Alternate Uses for Kids Corner on Windows Phone 8

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DSC01647Kids Corner is a great addition in Windows Phone 8, for those of us who might have kids at least; or maybe not? Nokia conversations posted an interesting article about alternate uses for Kids Corner which are actually very useful. As a recap of what Kids Corner actually does; it basically allows you quick access to specific games, apps, or even artists/albums to a second homescreen accessible through the lock screen.


Since Kids Corner is completely flexible you can rename what you see on the lock-screen as well as the corresponding image; some of the suggestions at Nokia conversations included a Transportation corner. Where you could pin all your navigation apps in one place; which has the added benefit of giving you quick access while on the road (don’t text and drive!).
Alternatively you could use it as music centric hub, pinning your favorite artists or Nokia Mixes for quick play right from the lock screen; and trick out the wallpaper with your favorite artists album artwork.

Seeing how Nokia transport and City Lens are pretty much pointless for me in Jordan (No organized public transport; and nothing worth “exploring” with City Lens that I haven’t already seen); I opted for a different path and turned Kids Corner into a Gaming corner. True that’s pretty much the same thing as keeping a default kids corner; but I downloaded the Xbox Live wallpaper and renamed it to “Games Corner” and pinned all my games there. Now at the very least I can distract my friends (who are basically little kids) without having them ruin my tile organization on my real homescreen.

DSC01665So anyone else got any interesting uses for Kids Corner? You can check out some more uses over at the Nokia Conversation blog:




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