Guardian says Nokia Lumia to come with 41MP camera sensor this summer.

| February 4, 2013 | 101 Replies

You may already be aware of the rumours circulating around the Nokia EOS – A Lumia with a PureView sensor like that seen in the 808.

Well, the Guardian confirms this today. That UK Newspaper rarely follows anything that isn’t already rock solid, so fingers crossed on getting 808 class imaging for Lumia. Please, let’s have some Xenon, huh? 😀

Whereas before we were hopeful for having 41mp and that big sensor (as opposed to a large sensor and fewer MP – which would still produce amazing pictures, if not better in certain circumstances), it appears to be pretty much confirmed. Let’s say yes to Nokia’s advertising promo where a 38MP photo is taken and like hollywood, zoom to enhance, except THIS IS REAL.

I’d love some adverts showing people taking quick snaps in low light of friends. No LED powered phone can freeze motion AND capture the scene adequately in low light. That belongs to the likes of the N82, N8 and 808 with Xenon. Until iPhone/Galaxy series gets Xenon, this is something Nokia can take advantage of too.


And imagine if this is announced with Instagram. Now after taking super quality images, lets destroy that image with filters! (haha jk. Instagram is a good social media platform for sharing photos. You can share photos unedited or edit them with a different app. Instagram filters are most useful for those rocking potato cameras, like BB).

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 18.25.31

Big KUDOS to Kate Bevan from the Guardian who goes on to try to explain PureView from the 808.

The Guardian spoke to Nokia who, as usual, declined to comment on speculations.

While we are delighted with the attention the Nokia Lumia range continues to gather, it has been our long-held policy not to comment on market rumours or speculation

Cheers Jonathan and arts for the tip!


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  • larryg968

    My n8 just died 🙁

    Anyway, i got a nexus 4, goodbye Nokia. See u when you stop making Windows phones

    • lovenokia

      You should have given wp8 a try, it will only get better. The camera will be quite a downgrade for you, androids has weird bugs that’ I never find in windows phone. Obscure lag, and hiccups, but I still works good, but I think my lumia 920 is perfect.

      • correct

        Well said, a true Nokia fan!

        Windows Phone is an improvement in many ways over Symbian, and the trolls and Microsoft haters here don’t get this. Yes Symbian is still better in several ways, but those flaws will soon be fixed.

        Windows Phone long-term is a much better option than Android. I am glad Nokia didn’t go with Android.

        • lovenokia

          Yah, had a Nokia n96 then, went to other manufacturers, but came back to Nokia. Their hardware feel is the best, no of the other manufacturers gives me the same feel of quality like Nokia does. Android may be good, but I think windows phone is more polished. Nokia fan for life.

          • correct

            I agree, I’m the same. Tried all sorts of phones out there, but Nokia remains the best for hardware feel, and I also really like the polish and stability of Windows Phone. Both are qualities that Symbian didn’t really have.

            • Dave

              Nope, Symbian had the core functionality nailed instead, which is something that WM had, but they dropped from WP.

              Nokia had the definitive mobile interface on the N9, then dropped it in favour of something that was different for the sake of being different rather than better. Where you see it as polish, I see it as a lousy layout.

              (god am I grouchy today!)

              • correct

                Ah, thanks for clearing up that you’re a “fan of Nokia past”, not a current Nokia fan.

                • lovenokia

                  About the multitasking, in windows phone 8 the apps that support instant resume will always open from the start from the state that they were at. The core apps are getting better, and its only a matter of time that every feature of Symbian will be into wp8. I did a test of instant resume, one app that has the new multitasking feature. I opened 10 apps and that app even though closed in the card multitasking, resume back to its state. In iOS the apps will just reopen. I do that test from my iPad, but the results were different. You can really see the new core and how effective I really is.

                  • rustyknight17

                    Except that Nokia and ms don`t haVE the luxury of time ! One dangerous rival has already arrived and others r on the way , if CES is any indication !
                    At least Nokia and MS have the good sense to be very concerned about BB10 !

