WP8 Reference Design from MS coming Mid-2013 – Surface Phone?

| January 26, 2013 | 31 Replies

Digitimes repots that Microsoft is going to be launching a reference design WP8 device mid 2013. Not sure if they learnt the lesson regarding their “reference design” Surface tablet and how that irks other manufacturers rather than the intended “spur them to do better”

The intention is apparently to expand the “ecosystem”. (Perhaps, MS, instead of twiddling your thumbs, you could put features in to WP8 that should be there already 2 years ago, eh? Or work with the top devs of app makers to make sure you haven’t got massive app gaps missing? Or other blatantly obvious things that you should have done but choose not to, instead feel content that users will be wowed away by your millionth demonstration of resizable tiles?).


On the other hand, Jiipee reckons that this reference design could make it easier for smaller manufacturers to release WP devices. It is most ideal that for Nokia to grow, the Windows Phone ecosystem has to grow too. Nokia has its distinct set of applications, designs and imaging specialities to differentiate from the crowd. They’re also the go-to name for anyone wanting a Windows Phone (that’s still small right now but will hopefully grow sufficiently in the future). I’d like to see some slim, yet high end WP to grab the limelight originally stolen by the lumiawannabe 8X, in addition to some beastly Lumia flagships, like the rumoured Nokia EOS and Catwalk.

I wonder if MS will try and grab some colourful Lumianess or go cold magnesium (which is quite attractive too) as seen in the Surface tablets.

Cheers Jiipee for the tip!


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  • *****

    Digitimes? Worst source ever. These guys are less accurate than the tech predictions you find in playboy magazine

    • Viipottaja

      Playboy does have great articles though.

      • Sefriol

        Really? I have to check them out… for the articles.

      • Noki

        +1 they do

      • Jiipee

        nah, too much text in those articles

      • sunnyvale

        Just wanted to add that Playboy is also famous for conducting several of the best interviews and articles ever made. Some of these valuable articles are properly stored on libraries.

        It’s not just a simple gentlemen magazine.

  • Still I think people overplay this whole Microsoft tablet/phone threat; latest reports say MSFT only sold 250k-1 mil surface tabs… which isn’t even worth mentioning. Just can’t wait for them to give up on WIndows RT and sell the tab on firesale.

    • Just Visiting

      At the end of the day, Microsoft didn’t plan to sell more than a few million Surface devices anyway, as stated by Steve Ballmer right before they released the device.

      There is no reason for anyone to believe that Microsoft would sell more than a few million when distribution of the devices was only via their online store and their physical stores (which are few and far between), not to mention the price (yes, I think it is overpriced). Only recently did they start making the device available at Best Buy.

      Anyone who expected Microsoft to sell millions and millions of Surface devices were simply delusional. And RT isn’t going anywhere.

      • everlfr

        but then nokia sells not more than a few millions herself. so ms selling a few millions will really hurt.

    • twig

      I still hope Nokia comes out with an 8 tablet with multiple cover options or just the cover options for the Surface. I have the Surface now and use with Bluetooth keyboard, with hopes that Win8 phones with receive Bluetooth keyboard upgrade and Bluetooth game upgrade.

      Loving this game Gun 4 Hire also Rise of Glory. I wish that Nokia had an attachment for you phone that was portable and made the holding of the phone more comfortable for long periods of time. Something plastic or rubber that would make the holding surface larger for the hand freeing the pinching of fingers, while cutting off the blood circulation.

      • twig

        while playing games.

  • Stephen Elop:This is Lumia.It is king.

    Bealmer:No No No.King is Surface Phone.Sorry Stephen Gameover.You is World in The firsth Troll.

  • arts

    That would be incredibly disappointing that Microsoft is only releasing a entry level device, as the article stated. I would love to see what Microsoft can bring to the table.

    More exciting would be a entry level windows rt tablet.

  • zxz

    the design in the above photo looks great akthough i am not a fan of wp

  • pathetic

    “the intention is apparently to expand the “ecosystem”
    ” ecosystem ” I’m tired of this fu*king word , many have to understand that ecosistem no means new phones , ecosystem are the services that you offer , like maps , email , cloud storage , applications (like bbm , nokia music , skype , google street view , etc etc) and third party applications . Apple only releases one phone a year , then, has no ecosystem? start to thinking a little more please do not eat all these damn scammers say . Microsoft has no ecosystem, a new phone will not help complete an ecosystem.
    lets count all phones on the market today using WP . 510 610 710 800 900 620 820 920 8x ativS Huawey Oddysey 8s , etc. . excluding , the earlier models .
    Now apple , 4s , 5
    Note that it is in the same time period .
    then why Apple has more ecosystem if only taken 2 phones ? not be an as*holes please

    • Pasanen oli hieno mies

      Apple envy?


