Bluetooth Share and Camera Extras Now Available for WP 7.8

| February 8, 2013 | 13 Replies

Although the WP 7.8 has started rolling-out a while back; some people were having trouble getting the “bluetooth share” feature to work; or even finding it in the marketplace.


Well Nokia have just announced that it’s up and running; announcing it on their website, with QR codes to download them from the marketplace.

Bluetooth Share:

Camera Extras:


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  • Eri

    When i try to download the bluetooth share app it says it’s not available for my device (lumia900). Is it region-dependent? This is so annoying!

  • for me i download it yesterday and try to send files it works.

    Am from tanzania-africa

  • Viipottaja

    Excellent! Now just update the gallery to have multi-select (I know, less likely) and WP7.8 would be almost as good as WP8. 🙂

  • Rafael Lima

    Says is not available for my region or my operator, idk why I bought my Lumia 800 in a Nokia Store unlocked.

  • as

    Still Bluetooth Share does not work, what should I do??? :/

    • DKM

      Switch on your bluetooth from setting before sharing. 😉

      • as

        I mean, I still cannot download this app. This is my problem 🙂

        • Hoang Nguyen

          Me too, could not dowload this app in Lu800

  • shabarish ail (@s_ail)

    camera extras for wp 7.8 still doesnt have lenses , or smart shoot ( that enables us to remove unwanted objects) , even cinemagraph is yet to come… y oh y the delay ???

  • mel

    I still can’t get bluetooth share either. I finally got the ringtone maker though works well. I really miss the ability to bluetooth stuff, i never quite understood why they omitted it from the wp7 in the first place

  • Juvet

    hey guys i need help. i just updated my wp to 7.8 version 7.10.88862.144
    i have win 7 for computer os. i have tried to download the bluetooth share app but its not working. i have downloaded it manually at last but can install it to the phone. on the marketplace, the app doesnt have the usual “install” tap as other apps. what do i do to get this app? internet connection is dam slow in my country so i need this to atleast install large file manually downloaded, that is if its possible.

    i have tried uploading to skydrive to download into the phone using the skydrive phone app but its worst cause the download fails saying “file isnt compatible though its a .XAP file. i really need help

    Also how do i get the multiple select tap for the pictures?

    i could be reached via

  • I have nokia lumia 900 windows 7.8 I live in Afghanistan I cannot install Bluetooth share file in my phone it says “this app is not available for this phone” is this app available in Afghanistan,

    Thanks for your help in advance

  • is this app available in Afghanistan ?