        • rustyknight17

          In what ways exactly ?

      • rustyknight17

        The question is , can Nokia and MS get WP8 up to where it should be in time ( e.g. veryyyyy quickly )? As I`ve said several times , they don`t have the option of taking their time . BB10 is already here and it looks like a dangerous rival ! And more r coming !
        Agree on Android ! Cheers !

    • viipottaja

      Afaik, the nexus 4 camera pretty much sucks… enjoy.

      • correct

        Also watch out for the Nexus glass cracking simply from temperature changes. That’s what you get with such a cheap quality phone.

        • zymo

          Since I always use a case for my phones the glass back is not a big deal. And you also have to consider that the N4 has just a price tag of 299/349€. For Lumia 920 I would have to pay twice as much (639€).

          • correct

            Also have fun with all the Nexus 4 hardware and software glitches. The camera as viipottaja pointed out is quite bad.

            You get what you pay for, and with the Lumia you get a very well built tank of a device.

            Also that price is only directly from Google, which is quite hard to get. If you’re getting the Nexus 4 from carriers the price is quite a bit higher, and at that point close to the price of a 920.

            • Deep Space Bar

              good luck with your lumias since nokia isn’t going anywhere with WP LOL

              RIM just shot up 15% after launching the Z10…..where is nokia now with WP….NO WHERE

              • Bassman


          • Pawlee

            Budget does not (sorry should not) excuse bad build quality… look at the 620, £150 and seems to be very high quality according to reviews thus far.

            Not trying to be a fan boy but it’s glaringly obvious that build quality is not given the attention it deserves by other phone manufacturers.

            • correct

              Yes correct. I’ve played with the Nexus 4, and in hand it feels very cheap. Even the SIM tray is very badly made.

      • zymo

        Not true at all. I have a Nexus 4 and was surprised how well it performed. But anyway, I didn’t buy the N4 because of it’s imaging capabilities, but because of the “overall package” you get for the money (299/349€).

      • larryg968

        I realize i dont take that many pictures anyway. But I wants app.

        And I use only google services.

        So going with android makes sense.

        Truthfully, I dont even like android but Im not but buying a phone nokia killed(n9, 808) and I absolutely hate microsoft products. And the iphone is the same old shit for the last 5 years.

        I used to own a galaxy s before i sold it to buy the n8. Then nokia killed symbian, haha

        I’ll see what happens

        • spacemodel

          Understandible choice, the Nexus4 offers a great package for the price you have to pay.
          Besides that, the camera is, on this blog, an very overrated part of the phone, people are much more interested in a big app and game choice and the cameras on the iPhone and Galaxy are good enough for the mainstream user.

          • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


            Camera is extremely overrated part of the phone in this blog. That’s very true. Something else that is overrated is the openness of the system. People don’t care about having the best possible camera or having an “open” OS. They want a good product like iPhone or Galaxy.

            Nexus 4 is a prime example of all this. The same people bashing iPhone in this blog are now buying Nexus 4 phones. Nexus 4 even has the backside made of glass. Something that people claimed made iPhone crap. Now when the Nexus 4 has the same glass, it’s no longer a problem.

            I guess this has been Apple envy.


            • Marc

              “Open” OS might be unfamiliar term for many people, but most love functionality which is the best on open platform.

              • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

                Functionality that is best on iOS or Android.

                That’s what people want at the moment.


                • rustyknight17

                  No …
                  iOS ? Functionality ??? They have long taken substandard and marketed it as innovative.
                  Android , OTOH , does have quite a bit of functionality , no doubt that`s why many Symbian and Meego users r going for it !
                  I would include Symbian in the functionality list but Nokia has declared it dead , though I will put in Asha Touch and s40 for honourable mention …
                  ATM , that leaves BB10 , an even better choice for the Symbian /Meego user base !

