Dear Microsoft: Get off your lazy arse and get Instagram on WP (MS, do developers hate you?) #Rant

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What am I looking at above? It’s a concept Instagram for WP8. What am I looking at below? It’s Instagram. On BB10. And apparently, it’s NOT an Android emulation. It’s rumoured to be native. If that’s the case then there’s some tables flipping this Sunday :p.  (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

No, we aren’t the only ones beginning to fume at Microsoft, the king of “developers, developers, developers” yet no one shows their baby any love.

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What’s it got to do with Microsoft? Why blame them and not the app developer? I don’t understand writing apps at all, so forgive me if I’m taking things for granted. Is there difficulty in writing the app or do developers just hate/have-no-hope for the platform? We see folks like the TVCatchup team test a beta and in a few days have it in store…whilst (yes a more complex perhaps) BBC iPlayer doesn’t even have any mention of future existence on WP.

Nokia’s doing a great job pulling in apps for Lumia exclusives  attracting developers to WP? What’s Microsoft doing apart from thumbs, eating donuts and making sure features are MISSING in WP8? Why does Viber have no voice counterpart? Why haven’t we got Spotify on WP8 (it’s on WP7) and Why the damn heck do we still not have Instagram?

The latter is not so much because I would like to share Sepia Cats with you. It’s because Instagram is an important social platform for others. It’s not like Instagram won’t work in Metro. Look at the DeviantArt pic at the top. What with the new owners being Facebook and Microsoft’s own connections to Facebook, you’d think we’d see a WP8 app a lot sooner. But no. They could surprise us at MWC but I HIGHLY DOUBT IT. This is Microsoft. We’re most likely going to see yet another demo of how you can resize your tile.

Microsoft – do you even care about WP8 anymore? What are you doing? Get off your lazy arse and do some work. NOW.

I’m not even talking about the things that need improving in WP8. What was posted by Ali yesterday is only really touching the surface and as much as I’d love to rip MS/WP team a new one, I’ve got coursework to write up.

I love my Nokia Lumia 920 and I enjoy using WP8. I’d find it very easy to recommend to others (unless of course, they’re an instagram user…:p) It’s just as the competition gets tougher, you have to do something to stay ahead of the game or at the very least, keep up. Nokia does what it can on the hardware side, and even tries to bring things in software. But the one who has to do most of the software stuff, is YOU Microsoft. I know I can’t see what it is you’re doing right now, but I know I’ve seen what it is you’ve done in the past two years. Do you think that’s a significant amount? Is that progress and time scale justified?

It’s not that we don’t appreciate the work of the Windows Phone team, it’s just that you are clearly too slow to do ANYTHING at the rate required today.

Perhaps as well as Intel, YOU, Microsoft, can also hire out some Windows Phone engineers to work on your platform and to work with other developers to make apps work for YOUR platform to attract more consumers and thus more developers?

(PS, If you just want filters, there are many apps on WP. I recommend Lomogram. Or get a lump of grease and put it on the camera lens. Does the same thing. I don’t think folks would care about having a specific Instagram app, but just one where they can use Instagam services. Like the various twitter and facebook apps).

Rant closed. Work time.



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