Nokia “Access Point” and “Blink” Updated for WP8

| February 8, 2013 | 13 Replies


My 920 just asked me to update a couple apps; including the Nokia “Access Point” which I have no idea what it does honestly. While the recently launched “Blink” lens for WP8; was also updated bringing some stability and bug fixes.


In other news still no Portico on my 920…..wp_ss_20130208_0002


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Hey, my name's Ali- Currently a fifth (and final) year Dental Student from Chicago; studying in Jordan. I love all sorts of gadgets almost as much as I love my cookies! Be sure to follow my Twitter handle @AliQudsi and Subcribe to my Youtube for the latest videos - no pressure. Thanks.
  • Paul

    Portico is AFAIK already rolled out officially in many countries.

    Maybe it ist more correct to say “In other news still no Portico FOR MY PERSONAL DEVICE”.

    • Of course, I knew that it’s rolling out; but yeah i guess I should’ve been clearer (fixed now)

      • WhiteAdy

        What are you talking about? I got mine few days ago pre-loaded with portico (together with the free charging pillow :D)

        • Congrats 🙂 But since I got mine from outside Jordan I haven’t received the update (plus all new devices are coming preloaded with portico, so it’s not a standard for whether the update is available in the area).

          What color did you get? (also did you go to the launch event?)

          • WhiteAdy

            Thanks man 😀 I’ve been given the chance to change my decision about my color pick two weeks ago, but I still went for the red ! And I’m not regretting a tiny bit (take that, jay :p )

            I didn’t go to the event since I didn’t know about it (probably wouldn’t have gone anyway because it was held in Amman, and I live in Irbid and wouldn’t’ve got time)

            BTW I was disappointed when I found out that Nokia Music doesn’t work in Jordan :/ does it work with you since you’ve got it from UK (I believe?)

            Other than that everything works wonderfully! The screen, cam, maps, wireless charging, store (I set my region to US) etc.
            Few software limitations aside, I can proudly say that I’ve got the best phone in the world in my pocket! 😀

            • Nice, glad you like it.

              Nokia music works if you sign into the app with a UK Nokia Muisc account I believe (It works for me)

              • WhiteAdy

                Could you elaborate a bit more please? I’ve tried changing my Nokia account’s region to UK and US but nothing happened :\ I even made a new Nokia account but still nothing.

                • AliQudsi

                  Ok, under location and settings for the phone I have everything set to united states.

                  the Nokia account in using was created under the “UK” territory when I made the account on the PC at

                  that’s really all I did (doesn’t make a difference if location services are on off or in the app) if that doesn’t work email me at a.q (at)

                  • WhiteAdy

                    It’s OK no more need for help, I’ve finally managed to make it work 😀 Thanks for your help man I appreciate it.
                    After hours of experimenting this is how I managed to make it work (just in case anybody else is facing the problem)
                    1: Remove Nokia Music from your phone.
                    2: Delete your Nokia account that is signed in the phone.
                    3: Reboot.
                    4: Go to *FROM YOUR PC!* (This is important because it WON’T WORK from the phone itself) and create a new account and select UK as region.
                    5: Go back to your phone and log in with that account from Settings->scroll down->Nokia account.
                    6: Reboot.
                    7: Download Nokia Music from the store.
                    8: Reboot.
                    9: ???
                    10: Profit! 🙂

        • DesR85

          Well, I got mine this Tuesday (in red) and it didn’t come preloaded with Portico. Then again, mine came from the first batch that arrived in my hometown so not really surprised here. Thank goodness that it isn’t afflicted with any bugs.

  • Peter L

    Awww. I will miss my reboot Live Tile.

    Tapping Blink used to crash & reboot my 820 immediately and consistently.

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