              • correct

                Wrong. Most people DON’T CARE about “openness”.

                The ONLY reason why Android is successful is because carriers love it, and carriers have been shoving Android into customer’s faces worldwide.

                iOS has the easiest functionality compared to Android. Windows Phone also has easier functionality compared to Android. With Android there is always a lot of tinkering required to make it work properly.

            • rustyknight17

              I`m not buying a Nexus 4 haha !

            • rustyknight17

              can`t speak for others , but I love quality pics so yes a good cam is a consideration for me !

    • correct

      My condolences. Fellow N8 owner here, I know how you must feel.

      However, I disagree strongly with moving to Android. I do not share the same sentiment. I will never move to that mess of an advertising operating system.

      Windows Phone has big potential, and my next phone is going to be a Lumia.

      • CapitanSevilla

        In my opinion, Windows Phone can´t be the alternative to Symbian. It is just too much simple, like Apple, but without the Apple apps. It is good for old people and kids, but with Windows Phone you simply can´t exit the pattern stablished by Microsoft. It´s way miles behind of the freedom Symbian gave to its coustomers. Sadly, right now Android is the only one to follow the Symbian/Meego way (and maybe BB10, but it lacks the support that Android has). So Android is the only real alternative. It just only needs a good camera to be the perfect succesor to my N8. But W8?. No way. I would buy an iPhone before.

        • correct

          That is where you are very wrong and misguided. Windows Phone 8 does have some of the sanboxing ideas of iOS and Apple, but much more flexibility than that. The apps are coming, there are well over 100,000 apps and that continues to grow.

          The main benefit of Windows Phone is that now Windows developers can easily code for Windows Phone without major code changes.

          A lot of very powerful and flexible apps are coming to Windows Phone. Windows Phone will soon be getting VLC for example. Symbian never had that.

          In fact, Symbian never had a lot of more modern apps that Windows Phone already has.

          Some of Symbian’s “flexibility” was overrated. Access to every folder is not such a huge requirement, and on Windows Phone 8 devices you can access folders when you connect it to a Windows computer anyways.

          Only old people and kids? That’s insulting. I’m a very knowledgeable tech person, and I respect the simplicity of iOS and Windows Phone.

          This reminds of the nerds who complain Windows desktop has become “too simple”, nerds who say that DOS and command line operating systems are the ultimate in “flexibility”.

          Besides, Nokia has helped bring many Symbian features to Windows Phone, and more will continue to be added. The remaining flaws of Windows Phone will soon be fixed.

          • Ron


          • joyride

            If only Microsoft would spend half the effort on giving the customer what they want instead of planting trash like this, maybe they’d sell more than 3 out of every 100 smartphones on the market.

            • correct

              Poor attempt at trolling. By troll etiquette, I shouldn’t be even responding to this and giving you attention but I decided to do it anyways.

              I am a long-time Symbian user and current N8 owner, so there goes your “plant” theory.

              • Francis

                Seem you never used Android before and only experienced in Symbian, Please get one top rank Andriod phone as soon as possible such as Galaxy Note 2, and come back to give comment after Andriod.

                • correct

                  Another poor trolling attempt. I’ve tried Android plenty of times, and I HATE IT. Everything from the Dalvik VM, the frankenstein way that code is interpreted on Android, and everything about the UI I hate. The UI looks cheap, and cluttered, and amateur.

