Nokia to Hold Press Event on February 25th in Barcelona; Expect Good Things

| January 29, 2013 | 108 Replies

With MWC just around the corner Nokia has officially announced the date and time for their keynote event in Barcelona this year; the press event has been scheduled for Monday Feb 25th at 9AM (for those keeping score last years event was held on the 27th of feb; at 11ish IIRC). We’ve heard rumors and bits of what to expect this year; mainly a slimmed down version of the 920 with a new metal/aluminum body; plus another variant packing a sensor similar to the 808 (PureView Phase 3?); and possibly even a Windows RT tablet!


Whatever’s coming we’re excited!



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  • Sonny

    Know what would be awesome if nokia released a phone with a fhd display but gives the users to choose there phones own resolution like hd or 800*640, same as you do on a pc. Why havent we seen anything like that yet?

    Plus what happened to the acqusition if the smarterphone OS?

    • JGrove303

      S40 Java build. What would have been Meltimi, they used the Smarterphone guys to beef up S40 Touch into a “Greatphone.” They did well. Curious what it’ll bring next!

  • Me

    I guess that new asha devices will be presented.
    Maybe some new WP8 as well but i think we already heard about them.

  • viipottaja

    “At home” seems to me to be the key hint.

    • Janne

      Possible. What could it mean? Some new Nokia service/app geared towards home?

      • Viipottaja

        Possibly. 🙂 Or just reference to a tablet?

        • Janne

          Very possible.

          Other meanings for home… Homescreen? Nah. Gaming, entertainment, TV? I don’t see how, other than through the smartphone app/service or tablet approach…

          Resurrecting Salora for some Nokia TV magic would be a surprise, that’s for sure. 😉 😉 😉

          • Viipottaja

            Home automation solution?

            Some Nokia specific solution/app/content/service on the X box? 🙂

  • lumia 920

    definitely lumia 920 succesor


  • D Harries

    The 920 is clearly labeled as the flagship smartphone, and it is still rolling out. So anything new must be something else. A niche device, tablet, ….

  • D Harries

    “Expect good things” is plural, instead of “Expect something good” in the singular. Nervous excitement coming from Carl Zeiss means they are involved as well. PureView 3? When the 808 came out, there was a subtle leak/suggestion with a camera bump on the phone. Something different with photography we haven’t had yet….

  • Amrut Mhatre

    Definitely some thing better than 920,
    Remember 800 launch in October?
    900 was launched at MWC as the flagship
    so can expect something better than 920 too…

    Also, i’m expecting 520,720 to launch.
    Lets hope they get it right and i buy the next flagship..

  • twig

    Lol, they have us trained don’t they. What does this word mean, what does this shape or color mean? Ah, Nokia.

    • twig

      Looking at the picture, there are two colors and is there something on the hand? What are those two objects towards the bottom?

  • manu

    cant wait !!

  • shaun

    Looks as if she is eating alone, possibly with the phone opposite her touting some sort of video chatting?

    Something like that is hardly revolutionary though

  • Bloob

    On the first day of MWC,
    Nokia gave to me,
    one phone with PureView,
    one phone for hipsters,
    and a solid midranger