Nokia Lumia 620 enters UK best sellers list?

| February 5, 2013 | 13 Replies

Mobile-Tracker-the-UKs-most-popular-mobile-phones-this-week-uSwitch.com_.htm_20130205095007WMPU reports that the Nokia Lumia 620 has reached uSwitch’s Mobile Tracker’ Top 10 best sellers in the UK, coming in at number 8. Kudos Nokia Lumia 620 (and good job it isn’t carrier exclusive, eh? Or possibly less supply issues).


The 610 is just behind at 9.

The highest placed Nokia is at number 3, the Nokia 100.

Note that this doesn’t indicate any actual sales figures.

Cheers viipottaja for the tip!



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  • Pepper

    Why this site load every 30 second something even if you have allready loaded page?

  • P

    The bigger picture here, should be that no high end Lumia is on that list, surely?

    As much as I love Nokia, Windows phone isnt really cutting it much for me, in terms of appeal and playfullness. Im pondering whether to get a Nexus but the battery life is putting me off. I always have sim only. Im a videoholic/photographer enthusiast, so the thought of having a EOS Pureview V2 on the next Lumia is appealing and I love the optical stabilisation thing going. That plus warp stabiliser edit on Premiere pro, should be epic. But even after the awesome Nokia hardware, I still think the windows tiles experience is so so boring. And it will be matter of time before Sony/Samsung start improving their camera hardware on the phones. The experia z has a 13mp rs sensor.

    A 21mp from an android oem with optical stabilisation will have the whole package inc software, whereas lumia eos will only just have the hardware and boring old tiles. I really am bored of my lumia 800. So much so, that Ive put android jelly bean 4.2 on the original galaxy s 😀 (slow sometimes but works ok)

    Android is the next closest thing to Symbian open software. Ah maybe Ill wait for Nexus 5 or Galaxy S4, and if I cant wait its a toss up between nexus 4 and xperia z. Ive always stuck with Sony for all entertainment like dslrs and nokia for phones. Might change in the next few months.

    Or maybe at MWC nokia will wow us all.

    Rant over XD

    • Keith too

      I’m suprised a photog would label Windows Phone as boring. It takes a while to finese the setup of WP, but Windows Phone is the funkiest, artzyiest, least boring of all mobile OSes…if you want it to be. You can set it up boring and conservative if you prefer.

      • Marc Aurel

        Nah. Symbian has full themes support out of the box, so it’s really the least boring, if you really want to personalize things for your personal taste.

    • rustyknight17

      If photo/video is important to u why not get the 808 ?

    • migo

      I think that was always Window’s Phone’s strength. At the low-end of the price range, it’s better than anything else. Once you hit the mid-range, and especially high, its advantages get eroded.

      At the price the Lumia 620 is going for, I couldn’t think of a better device (maybe the 710 has an edge for some users thanks to its extensive custom ROM support). Once you start hitting the price range of the 810/820 though, you start wondering why you wouldn’t get a Nexus 4. And at the 920’s price, it’s only worth it with niche appeal. The Z10 has a bit of that problem as well, although it seems to benefit from being only available from one manufacturer, so you can’t get a cheaper BB10 phone. Undoubtedly that also factors in with the 620 cannibalising potential 820 and even some 920 sales.

  • v.s.i

    The Nokia dumbphones can actually do almost full HTML browsing via Nokia Xpress over 2.5G. They also have an email client. Not to mention that it literally is almost a week of use that you can get out of a single charge. Also 112 at least can record FM radio, besides being equipped with a music player, SD card and all. My grandma has one, and guess what, it’s a tank. 🙂

    I’m looking forward for to ise the 620 in a time-sharing system with my brother. It’ll have a dual, yellow and lime green personality.

  • correct

    Wow, awesome to see the 620 on there already! The 100 being so high up is awesome as well. The 100 is definitely a tank, like most Nokias.

  • JGrove303

    Shared on Facbook and Tweeted

  • rustyknight17

    Yes , kinda disturbing to see no high end Lumias !

    • viktor von .d

      920 is exclusive, or was untill a few days ago. i don’t know about the 820. but it seems that this month they will see a roll-out on all the carriers.we’ll have a better picture at the end of the month

    • correct

      Yes, 920 was exclusive until recently. Now many of the major carriers are getting the 920. It should hopefully enter the list soon. Compare that to the 620, which is already on multiple carriers and selling unlocked as well.

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