          • eh

            well it all depends on what the customer needs. you might say windows phone 8 is awesome and all its flaws will soon be fixed.. but how soon?
            Nokia at one time assured us that symbian too would soon be fixed.. n then they gave up.. and i’ve used nokia symbian phones since forever.
            I don’t think you can really tell CapitanSevilla or any other non win pho fan that..
            also a simple example of how win pho is not as open as Android and iOS is the pebble watch.. look into it.. and why they have not supported win pho..

            i’m really hoping for nokia to deliver but how long am i supposed to be a loyal supporter? what do i gain? and most importantly what exactly do i want my phone to do? take beautiful pictures or sync my calendar with my mail without glitches without making a new id

          • lex den herder

            that is so true +1000

          • MOOking

            give it up… it’s not the same ….you can’t replace a banana with a pear….its things like that

            IT’ DOESn’t WORk

            why would you go backwards…keep your OSs open instead of closing it off and making some BS excuse why we moved OS antics

          • rustyknight17

            Yes but Nokia still has a longgg way to go before WP equals Belle and they need to move quickly ! One dangerous rival is here already and more r coming …

        • correct

          No, Android does NOT follow the “Symbian/Meego way”. Android is a MESS of an operating system. Symbian with it’s problems, was still a relatively pure OS, same with Meego. Android is a monstrosity who’s only purpose is to increase advertising revenue from more and more people out there.

        • rustyknight17

          U r aware that BB10 just launched right ? 70k apps is more than its rivals had so I`m optimistic about the support !

    • Mark

      Great. So we’ll never see you again?

      Cool, bro. Have fun.

      • capitansevilla

        The fact is that any current OS has the features that Symbian has as a mobile OS. You cant turn off the phone if you want the alarm to sound, you mis ascending ringtones, you cant access to your folders,… Now you are almost forced to have to attach your mobile to an email account and to have an internet conection for everything. Its good to have tons of apps, but Symbian did almost everything per se, without special apps. Call me a nostalgic, but maybe is that I will mis Symbian a lot

    • zonk0r

      yeah i got a gs2 after holding out for ages, contract is up and im weighing up my options after MWC..

      i like the idea of the hardware (although 920 is a bit too heavy tbh) and camera side of things.. heck i even dont mind the stupid tiles (i used a 610 for a while)… but WP.. it just has no soul.. i cant tinker with it like i’d like to.. which is why im not a fan of iOS either.. meego and symbian were very tinker friendly..

      give me a successor to the n9 with pureview and im sold.. until then.. android it is…

      • rustyknight17

        Like the Z10 ?

  • andycoydwilson

    It would be nice but a pinch of salt is required!!

    • viipottaja

      True, but the rumors seem to be converging on this!

      • correct

        Definitely. A lot of reliable sources now reporting this EOS is real and coming at MWC, along with several other new Lumias.

        That and strong rumors that Microsoft will announce a new update for Windows Phone 8 with lots of new features.

        Nokia is going to take a lot of attention away from Blackberry.

        • HURRAH!

        • MOOking

          not even close LOL

        • rustyknight17

          Correction , some attention .

  • LoveformyN9

    Oh my… speechless…

  • tasospao13

    good bye larry traitor…….it s not the os its the vendor…..if you love nokia,you would love the os too….com on…android owes its success to samsung……so thats why am saying its not the os its the vendor!!!i m an n8 owner and a symbian fan too!!!!i like the xperia z….but definately i wont buy it because i dislike android… a nokia s quality lover!!!!on the other the w8 experience on a nokia phone it is better than on a htc phone,likewise samsung s android phoneS it is by far better than htc s!!!!ITS NOT THE OS ITS THE VENDOR!

    • correct

      Well said again! Nice to see Nokia fans with reason here. I agree with you completely. I am a Nokia fan, through and through. I own a Nokia not because of Symbian, but because it’s a Nokia. The unique innovations and features that Nokia brings to the market is why I own a Nokia.

      Also Nokia makes intelligent choices when it comes to operating systems. Symbian was getting too old, and Windows Phone was the most logical choice to stand out in the market while still using a state of the art OS.

      That is why my next phone will still be a Nokia, and it will be a Lumia.

      I am glad Nokia didn’t go with Android.

      • MOOking

        what was logical choice was that…..going with an OS with next to no marketshare and kill the one with double digits ….year very logical…um NOT

      • Francis

        “I am glad Nokia didn’t go with Android.”

        If Nokia go Android, do you still love Nokia ?

