Lumia Design Ripped Off Again; Re-Packaged With Android On Board

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Once again the Lumia range has fallen victim to copycats in the mobile industry, this time it’s a bit more than simple “design inspirations” like HTC; but the whole  phone including the color. I present to you the Cloudfone Thrill 430G, this repackaged Lumia comes with Android 4.0, a 5Mp camera and a 4.3″ screen; probably not a pureview though.

I can’t seem to find where this company is based (Philippines  possibly? Since the prices are in “SRP”), regardless I actually think it’s a good sign if cheap knockoff phones think Lumias have become recognizable enough to mooch off of.


Check out the Thrill 430G in all it’s glory over here: BBoOQlHCMAAs-05Thanks for the tip  @TerenceJohn27



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  • lumianer

    Looks much better with WP 🙂

  • Mehul Ved

    That is android 4.0? Is it a custom skin? Looks more like 2.3.

    • migo

      Probably is, given the 4 hard buttons on the bottom.

  • Filipino NOT proud

    Que Horreur! I’m a Filipino but if this shiitake is from the Philippines, I’d be devastated and turn red with shame. Nokia please sue everyone who copies your designs.

    Not only it would hurt the image of the Lumia range but it would also confuse those ignorant and clueless people who don’t know the difference between a Lumia and a copycat.

    My gosh what a shame. I hope their factories would be struck by lightning and reduced to ashes. (But no one shall be injured, please.)

  • virobloc

    I wonder whether the camera plate location is to give a personal touch or because they weren’t able to place the module in the same place as Nokia XD

    • pathetic

      Guess why , if they do that there will be patent issues , if you change the design a little no, the same goes for htc

      • migo

        No, there won’t. They could do an exact copy as long as they don’t sell in NA or Europe.

  • B.Srikanth

    Look at the back of it. Lol

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  • noggi

    this is not from the philippines. SRP only means ‘suggested retail price’.

    • Juan27

      well it is actually from the Philippines, it is offered by Globe Telecom at plan 499 and its SRP is Php5,999

      • greg

        It might be available in the Philippines but anyone who believes that on the word SRP alone has a shit-poor grasp of English

        • Bakit Ano Yun?

          Hahaha, Cloudfone is a local cellphone brand here in the Philippines

  • indigo

    “probably not a pureview though”

    duh, OF COURSE it’s not a pureview, it’s a copycat and has nothing to do with Nokia.

  • v.s.i

    This ought to shut all the Android whiners up. :)) On a more serious note, phones are KIRFed all the time, and on the upside, they (as in, ‘they’) only copy great products, as far as I know.

    ‘ Yes? ‘ (a quote from a great MNB contributor ^_^)


    this copycat too

  • whatever

    If the op is saying that this is a ripoff of the lumia design then he must also mention that lumia’s design is a rip off of the ipod mini design…

    • JGrove303

      Except for the massive job wheel, the lack of buttons, the no camera, etc.

      Now, the new iPod Mini is a miniaturized Fabula rip, no doubt

      • whatever

        Still, the design language is strikingly similar to the mini. The new nano is more similar to a certain samsung player (can’t remember the exact model) than a nokia.

  • Reonhato

    Hmm, I thought all of those Philippines branded phones were repackaged/rebadged “china-phones”?

    • incognito

      These days, the vast majority of phones are repackaged/rebadged china-phones. The same factory in one shift produces phones for one company, in the next shift for their fierce competitor, all using same materials and manufacturing process, the only difference being in the interior/exterior design.

      Long gone have the days when ‘Made in Finland’ actually meant something on a Nokia. Same goes for other manufacturers as well.

  • bean

    …I am a Filipino, but with this ****..well, my faith in Filipino humanity has been lost… =(

  • shaun

    get over yourself its not a rip off of a lumia its a rip of of the N9

    • Was waiting for this comment, surprised it took so long.

      Yes, fabula first seen with N9. But now the design is more associated with Nokia Lumia.
      We’ll always know that’s the originator, but for everyone else’s sake, fabula is now synonymous with Lumia.

      • chernov

        Lumia’s – the ba****dised versions of the beautiful n9.

        • Bassman

          Get a grip you silly boy.

          • chernov

            Lol! Ever watched the “How the Lumia 800 was designed” video? The guy said it took them 6 months to make the handset.

            Its not rocket science to know from initial designs -> retail for ANY mobile device far exceeds 6 months – they obviously had something to adapt, in this case the N9.

            They also pretended as though the N9 didn’t exist on that video, even though Nokia Conversation stated the design was taken directly from the N9 and adapted for WP hardware requirements (omission of the front camera etc.)

