Nokia teases Nokia Lumia 1000 PureView super zooming ahead of #MWC launch?!

| February 9, 2013 | 34 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 21.04.28Remember last year how Nokia teased us with PureView in the snow? They showed us crystal clear snowy scenes that turned out to be part of a much larger picture.

Guess who appears to be teasing again? Nokia Facebook just asked if you can spot the guys ice fishing in front of Nokia HQ.

Of course, they could just be talking about the Nokia 808 PureView, but the timing’s just about right to tease this before MWC.

After a post that suggested a new Nokia Lumia that’s capable of quite a bit of zooming,  one of our readers linked this facebook post by Nokia on Thursday which said:

Can you spot the guys ice fishing in front of Nokia HQ? 😉


It’s very difficult to see anything in the picture. Unless of course it was originally huge and something we could zoom/crop into…

What do you reckon?

Update: Nokia says it was taken by a 920. But the 920’s pictures isn’t known for seeing detail from far away, it’s about low light. Hmm…

Why not 808?

Why not 1000? :p

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 21.38.45


Ooh, they’re very quick to correct us 🙂

Screen Shot 2013-02-09 at 21.55.19


Cheers jmlion for the tip!



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  • Rstyle

    Horryy sheeeeet!…… Its about to go down! Sheet gets real!

    • incognito

      I find your obsession with pages of paper quite disturbing. -_-

      • rstyle

        No shit?!

        • arts



    I’m frothing in the mouth! I can’t wait for this! I want a video teaser like they did for the 808! Woaaaaaah! Another snowy PureView situation! Are we gonna see closeups of their faces? their 5’oclock shadow? The snowflakes? I’m so excited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Muerte

    Sorry to ruin your great idea, but according to Nokia’s Twitter profile this photo has been taken with a 920 🙂

    • Muerte

      Then again, they might not be telling the truth when saying

      Nokia ‏@nokia
      “@NokiaKnowings Only had a Lumia 920 at hand then ;-)”

      • Viipottaja

        Well, this can only mean that there will be a software update that will enable super zooming on the 920. Remember, it’s called computational photography! ;):D:P


    Suddenly the PureView 1 in my 808 feels old. I have a feeling this is gonna have sooo many pixels for oversampling and lossless zooooooom, OIS, HDR with live view, Rich Recording, (insert another amazingness), …

    HTC and Camera? Ahahahaha ahahahaha!

  • stylinred

    so it’s just going to be the 808 pureview camera? that’s cool, it’s a good thing it’s not an upgrade over the 808 or else i may be forced to upgrade so soon

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  • Peter

    Thay pic may be taken with the 920 as Nokia said. But why? Maybe as a reference to the upcoming “EOS”? A 100* zooming capability would require huge sensor combined with optic zooming. Maybe that’s what the EOS refers to. Would be a huge friggin smartphone but what if Nokia is going for a smart pocket camera like Samsungs Galaxy camera instead? Soon we’ll know.

    • swain

      It’s absolutely not necessary for Nokia to fight in that segment. The galaxy camera is alrady defeated by 808 in GSMarena tests.

  • 1000? That’s a bottom of the barrel model number.

    • twig

      Never thought of that, you’re right.

  • twig

    Maybe the Guys on the ice are reading a Nokia Tablet while they’re out there? No, I will not surrender.


      im with you on the nokia tablet 🙂
      could be a mini tablet with all the pureview goodness thrown in.

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  • swain

    Certainly the teaser is not about 808 pureview. Why on the earth they shall tease about a year old phone. Something big is coming…really big…
    I guess a 920 alike with less storage capacity, card slot and a huge sensor…

  • Nokia: “Can you spot the guys ice fishing in front of Nokia HQ?”
    Users: “NO!”

    Nokia: “But with new Lumia PureView you will… Take a photo and zoom/enlarge it up to hundred times.”

    That’s what it is about.

    • JLy

      I agree completely!

      Just wait for the next photo taken with the new Lumia PureView..

  • scar

    how about zoom lens for 920 and 808? Like the one flaunted by that camera guy 🙂 from nokia…

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  • Janne

    Even with the “920 denial” I actually think they may be teasing the PureView Phase 1 or 3 Lumia here.

    Look at this, seems the icefishers were planted and not some random winter photo snapped by Nokia employee from his/her office window.

    Yes, I would not be surprised if next to that 920 taking the tease shot was something secret also taking the same shot…

    • Janne

      Or maybe they just took Joe Belfiore ice fishing and decided to make a cinematography of it.

  • Mahoney

    I remember fake video with girl riding on the bike. How can I be sure this is not the same or similar situation?

    • Gordon Ramsay juttelee mukavia

      That would be nothing new.

      Nokia has been very dishonest even in the past.

      Nokia even faked the Symbian3 videos they released in early 2010. When S3 was really launched it didn’t have those features Nokia had in that faked video.

      That’s one reason why S3 was a huge disappointment.


  • Tetlee

    It’s pretty obvious that this isn’t the actual shot we’re supposed to be amazed by. This is effectively a comparison shot to give perspective to the comparison shot of the upcoming Lumia with 808 style optics which they’ll show later in the month.

  • jfigge

    My guess is that the next picture will be zoomed way in from the Lumia 1000 and you’ll be able to see detailed faces. The idea being to start with what the 920 can do and the show what the new 1000 pure view can really do!

    Anyway, as nice as this phones camera may be, I still want to see Nokia produce a phone that’s speak and stylish like the iPhone 5. My wife has one and there’s just no Nokia model that comes close in materials and design. Hardware feature wise they are equal, but lumias also fall down in the software front, too. iOS seems to have been refining the OS for years whereas Microsoft are still working on the framework. Consequently I’m very much looking forward with to Blue, as it should bring refinements over features.

    Don’t get be wrong, I love my 920, I just don’t think Nokia sales will take over from the iPhone until they catch up

  • I have checked, they removed the meta data (by editing the image) of the device, time and place the photo was taken. Seeing as Windows Phone supports this meta data, and Nokia has no reason to remove the meta data, I still say it could be a 1000 Lumia, but that would be a tablet, not a phone

  • ani

    correct me if i am wrong…
    Cant it be a symbian powered tab with pureview. Nokia has said 808 was last symbian “phone” nd also we are open to any platform on tablets…
    May be….

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