        It is quite fun to read your comment in this blog. Anyway, this is good for Nokia had such strong Supporter.

        • correct

          But Nokia never did go with Android, and if they had went with Android, I’m not sure if I would have been able to continue to support Nokia.

          I am against everything that Android stands for. Google doesn’t give a shit about you as a user, and they don’t give a shit about Android. They simply do the bare minimum amount of work that allows all the nerds and techies to tinker with it how they like, but otherwise they don’t care. Android remains a resource and battery hog.

          Android’s only purpose is to be an advertising platform for Google, and a tool for carriers to flood the market with cheap crappy devices.

          Apple and Microsoft with iOS and WP at least CARE about the user experience. They care about security, stability, polish, and user experience. iOS and WP are not advertising platforms either.

          With Google, you are the product. Google’s customers are only the companies that pay them for advertising space.

          I hate Android with a passion. I will never be a product of Google.

          • correct

            If Nokia had gone with Android, that would be against everything Nokia stands for as well. That’s why it would have made no sense for Nokia to go with Android.

            The original rumour was that Nokia did have talks with Google, and they considered Android at one time. However their consideration of Android was tied with the belief that Google would give them access to Android code to make extensive modifications to the software and mapping. Google refused to do that, and also refused to give any kind of support to Nokia had they gone with Android.

      • rustyknight17

        Well , unlike the 2 of u , I`m not a dedicated Nokia , I`m all about getting stuff done . If a nokia is best at that , I`ll go with them . Sadly , that doesn`t seem to be the case .

    • viktor von d.

      i’m kinda thinking of getting a sony xperia z to replace my note.for me sony was pretty much up to par with nokia in terms of quality,design and tech.

      one thing is for sure, i’ll definetely change by old 6120 soon. it served me well, but i need more.

      • rustyknight17

        If u would let me know how that works out , I`ve heard Sony Xperias r some of the best Android smartphones out there .

  • rez

    Hopefully it will come with Xenon, otherwise I will keep my Xperia.

  • B.Srikanth

    Nokia is truly a hero of technology.

  • Grendell

    If they can get feature parity with N8 or 808, then I’m in.

    • rustyknight17

      Exactly , that`s what would convince me ! Unless , of course there`s a better offering elsewhere lol !

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  • guerrahp

    Why wont Nokia ever listen?!?! This is the phone that Nokia fans want, a true 808 successor even if its a WP. Now all those 920 and 900 dummiephones will never sell. Just PureGenius.

  • stylinred

    id have preferred if they put an even bigger sensor in there or lowered the mpx count (for larger pixels)

    sounds like this is just the 808s sensor

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Geez!!! 41 mp, absolutely blows everything else out of the water, and you already want more?!! How about they make it floating? I’ll take it.

      • stylinred

        no not more mpx more size in the sensor as in a full 1″ sensor etc so that the individual pixels can be larger for more light intake 🙂

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Ok, I’m fine with that so long as they make it so it doesn’t increase the chance of poking me in the balls!

        • Grendell

          At this point even the sensor they used on the N8 would go a long way. It’d actually be awesome if they could get that kind of quality for daytime pics AND keep the OIS for night shots.

  • Kyle

    I don’t really see this as strategic planning on Nokia’s part, I think this is more about recovering some of the R&D cost of co-building the 41MP sensor. The 808 received some negative feedback for the hump, so you might think Nokia would shy away from doing that again. But they spent a pile of money not only coming up with Pureview pixel oversampling logic, but also in generating hardware that didn’t exist anywhere else. This may actually be a case of using up the sensors in the parts bin as opposed to make more of them.

    That said, I think it’s fine for Nokia to build this phone as long as it’s not marketed as the flagship. In my mind, the true flagship will be the phone that incorporates OIS with a smaller sensor that can do some pixel oversampling (e.g. 16MP). I’m fairly confident that this EOS phone will not incorporate OIS as that would be a whole new set of logistics to figure out.

