Intel Windows Phones on the way? Intel hiring WP engineers?

| February 3, 2013 | 13 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-02-03 at 11.08.49According to WMPU, Intel was recently advertising a job posting for some Windows Phone Engineers.

Windows Phone Engineers:  Intel would like to talk to you.  If you have Windows phone expertise, the Intel site in Redmond would like to talk to you.  Please contact us at_503-544-7336. Thanks


Microsoft’s Greg Sullivan said a few weeks ago that Windows Phone 8 can run on x86 processors. Hermann Eul from Intel confirmed Intel’s support for Windows Phones too.

Both Intel and Windows Phone is yet to make their presence known in the mobile world. How long before we see perhaps a Lumia device (tablet, or phone) with Intel inside?

Source: WMPU

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  • That’d be pretty awesome!

  • v.s.i

    Suure, Intel + Nokia. We all know how that one panned out. 😛

    Intel is just desperate for market share % – their rebranded Android reference designs (i.e. Lava X900) aren’t exactly a screaming success performance- or price-wise and the collaboration with Samsung is unsurpringly turning out exactly like the one with Nokia (actually even worse, MeeGo had a nice clean reference UI, as opposed to the Samsung-themed cheap-looking Tizen). Jolla has expressed interest in ST-Ericsson ARM chips and Mozilla collaborates with ZTE on Firefox OS.

    Hey Intel, Ubuntu for phones is still up for grabs, if you need to start from scratch and ruin a project again! 🙂

  • Svedu

    Sorry for being way out of topic but can anyone tell where to find that Lumia-map showing different models, and where they are available worldwide? They used to have that previously, but now I’m being redirected somewhere else. I kind of liked that map.

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  • rollakid


    Or it could be something related to official support on syncing work to phone.. that’s “coming soon”.. for employees..

    Or it could be something big, considering it’s Redmond, not sites outside of USA… never know.

  • migo

    I wonder if WP8 running on x86 would actually benefit the platform at all. I mean, if Intel can get x86 as power efficient as ARM with the same performance it’s good for Intel as that kills any need or desire for Windows RT (and probably good for users as there’s no excuse for MS to take legacy support out of Windows 9), but Windows Phone 8 is already Windows RT in phone form, it just means it’s WP8 running on multiple architectures (let alone multiple ARM implementations) which cuts down on efficiency of development.

    • Johan

      Actually, x86 already is as power efficient as ARM. Today, Clover trail performs on the same level as current generation ARM designs while being atleast as power efficient. The ARM chips that have a higher performance, also use *more* Watts than Intels x86 chip. The atom powered tablets get about 8-10 hours of battery life with smalller batteries than the Ipad… Also, the x86 Acer W510 gets better battery life than the Tegra 3 Windows RT Microsoft Surface.

      Let’s just say that things will get interesting when the next generation of Intel’s atom chips hit the market in a year…

      • migo

        Does the GPU performance match ARM chips as well?

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