Chief Potato Camera maker, HTC, disses the renowned camera of the Nokia 808 PureView

| February 5, 2013 | 109 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-02-05 at 14.48.23Talk about cheeky git.

HTC have released a “history” of photography. HTC – photography? I know right? What place do potato farmers have in talking about photography?

They say that the Nokia 808 PureView escalated the megapixels, and they dare say these “won’t help you at all”.  Oddly, they diss the iPhone for having the same sensor – so they know sensor size is important, yet ignore the fact that the 808 has a bigger sensor than ANY of their potato cameras, probably combined because, potatoes don’t have camera sensors.

How dare HTC try and mock the 808 when independent reviews have glorified this camera. How dare HTC, lumiawannabe potato camera maker think that the 808 can even be classed along side their potato cameras when the 808 PureView transcends mobile phone quality and pushes into dedicated, compacts, and even DSLR?

Nokia has had possibly the longest history in mobile phone photography. Not just pushing boundaries in camera technology, but pushing quality for the end user where it matters.

41MP + Biggest sensor ever in a phone = huge 41mp pixels for over sampling. Oversampling that produces PureView images that kicks the arse of potato cameras to the edge of the universe and back.

htc camera history

Brief HTC camera phone photography history


I guess that said ‘reviewer’ did not even use the camera at all and was talking out of his own arse, eh?

The Nokia 808 PureView’s camera specifications is impressive on paper…but more DELIVERS. Time and time and time again it delivers unrivalled quality images. It’s no mere gimmick.

Maybe this prodding and provoking is what “won’t help you at all”, HTC? Do you not remember every camera comparison by independent reviewers where YOUR PHONE LOST TO NOKIA (And possibly everyone else because your camera is actually a potato?)

What say you, potato camera maker?

Cheers stylinred for the tip.



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