    I am using an N8 as we speak but I’ve had a Lumia 710 as well. To a guy like me, this is a pretty exciting prospect. I loved the original concept of the 41MP beast, but I just wasn’t prepared to buy another Symbian phone to get it. To get this same sensor bundled up with WP8 would be great and if the price is right, I’ll be ready to pull the trigger.

    Not sure how they’ll decontent this phone so it doesn’t rival the L920. I suspect they’ll strip out all the goodies like wireless charging and super-sensitive screen. I hope they keep a HD screen though, it would be a shame to have to examine those awesome pictures on a 800×480 screen. For the sake of balancing CPU load and overall cost though I suspect they will go with the lower res screen.

    • Janne

      I don’t know. I think Nokia’s fight for relevance and keeping up with the competition over the past four, five years has meant that product niches have been seen as more problematic than they would be in better times. If Nokia can put (and I think they already have with Lumia 920) the bulk of their product-line in mainstream order, doing what they did ten years ago – having also some quirky niche or halo products – can be very useful.

      Think of a Lumia “EOS” a bit like the Audi R8. Bolstering Nokia’s camera credentials so that the person buying a smaller/cheaper Nokia can also feel the halo effect and feel they are buying a little bit of that high-end, niche magic as well.

      I think it would serve Nokia extremely well to have all sorts of great niche products to up their image, PROVIDED they also have a compelling, competitive, robust mainstream product-line. They have lacked that the past few years and attempts to get there have also sidelined their niche products, but I see this now changing. As the mainstream products are better and better in place, there is more and more good room for strategical niche products as well.

      Niche bets can be strategic too.

      • Pawlee

        Very well brought up and I couldn’t agree more… and to be fair the camera centric phones have always occupied the 8 range of the market… (N82, N86, N8, 808) and even though their naming has changed slightly the number has always determined it’s status

        N82 was the camera phone, N95 was the flagship
        N86 was the camera phone, N97 was the “flagship”
        N8 was the camera phone (and Symbian flagship), and N9 was (supposed to be) the whole brand flagship (well sorta)
        and the 808 was the Symbian flagship…

        Alright it falls apart a little towards the end but that’s because the brand strategy changed greatly, but you can at least appreciate the original plan.

        Hopefully the rumour of a bunch of phones (maybe not 6) is true… and there’s a Lumia 9xx series that’ll be a nice high end phone to take on the likes of the iphones, galaxys and one-x’s and then there’ll be a camera phone to satisfy all those N82, N86, N8 and 808 users who want a proper camera phone.

        Honestly if they put Windows phone on 808 Pureview hardware that’d work for me! I don’t want a massive screen, I don’t particularly want wireless charging (although the novelty wow factor would be neat)… as said above I think Nokia need to be decisive in their marketing and realise what’s needed for each product and do a good job of distinguishing the devices from each other.

        Also anyone complaining at the camera hump is seriously splitting hairs imo.

        • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

          So, you are saying that the people have a wrong opinion when they don’t like the hump?


          • rustyknight17

            IHO , In His Opinion , but everyone`s entitled to an opinion .
            Yes ?

            • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


              He is saying that people have a wrong opinions when they don’t like the hump. Yes, it’s his opinion.



              • rustyknight17

                so ? What`s ur point ? Just because he says that doesn`t make it true . Or does it ?
                Yes ?
                No ?

  • KT

    Good bye larry.
    Guys its meaningless to bring back someone who have already gave up his mind. Windows phone is good but had it had the freedom and apps of android, we wouldn’t have complained either. Still now wp8 is still of a mess, although it will only get better still its miles behind android. So after a year or two he will come back to windows phone

  • Amit Rox

    am in, take my money 😀

  • Sa Ra

    me too…If its comes with 41 mp i’m really in to it….will sell my 808 and grab that EOS…..I miss some stability and user friendliness in Symbian..But I love that sensor …………

    • amit

      same here bro, i miss smoothness and fluidity in 808 thts why i have bought L820.

