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Today was finally the official launch of the Lumia line in Jordan/Levant region, I’ve mentioned this before but Nokia hasn’t had a flagship device to promote since the N9 came out; ever since then the area hasn’t seen much action seeing how the first line o WP7 devices never came due to the lack of Arabic support. Rather than being a Nokia hosted event (there aren’t many media/bloggers in the regions to make an event for) Nokia ran the launch through a monthly event called AmmanTT (Amman Tech Tuesday); which was a brilliant move seeing how they gathered almost everyone in the area who’s active in social media circles and acre about the latest technology in one room and unleashed the 920 on them.

The audience were mainly young people (with a surprising amount of girls in the mix)- seeing how I’m horrible with numbers I’d say there were close to 300 people there give or take a couple. I assume there were so many people due to the promise of 3 phone give-aways (920, 820 and 620) but it was refreshing to see such a turn out and so many people talking about Nokia.

*After leaving I realized I didn’t get any pictures of the actual devices/accessories; but seeing how we’ve seen them before I was more interested on the people and the actual event. #ForgiveMe


The event had a twitter wall set up on a projector to display tweets with the hashtag #Switch or mentioning @NokiaJordan (I made the wall!)


DSC01704The Nokia Levant team- Really cool and friendly bunch of people!
DSC01713 DSC01728

They did the usual OIS showdown on an RC car and offered anyone in the audience a chance to compare their own phone against it.DSC01734 DSC01739
And finally the long awaited moment, the raffle for the phones; they also recapped with some trivia questions and gave out Portable Charging Sticks (DC-16s) as rewards for correct answers.



All in all the event was pretty cool seeing how the general public’s interest in Nokia had faded the past few years in the region, by scanning the twitter wall during the event a lot of people were excited about the phone and the innovations it had; most of all wireless charging which seemed to be a huge hit.




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