  • nn

    BTW, this also indicates that MS are not happy with the phones Nokia is going to unveil at MWC and don’t think they will be such success, especially if they want to start selling own phone almost at the same time.

  • dss

    Nokia is only used to kick start the platform. What happens to them after that is achieved is of no concern to Microsoft.. All they need is another 12 – 20 months of commitment from Nokia until wp gets some traction and it should be much easier after that. Nokia has to survive by bringing the best devices and hopefully using their brand recognition..
    They are an “eco” system contributor.. An oem for the biggest software company in the world .. On of many such companies.

    Its very sad .. Its a heavy fall for Nokia, but it is what it is.

    • Pasanen oli hieno mies

      Nokia failed when they killed Maemo and started to work on MeeGo. Not being able to ship MeeGo in 2010 was a horrible mistake. After that it was just too late.

      Maybe we should blame Elop for killing Maemo and startin to work on MeeGo?

      • everlfr

        try to keep up with the topic rather than rehashing the old stuff ad inifinitum regardless of the relevance. its getting tired really.

      • Saul

        You keep saying this & you keep getting corrected, they never killed Maemo, it was carried on with Harmattan*.
        There was to be at least three Harmattan devices before we got real MeegGo devices from H2 2012 onwards, repeating something constantly doesn’t make it true.
        Everyone who heavily “uses” Maemo5x & Maemo6x devices, knows that they’re way more similar to one another than Nemo/MeR (which is based on MeegoCE).
        MeeGoCE is what was halted almost immediately in Feb 2011, after it had only recently become the main focus.
        Delays happened when they decided to revamp most of Harmattan’s UX, that’s why they weren’t able to hit the (always ambitious) Dec 2010 target.
        Stick with the truth, it’s better for your karma longer-term, at this rate you’re earning so much bad energy that it’s off the charts.

        *Harmattan (Maemo 6x) was simply branded as meego-harmattan.

  • Dr.Smart

    Microsoft is in the cross-road; One will lead to the Apple-esque biz model with high margins but low (relatively-speaking) reach, and the other one will maintain the present model of Windows licensing which has worked so well for PCs but is not working at all for the mobiles. The Nokia question has no part in MS’ decision nor should it have. It’s entirely Nokia’s own fault to have committed this one way road, entirely thinking of piggy backing on another company (and competitor)

    • Dr.Smart

      Having said that I guess MS is a little bit of a schizophrenic state, where, I would imagine, different factions pushes different directions and where no clear consensus on this issue has been reached.

      • Dr.Smart

        For me personally, I think MS will have to adopt the Apple model because, quite clearly, it is not at all likely that in mobile sphere MS will have the kind of OS hegemony that it had in PC biz, and the licensing model only works with sufficient volume.

        • Noki

          Yes plus a lot of the MS investors have suffered from apple envy, and wanted Microsoft to follow a similar model, this pressure might decrease now that apple stock value is returning to more realistic values.

        • Pasanen oli hieno mies

          I would be surprised if Microsoft didn’t adopt the Apple model. Even Google is partially working on that.

          And yes, after all Android is a souped up copy of the iPhone. And that’s just great!

          • alsocan

            not sure i agree there…

            Windows phone is a copy of ios, and a copy which has little value since it is inferior in almost all aspects.

            Android is a copy of symbian bringing much additional value.

            • arts

              so windows is a copy, but somehow its bad, but android is a copy, but some how its good? okay…

            • Gordon Ramsay lopettaa juttujaan hauskasti


              Actually Symbian^3 was also a tweaked copy of iOS. No, that just fine. There is nothing wrong about Nokia copying Apple on this.

              The reason people are claiming that they didn’t copy Apple is probably very simple. The NIH syndrome makes it hard to admit when someone else invented something nice Nokia uses.

              Besides, it’s not just a copy. Nokia tried to improve the design by adding features and tweaking the UI to do something iOS is not doing.

              Apple invented the modern smartphone.


    • Noki


  • stylinred

    if it looks like the surface tablet and made with the same materials than i could see the surface phone being a huge hit