Guardian says Nokia Lumia to come with 41MP camera sensor this summer.

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You may already be aware of the rumours circulating around the Nokia EOS – A Lumia with a PureView sensor like that seen in the 808.

Well, the Guardian confirms this today. That UK Newspaper rarely follows anything that isn’t already rock solid, so fingers crossed on getting 808 class imaging for Lumia. Please, let’s have some Xenon, huh? 😀

Whereas before we were hopeful for having 41mp and that big sensor (as opposed to a large sensor and fewer MP – which would still produce amazing pictures, if not better in certain circumstances), it appears to be pretty much confirmed. Let’s say yes to Nokia’s advertising promo where a 38MP photo is taken and like hollywood, zoom to enhance, except THIS IS REAL.

I’d love some adverts showing people taking quick snaps in low light of friends. No LED powered phone can freeze motion AND capture the scene adequately in low light. That belongs to the likes of the N82, N8 and 808 with Xenon. Until iPhone/Galaxy series gets Xenon, this is something Nokia can take advantage of too.

And imagine if this is announced with Instagram. Now after taking super quality images, lets destroy that image with filters! (haha jk. Instagram is a good social media platform for sharing photos. You can share photos unedited or edit them with a different app. Instagram filters are most useful for those rocking potato cameras, like BB).

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 18.25.31

Big KUDOS to Kate Bevan from the Guardian who goes on to try to explain PureView from the 808.

The Guardian spoke to Nokia who, as usual, declined to comment on speculations.

While we are delighted with the attention the Nokia Lumia range continues to gather, it has been our long-held policy not to comment on market rumours or speculation

Cheers Jonathan and arts for the tip!


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