  • Janne

    Well, isn’t that just dandy. Two new phones to buy this summer? Lumia EOS and the Jolla phone to check it out too.

    It is shaping up to be a good tech season.

    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

      Soon it will be the time to tell that Jolla phone is not coming by Summer.

      Jolla is using the same method Nokia was using. They let people to understand that the phone was going to be released in 2012. In reality they didn’t do that but they gave that impression. Nod someone from them was saying that they try to get it out by summer and if they miss that target, they can say that it was not an official promise.

      Lots of talk and no product.

      Just what Nokia did.

      But hey, it has a Linux core so people like it because it just might change everything just like Apple did.


      • correct

        The Linux love is pathetic really. An “open OS” is indeed overrrated.

        Speaking of Linux, Linus Torvalds is a traitor for merging Linux with Android.

      • Janne

        Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia and correct:

        Just to clarify, my interest in Jolla is not based on any real opinion on their chances or merits at this time, merely the desire to support a new, small player from my homeland. We’ll see where Jolla sails, I’m keeping an open mind, but do acknowledge they have a rough road and unproven product too.

        I have no plans to ditch my Lumia(s) as daily drivers, merely to keep up with developments and support interesting ideas. Jolla deserves a chance, at least.

        No? 😉

        • correct

          Oh, on that note I agree with you.

          My reply was more of a general comment on some posters here, and the overall Linux and Android love that’s out there.

          • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


            It seems that Janne has a healthy view on Jolla.

            It is strange how some people reems to be serious when they suggest that Jolla should be Nokia’s plan B.


      • rustyknight17

        Come to think of it , Jolla did hint at a December launch , When I asked them about that on twitter , form reply !

        • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia


          That’s just what they are doing. Letting people to understand that they are going to launch very soon.

          This all has happened before with Nokia and Symbian. Letting people to have the false hope about those miracle products they were going to launch. Jolla is just repeating the Nokia experience.

          Anyone remember those any MeeGo demo(s) Nokia had in 2010? Lots of fans were convinced that a MeeGo phone was going to be launched in 2010 and even in Q3 2010. And the reality?


  • oakpacific

    Oh, yeah, Nexus 4 rocks coz LG is gonna be so kind and generous by giving you a Google-branded phone which is similarly speced as their own flagship, but costing only half as much, and that’s why it has managed to sell a whooping 370,000 of them, oh wait….

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  • manu

    thats a good news but again i hope that it wont be a good phone on paper but also in sales numbers.

  • CyberAngel

    38391936 pixels on a sunny day and ISO purity on dusk or dawn at 8M,5M,3M.
    Video digital zoom about 4.2* 1080p or even more at 720p
    Semi-professional options to tweak the camera ISO etc
    If only Nokia can make the Auto mode as easy as in the Lumia 920
    then it might be “THE” Success that WP8 and Nokia needs
    us consumers will benefit!
    I think I’ll wait for yet another Xmas and the Windows Phone 8.5 update
    Lumia 808 me!
    if they can float that huge lens
    then it’s Lumia 909 for me because I’m rich and I can easily afford a phone priced unlocked over one thousand pounds UK
    >8-E (ugly but rich gets the chicks)

    • alsocan

      > ugly but rich gets the chicks

      Especially true when the chicks are called lumia


  • Roby

    I gave it some serious thought, and decided not to buy a 920 because I’m still happy with my N9. If Sailfish OS is released as a port for the N9 I’ll even be able to run android apps!

    But Nokia is seriously making this tough for me ._.
    If they really do this, put a 41 MP shooter in the phone and make some amazing design while keeping all the goodies like wireless charging, the super sensitive touch screen and the ability to take amazing low light shots… DAMMIT, IN THAT CASE I WILL JUST HAVE TO BUY ONE > . <
    Better start saving, that monster flagship device is going to be expensive T.T

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