Video: Nokia Drive+ on HTC8X

| January 24, 2013 | 8 Replies

Nokia Drive on HTC 8X

Yesterday Nokia released Nokia Drive+ Beta to all WP8 devices in the US/UK/Canada.This was of course part of a move by Nokia to expand their location based services


Read the full interview with the mapping team here:

Back on topic the app for the 8X and all other Windows Phones is exactly identical as the Nokia version:





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  • Ah, a Nokia Logo on HTC. What Peter Chou has been waiting for all this time.

    • v.s.i

      Hahahaa.. nice one Jay 🙂 😉
      I wonder how well HTC’s Windows phones work for them.

      • Mariano

        Microsoft is eating nokia

    • DesR85

      And probably Lee Kun-Hee of Samsung as well in regards to the ATIV S. :p

  • Mariano

    The nokia didnt fix sats

  • DC

    This is a good move I think for those of us who can’t get Nokia devices

  • APrasad

    A very sad day for Nokia IMO.
    As much as it gets recognition for SatNav, it’ll lose the uniqueness of the products it’s offering.
    Nokia offers great phones no doubt, but it’s these small software additions that make a major impact for Nokia phones uniqueness.
    I’m glad that Nokia Music isn’t being put up for the OEMs at the least.

    • DesR85

      If go to the youtube page of the video, the author, Clinton Jeff, pointed out that the Drive and Maps app still have to be launched separately on the 8X and is not linked like the WP8 Lumia phones. I’m not surprised should that be the case.