Weekend Watch: Sony Xperia Z vs Nokia Lumia 920

| January 26, 2013 | 43 Replies

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Here’s a quick comparison between Nokia’s Lumia 920 and Sony’s Xperia Z.

Sony’s Xperia Z and Nokia’s Lumia 920 are both camera phone supremes. One has a brand new Sony Exmor RS sensor capable of HDR video while the other is loaded up with optical image stabilisation for the best night time shooting there is. How do they stack up against one another though?

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  • keist

    Android Jellybean is light years ahead of Windows Phone 8.

    • twig


      • Francis

        May be not light year ahead but JellyBean still better than WP8. For example, Customization in Andriod is much simple and flexible than WP8. Jellybean also very stable and powerful.

        On the other hand, WP8 interface is very simple and easy to use ie low learning curve. Unfortunately, N9 Meego is Mile ahead WP8 in term of simplicity and addictive to use. N9’s feeds is really good and i not sure Jellybean any app for it.. N9 multitasking capability can kill WP8 instantly in just one simple shot !

        After 1 month intensive use of my Galaxy Note II, i felt that Android really got a lot of hidden function for me to learn, very interesting ! Recently, I like my living aquarium as my live background, and i don’t think WP can to that.

        Conclusion, IMO, Android is more complex and suitable for hi-tech user, tinkerer (ie those like exploring and love complex menu/upgrading, etc), etc, and WP is more suitable for simple user such lady, Wife, oldie, kids and those adult do not want complexity in their life (simple and plain).

        • Bassman

          What a load of tosh. I especially liked the blatant sexism etc. in the last paragraph…

        • kiko

          I laughed so bad when a read “android is stable and powerful”. Is a giant crap.

    • v.s.i

      Calm down, there’s a 4 month difference between the announcements and the Z isn’t available yet. Also, Nokia is expected to unveil something (a 920 successor?) at MWC – it’s just the pace of technology. Plus the only thing Sony has is 2 more Krait cores, 1 GB RAM and camera. Also a 1080p display versus 1280×768. I can’t really see what makes it light-years ahead.
      Design-wise, that’s another matter, of course design is subjective. But overall you could say it’s metres or even miles ahead if that soothes your Android spec-overblowing ego. 😀

      • Grendell

        Exciting until it dawns on you that Nokia unfortunately will never put everything into just one product. Been a Nokia user for over a decade and a half and I’ve yet to see it.

        • Shane

          The n8 had everything. I want a new phone with everything in it, like the n8 at its time.

    • manu

      yes windowsphone 8 is far better than 7.5 but jelly bean overall is a better os.

      • Bassman

        Why is it?

  • Waqas Ahmad Khan

    Xperia Z smoked Lumia 920 hands down.

    • twig


      • Francis

        Xperia Z got higher resolution camera (13Mpixel) and is waterproof (IP 57 certified !!!)!, Full HD (1920×1080) !

        However, 920 got OIS (damn good !)and better low light capture (but i hate this and it capture not ‘real’ photo).

        • twig

          A real low light picture is dark. I just saw an iphone low light picture from a girl at a store and it’s really real, but you couldn’t see anything.

          • Francis

            Yes, iOS is KING for ‘beautifying’ photo captured ! Previously Nokia N8 claimed natural capture but 920 is targeted for different segment ie good details for nite shot and NOT intended to capture ‘natural’ dark.

        • who knows

          Why on Earth would you want full hd on a 5″ screen?

          • Francis

            The answer is simple: your screen and mine also same both 5″, but yours is 720p and mine is 1080p full HD.

            Hence, i WON and you lost ! My phone is better than your phone. Plain Simple.

            • who knows

              Damn it, you’re right! 😉

            • D Harries

              We are going through a size thing at the moment. This may take years to play out. Bigger screen eats more battery. Higher resolution eats more battery. Is that important to you? I have a Nexus 7. The size is great in my hand, and I like the large screen, but there is screen wastage. The fonts don’t go right to the edges etc

              The best screen I have seen for fonts, (so far) is the smaller screen Lumia 800. Crisp, clear, no screen wastage.

            • Jonahssss

              no its not right! how abot 5 inch with 1080p and 4.5 with 720p i think both it same because our eye limitations just 300ppi

        • torpedu

          that 13Mpixel camera is not good. When will people learn not to look at Mpixel count

          • who knows

            Yep, it is in line with my comment about screen resolution. Right now it is bigger = better. What do I care as a user if my phone has an octo-core if the duo-core gives the same or better experience?

            This spec race and OS-war is such a waste of space.

            • nokiaman

              You forgot-
              Dolby sound
              Nokia music ( no subscription )
              Nokia exclusive apps ( such as maps and city lens )
              Xbox glass
              Cant wait to see what else Nokia and Xbox have in store for us…….. ok not waterproof or IP57 or whatever but this thing has hammered nails NAILS on youtube so tough as a $2.00 steak for me screen on LUMIA is good enough I am LV FITTER in the mines in the outback of AUSTRALIA have to wear gloves as part of OH&S so NOKIA again wins for me ……thank you come again

      • Waqas Ahmad Khan

        Price: Lumia 920 £440, Xperia Z £440 plus for Xperia Z.
        Power: of Snapdragon S4 Quad Core plus for Xperia Z,
        Elegant design: plus for Xperia Z,
        1080P display: plus for Xperia Z,
        Smoothness: tie (Jelly beans plus snapdragon s4 gives great smoothness to Xperia Z),
        Eco System: No brainer plus for Xperia Z,
        Camera: 13 Mpx plus for Xperia Z,
        Bravia Engine: plus for Xperia Z,
        Weight: Nokia has a brick like weight plus for Xperia Z,

        OIS is the only area where Nokia gets a plus.

