Nokia 808 PureView’s PureView Super Pixels vs HTC’s “ultra pixels” #oversampling

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Red Nokia 808 PureView(1)

This time last year, the media outside the Nokia bubble didn’t understand the purpose of Nokia’s 41mp PureView sensor and pixel oversampling.

One year later, after Nokia destroyed the megapixel race (who will compete against 41mp? :p) companies are now opting for oversampling instead of fighting Nokia in the MP wars. Apple already have their own somewhat oversampling (from 8mp?) that activates for low light situations (though obviously nothing compared to the 808 and clearly not the 920). HTC, famous for their Potato cameras, is now said to also be looking into oversampling.

Whilst we have our “super pixel” from PureView, HTC calls theirs an “ultra pixel”. They combine 3 4.3MP sensors to output one single image. Nokia’s PureView oversampling is adjustable. Lower MP output, higher oversampling, more accurate image (or you can substitute it for more usable digital zoom).

I’m liking the focus on image quality as opposed to pixels. Nokia ended that MP game by producing the highest megapixel count, but making sure it wasn’t just pixels either. The largest sensor ever on a phone and a device that size (besting even those found in some larger dedicated cams). Quality is what really matters to the end user. There are still those that will find the numbers attractive, whilst there are others who will instantly doubt the MP rating. I think Nokia could play both fields (like they should have with the 808) by boasting the new EOS Lumias as having the best picture quality (and possibly the highest MP count). Remember all those times we zoomed in, completely flabbergasted that we can still see detail? Even with the optical zoom of the Galaxy Camera, it cannot do what the 808 can. Take a 38MP picture, and from that picture, zoom into the details.

Source: Pocket-Lint

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