            “Curved screen” for the Metro interface – yeah right(!) – that is why they dropped the curve screen for the Lumia 900 making us some excuse about a curved screen being too fragile?

            Sit down young’n.

            Face it, Nokia are just another OEM now and the fact their services are also open to other WP OEMs bar Music and few others doesn’t do much to differentiate them apart from the optics. The amount of money they have poured into advertising for minimal gains is laughable.

            I have used Nokia phones pretty much all my life but they way their have treated their most loyal customers the past few years really does show their true colours, not to mention their utter arrogance by taking the top spot of the mobile market for granted and pretending that nothing was happening while the market moved to fast for their under-powered and aged hardware on one of the greatest OS’s ever – Symbian.

            I’m not hurt over the fact they dropped it – it had to be done but the fact in one big swoop MS took out a handful of competing operating systems (Harmattan, S^3, Meltemi) – they didn’t forget how Symbian squeezed WinCE and Windows Mobile into the niche market during the 2000s. And what exactly have Nokia got from their “special agreements” from MS? Bugger all because they are just required to churn out phones to try and increase WP market shares.

            Do I think WP will succeed? Probably, given only ios, droid and bbx are the only other options out there now.

            • Bassman

              Tbh, couldn’t be bothered to read all of your wall of text, it’s all been done to death in the past and quite frankly people need to move on.

              Nobody is denying that the N9 was the first of the fabula design to be released, it’s just that people, like yourself and ‘shaun’ get overly precious about it.

              • chernov

                far from a wall of text than a Far from a wall of text – anicely paragraphed argument I would have thought. Try increasing your screen resolution.
                We all have moved on but do like to have a voice on blatent mistakes =]

                Good day to you sir.

              • chernov

                Far from a wall of text – a nicely paragraphed argument I would have thought. Try increasing your screen resolution.
                We all have moved on but do like to have a voice on blatent mistakes =]

                Good day to you sir.

  • Carbontubby

    There’s an entire industry in Shenzhen dedicated to producing knockoff phones using common motherboards, similar screens but in radically different form factors.

    You want an N8 lookalike with a stylus and Qwerty keyboard? An iPhoney that runs some weird Java hack? A flip phone that looks like a Ferrari 430? All possible 🙂 And for a fraction of the real thing’s price, thanks to some bargain basement parts and huge economies of scale.

    As to incognito’s comment about “made in Finland actually meaning something”, well sorry, Nokia phones made in China, Vietnam and Brazil are being made to the same quality standard worldwide. The big Chinese (actually mostly Taiwan-owned) assembly companies work with different multinational manufacturers and they certainly won’t be putting the innards of a Lumia 920 or a Galaxy S3 into a knockoff phone.

    The smaller factories? Those guys are the real innovators… check out the kitchen sink + everything else approach in stuffing a device with NFC and UHF RFID readers, dual SIMs and a huge screen, stuff that even Samsung wouldn’t think of doing. The damn thing might break after a month but at least they’re brave enough to try 🙂

    • Carbontubby

      Check out Runbo’s X-series phones, they’re IP67-rated Android touchscreen phones with GSM and CDMA support and a software configurable walkie talkie radio, all for peanuts. Load up some engineering apps and you’ve got the perfect tool for construction sites – pocket computer, mobile phone and walkie talkie all in one.

  • Me

    The yellow one looks like a Nokia but i guess it’s photoshoped.
    The grey or black one looks like a china phone.
    So is it 2 phones or only McDonald’s advertising, there burgers look fantastic in the pictures but in reality it’s like a tank drove over it and drag it through the mud.

  • JGrove303

    KIRF or otherwise, this looks better than all but the newer Motorolas as far as Androids are concerned. Except that wanky-assed camera and led d placement.

  • dss

    They all look like the N9.

  • Pasanen oli hieno mies

    Does Nokia have a patent on rectangle without rounded corners?

    Are you people saying Apple had a valid case when they were protecting the design of iPhone or do you have double standards? Again.


    • Carbontubby

      Heh, gotta love these “trade dress” patents for something which is so generic.

      The good thing about these copycats is that it forces Nokia to innovate.

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  • Bakit Ano Yun?

    Lumia Design looks good on Adroid Os………..

  • Ghidorah

    All the more reason Nokia needs to start making more daring designs that they have been historically known for instead of sticking to this 1 theme.

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  • Hahahaha, this just made my night…lol..
    Ppl really want Lumia on that Android soul they’ll even copy Lumia and see if they can make their own LumiaDROID..sick.

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