who is told that there are supposedly more pixel than ever to be noticed. Would someone place a 720p display next to a 1080p one I would be rather certain none of us nor anyone else for that part could make a difference in quality.

        • JGrove303

          I’ll tell you what. You can put a Lumia 920 (1280×768 RBG @ 4.5″) right next to a Galaxy S III 1280×720 @ 4.8″ Pen Tile) and tell me you don’t see a difference. That 0.3″ larger display + Pen Tile look like garbage resolution wise next to the PureMotion HD+. Now, the Note II uses a 1280×720 5.5″ RGB display witch looks much better compared to the Pentile, but still not as smooth on the resolution as the PureMotion HD+ display.

          So, to get as smooth as a picture as the PureMotion HD+ at a size larger than the 4.5″ display (lets go 5″+) you got to bump up to the next highest resolution, but with out picking something stupid like Apple’s 1136×540 whatever. And that’s 1080.

          • Bloob

            Difference sure, because they are completely different, PenTile is not 720p, no matter what they say, it’s closer to 512p, + Nokia CBD + 60Hz, will make a difference. If you actually see the individual pixels on the 920 though, then I’ll congratulate your excellent eye-sight.

  • rustyknight17

    MMm , looks good ! Now to improve the tiles` functionality , and I`d be getting one!

  • dss

    Why would you want a 12Mpix camera with such a tiny sensor ? You might as well keep it at 5 .. you will get better performance.

  • dss
    • rustyknight17

      True . But then , most Huawei phones r cheap Androids , which r mostly crap ..

  • Keith too

    Nice but I would perfer a bit larger screen. Nokia could have put 4.7″ in the forms of its 900 series.

  • Sonny

    tell me how long will it take for WP8 to support 1080p displays? In order for them to sell well they need 1080p screens. no way in hell are people gonna go for exp: a Lumia 1000 with a HD screens if they can have a Samsung Galaxy S4 with FullHD display

    • Won’t sell well without HD screen? The normal buyer doesn’t know what kind of screen is in their phone nor do they know what kind of resolution or tech it is. They just want it to look good.

      I’ve asked many phoneshop people and nearly all of them said that people buy what they see in ads or what they recommend. Only the out of contract buyers really look at specs and even the group that really does is small.

      • JGrove303

        I can confirm that. Did anyone brag that their handset had qHD display to their buddy with the WVGA? No, they didn’t.

        • That is the curse of residing on blogs like this. We all know the difference between AMOLED/LCD and what not. We know what ARM Cortex A8, A9 or even A15 mean. But your average buyer really doesn’t care.

          I remember asking one sales person how most sales went. It generally came down to people asking what worked good and what the sales guy was using himself and what he would recommend. I was amazed at that actually and it led to a rather unexpected turn; Symbian.

          He went on about Nokia and how he liked the new Lumia (920/820) and really expected them to do well. He said that it was years since Nokia had such a solid offering and that Symbian basically killed Nokia. Even of the N8, the new iPhone killer at the time, nearly 1 on every 1 sold device came back. (small shop though) Also the older Symbians were mentioned, N96, N97 as disasters. Basically only the N95 was the real last flagship made by Nokia.

          BTW; I do feel that the WXGA on the 920 is better than the WVGA on the 800. So yes, there is a certain resolution one needs to have, but HD is insane.

          • JGrove303

            I agree 100%. Even with desktop envirments with discrete graphics cards, the difference in work between 720 HD and 1080 FHD the hardware has to go through is astounding. Add physics engines, effects, AA, AS and anything else gaming eye candy requires and you’re burning some serious Watts.

            speaking of mobile gaming and screen size + res, the PS Vita and Wii U controller run 5″ qHD displays, with the 3DS and XL running WVGA displays at 3.2″ and 4.88″ respectively. Granted, reading text isn’t the main reason for gaming consoles, but it plays a big part. If this are running at this level, and gaming on mobile phones still have not surpassed the quality of these dedicated machines, then why the huge push? Marketing.

            Tablets can have that FHD, very cool by me as pixel density drops off quite a lot at 7-10.1 inches and looks quite shabby, but not sub 5″ phones. It’s ludicrous and stands only for a marketing gimmick. Remember the Evo 3D? BELLY FLOP!

            • Bloob

              *smart-ass comment:* you don’t really need anti-aliasing if the pixels are not big enough to see, unless you render at a lower resolution and then upscale to full resolution ( like most modern 3D mobile / console games do ). Other than that, going from 720p to 1080p is about twice or more the processing power needed depending on shading-techniques used, and twice the backbuffer size.

            • And again, agreed. I’d rather see manufacturers strive for better color accuracy. Sony is apparantly letting customers calibrate their own screens on the Z and ZL. That is what is useful, colours should be true to what they are not be off by miles on measurements.

      • Sonny

        What they see in Ads? And you think Nokia can prove to them that hd is better than fhd in ads? Dont make me laugh! Why havent nokia talked about rich recording etc in there ads?

        I discovered reicently that the people in phone shops mainly sell phones with higher specs like quad core, 2gb ram, 1080p screen etc and the average joe wont even ask why would i need that stuff they would just think its better

        • Sonny

          In reply to harangue

        • It is a combination of ads, what is in the hands of their friends and what they see elsewhere. It is all Samsung and iPhone, people need to be bored by that before Nokia will sell in masses.

          Regarding the phone store part, why would they sell the high specced devices? Higher margins or incentives to sell them. Also, with those devices they can sell bigger plans and lock people in for a longer period of time. Then there is return rate, shops don’t want phones to be returned so they sell the safe option; iPhones and high end Androids (no lag there) Selling a WP device pre WP8 was a gamble and it basically still is a bit. The WP range is only now fairly compelling with devices from Nokia but also some good ones from Samsung and HTC (8X is debatable though)

          Phone shops don’t recommend what is best, well they do, but only what suits them best and not the customer.

  • Deep Space Bar

    doesn’t look any different then the 920 LOL sucks for nokia look at what they are reduced to LMAO

  • wpcyan

    looks great

  • Sonny

    The main point is what nokia needs now is phone that has all the latest specs, if its quad core, fhd watever.

    How many times have we heard how symbian runs on outdated specs etc

    its time for nokia to lead and not to follow like they are now in certain stuff.

    And lastly if nokia do up their specs then at least wont have these bias tech sites something to bash about other than apps

  • Hi! can anyone please tell me any app program i could use to same designs? Thnx!

  • I like the design ..
    it’s look great ..