Software Update to Belle FP2 Device Brings Twitter/Flickr Photo Sharing Enhancements

| February 2, 2013 | 29 Replies

The guys at AAS are reporting a new update for Belle FP2 devices/808 which brings some pretty cool photo sharing updates to the gallery. The latest updates bring some much needed improvements to the Twitter sharing experience, where it now bypasses the need to log in to the horrid Nokia social app first. The same goes for flickr sharing where you can now share right out of the gallery.


The update should be rolling out to devices now, but as usual it might take a while to reach a device near you.



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  • dss


    flickr and facebook where available already..

  • Muhs

    its funny , in an article like that. people just disappear while in an article like nokia closing beta for nokia pulse for symbian and n9(which 100 times less relevant than this update), 100’s of people come to bash nokia and scoff at nokia. people here r really weird

    • Ali Abdulla

      well, ppl tend to be more vocal when they are wronged.. its a rule of life πŸ™‚

      im not supporting the bashing and stuff, but to be honest, symbian was promised a 2 year support.. i think many of the 808 owners feel a bit cheated by that.. yes they knew what they were getting at, but still , i see almost nothing of the 2 years support they were promised :).. atleast nokia was very clear when it came to the N9, hence the much less complains about that issue πŸ˜›

      • Sammy

        Exactly, people overwhelmingly pop-up ONLY when they have a problem, something negative to say, or are unhappy about something. It’s a VERY COMMON trend EVERYWHERE on the net, not just here, if someone actively engages with only one site it may seem weird.

      • Sammy

        What do you mean by clear when it came to the N9, there was LOTS of mixed/vague message there.
        They were clear that there’d be no future Harmattan & them MeeGo-proper devices even if N9 sold well, but that’s where the clarity ended.

        They stated several times (at various levels of management) that there’d be support till 2015.
        Ofc most didn’t believe that for a second, & even if there was a element of truth, they took it to mean only critical fixes till Jan 1st 2015.

        But most expected more comprehensive support till AT LEAST the end of 2012, that never materialised, not even close.
        It’s gradually become clear over the past yr+ that support is almost totally non-existent, there’s been no clear schedules, just a ad-hoc, gradual, dismantling process.
        So yeah, N9 users have just as much reason to be disappointed, if not more.

        • Sammy


          them = then

    • arts

      +1. i was just looking at the utter silence at the sountrackr article. COMPELTELY SILENT.

  • Jari

    Symbian / 808 last update.. Fu Nokia πŸ™ I loved your phones since a long time ago, N9 + 808 your best devices.. nowadays only Microsoft phones which wont sell as I knew.. Was it Jiipee who saved my comments few months ago.. ok, 4,4 million Nokia WP phones sold in last Q4/2012, but 4 million of them were lumia 800/900 lineage sold at bargain prices so 920/820 sold like half a million. Goodbye Nokia! R.I.P.

    • Viipottaja

      Lol. Solid analysis there as usual.

      • Jari

        Better than your over optimistic predictions, I am realist πŸ™‚

  • Sonny

    I thought symbian was dead?

    • guerrahp

      As dead as WP8.

  • D Harries

    I think 808 users are likely to hang on to their phones. Keep the updates coming!!

    • dss

      Its an awesome smartphone.. why wouldn’t you hang on to it πŸ™‚ Nothing else currently on sale can truly replace it.

      The OS doesn’t really need all that much in terms of updates. A bit more optimization around the browser would be nice.. maybe better e-mail notifications..

      The keyboard is perfectly usable now… I didn’t think we will ever get to this point with Symbian (considering it was “killed”) but we have…

      • Zhi

        At first I hated the keyboard and missed Swype, but now I really love the keyboard. It’s a tiny bit like Swiftkey, sometimes all I do is just tap the predicted words and I don’t have to type at all. The only downside is that it doesn’t work in the office apps…

  • SitBadDog

    Anyone here got this yet?

  • JGrove303

    Cool shit. I’m waiting patiently for the WP8 optimized Flickr. Any day, Yahoo

  • swain

    Not yet available to 808 Black India variant.
    Plz confirm if anyone really got this update..

  • J-J

    I just downloaded them to 808 white Finland variant.

    • swain

      any notable changes/improvements ???

      • dss

        I think its still .1508 so .. nothing major. I am wondering how many more version changes we are going to see.. I will be surprised if we see more than two, if that…

        • swain

          mine is still in 1506 πŸ™
          No updates yet… πŸ™

  • Tetlee

    Not an update that interests me personally, but it’s nice to see updates coming through regardless. No update for my UK 808 yet.

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  • jiipee

    Good to see that there are updates still for 808. The difference for N9 probably lies in the fact that Accenture has still had people working on Symbian support and its better to do at least minor improvements instead of being idle.

    • dss

      Realtive to Symbian, there are very few N9 users out there.. so I guess they couldn’t just ditch Symbian completely.. too many complaints, but they did exactly that with the N9. I think they pushed out pr 1.2 and that was it..

      • Sammy

        There would’ve been way more then there ultimately was/is, IF things didn’t unfold the way they have in the past 16mth, so many negative factors have come into play πŸ™

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