        You got your answer?

        • hoi

          Puremotion HD: plus for 920
          Pureview: plus for 920
          Great recording sound: plus for 920
          A Nokia phone: plus for 920
          Windows Phone: plus for 920
          Sensitive screen: plus for 920
          Beautiful design: plus for 920

          Yeah great review

          • Waqas Ahmad Khan

            I forgot to mention “WATERPROOF” biiiiiiiigggggggggggggg plus for Xperia Z

        • nokiaman

          your opinion mate……..besides opinions are like a**holes…… everyone has one…….

  • Lumia920Fan

    Even quad core cpu can’t allow android to run lag free

  • twig

    Look at all those finger marks on that Sony, so quick. It’s changing color.

  • Francis

    Sometime i wonder if Nokia can deliver just one android phone per year, say, like just at 820 grade but not 920 level in order to comply agreement with MS, and see how much this phone can sell…

    • v.s.i

      Even HTC bring do more than one and financially they’re certainly worse off than Nokia at this moment (that’s a part of their problem, though..). Of course it’d sell, just look on any tech site’s comment section and you’re bound to see a ‘If Nokia built Android phones, they’d go like hot cakes’ whenever the words Nokia and Android are mentioned no less than 2 paragraphs apart.

      That said, this year or 2014 could be the time to look for alternatives. Not the Tizen vaporware or Firefox OS-class design, but maybe Ubuntu if they get their act together or even Sailfish (wouldn’t that be ironic..)

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  • Amrut Mhatre

    total baised comparison… :@
    guy jolts at the notification center saying you mite miss out on calls and texts..
    either this guy does’nt know anything about live tiles and lockscreen, or he is pretending to not know.
    last was the funniest part about hardware were he mentioned u need more for 3D games and stuff, WINDOWS Phones require less proccessing to run u fool.
    He also finds Lumia 920 odd to hold in hand… JERk…

  • hytheam

    for me i still think that is lumia 920 is better than xperia z because in genral the andriod is laggy

  • André Zunido

    Lumia 920 is still too expensive for its specs. The xperia ZL is good looking (lumia 920 also is, but still), takes better photos (e.g. not blurred around the edges), and, has really attractive specs all around (including an IR blaster like the N900). What the lumia has to its advantage is nokia apps like nokia drive, very solid construction, and, better mics for making video. IOS is cool but the sensor/camera firmware used in the phone is rubbish. I’ll wait for the nokia’s MWC and for sony to announce the ZL price final price (estimated at 600€) to make my next smartphone choice (N900 user).

    I’m open to both, but the ZL seems like the better choice ATM.

    And by the way! Having an xbox360, I wonder where are the games for windows phone? Cross play, game augmentation (like wii U) etc? Microsoft is seriously lagging!

    • André Zunido

      BTW I meant OIS (Optical Image Stabilization) :p

  • So annoying how instagram is brought up everytime anyone reviews a WP.
    For me, i was a little disappointed that i wouldn’t be able to use BBC iPlayer on the 920 until i realized I’d managed without it on the N9 for the last 10 months, and before that had only used it a handful of times on the N8.
    Also 13MP camera inside a 6.9mm thick phone? Remind me again why the N8 and 808 have those big humps on them?!?

    • dss

      ya.. Its really sad how misinformed consumers are on imaging thanks to years of misleading marketing from the camera manufacturers.. The 13mipx sony is the typical 1.1 micron mess.. Nothing special

  • anon2

    Nokia will showcase a new design at MWC next month (less curves, more sharp corners), so it’s pointless comparing last years flagship model to a handset that hasn’t even been released yet.

    • Paul Grenfell

      Not pointless, the WP already is out and the Z is just surfacing.
      MWC may just show a new WP, but when will it reach us? 12mths?

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  • Mutumba

    Its simple. Have you used the 12MP camera o the xperia S? Its by the far the worst camera I have used. Its cannot even focus and has a very narrow field of view. Its worse thatn all the 5 MP cameras i have used on my N series. Now the 12MP camera on the N8 is just awesome.

  • I have the Sony Xperia Z and have just bought my partner a Nokia Lumia 920 and have to say that the windows 8 operating system runs a lot more efficient than the Android one. I also found that the screen is very nice and sensitive and there has been no lagging or freezing issues with the Nokia. Unfortunately I have experienced Lag and hanging with the Xperia Z.

    The Nokia Lumia also feels much more durable compared to the Xperia Z, In other words I think my Xperia Z would shatter if dropped where the Nokia Lumia feels like it could take more of a knock if dropped which lets face it most of us have done at some point.

    If you want a phone to Phone, Text, Email and browse the web I would go for the Nokia Lumia 920 but if you want all the apps under the sun then the Xperia Z could be the better option.

    I personally prefer the Nokia Lumia 920 after using both the reviewed handsets.