New Update to WP8 To Bring Back Flip To Silence?

| February 2, 2013 | 8 Replies

One of the cool features of WP7 that went MIA in WP8 was flip to silence/snooze; something I heavily abused every morning (and got about an extra hour of sleep out of). Unfortunately the feature hasn’t been in any WP8 device…yet. A new update spotted on Navfirm for the Lumia 620 seems to bring this option back as seen above. Users who flashed this update said it was slightly unstable but seemed to bring battery improvements as well as performance enhancements to the 620:


Our reader noted that with the new firmware, the 620 appeared to get better battery life, increased device performance and the inclusion of  the aforementioned flip-to-silence feature. The OS was not updated with the firmware and it remained on Windows Phone 8 OS build 10211.



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  • Viipottaja

    Nice little feature to have. Not that I have ever actually used in on my previous phones… lol.. 😀

    • incognito

      Flip to silence is, IMHO, much more useful for a snooze function on the alarm. I use that constantly.

      • Viipottaja

        ah.. good point, will try that once I get the update to the 920!

        • Adriano

          I spoke to Henri Mattila at the Lumia launch in Dubai and he was completely flustered when I showed him my N9 and 808 both had the flip to silence/snooze… I asked him why this Nokia feature didn’t make its way into WP8 as I saw no reason why it couldn’t be implemented. All he said was that he would get back to me. I wonder if other folks have pointed this out to other Nokia folks to get the ball rolling. It is a great feature to have professional or personal (I work as a journalist and when you get a call in the middle of an interview it’s great to just flip the phone over – in fact, people ask me how I did it, so there is a cool factor too. But even when out with friends and it’s not appropriate to answer calls, you can just flip it over and turn the phone to silent or reject with SMS… A feature that just makes sense)

  • JGrove303

    I used it constantly on my N8-00. I’ll be very happy to see its return.

    FM radio and Notification Center on the next round?

  • swain

    I use this feature heavily during office hours(especially during meetings if not in silent mode already). Good to know that it’s coming to WP8.

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