MNB RG: Touch said to unknown Nokia WP “Take a photo and enlarge 100 times” – Nokia EOS/PureView 41MP?

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Eagle eyed reader Munir was watching hit US programme, “touch” and noticed a Nokia Windows Phone. But it doesn’t seem to be something already announced. It mentions being able to take a photo and enlarge it 100 times – a feat fit for the likes of the 808.


Many of us know the hit TV Series “Touch” is one of the first to show Nokia Lumia. It started with new season and in second episode (of second season) there are plenty of sighting of Lumia here and there, which I decided to skip out but I couldn’t shake this one.

1. The dialogue is something like “All I have to do is pick a target, photograph and enlarge it over a 100times”. The handset is clearly some Nokia WindowsPhone which they successfully kept out of clear sight from top and bottom during close-up shots. Although earlier they show its back and camera was screaming it is a Nokia.

2. Notice how “edge to edge” is the screen here, specially top bezel is I think half the size of what currently Nokia have, or maybe any smartphone have.

3. The screen is showing closeup of a van with 3 guys, the actual scene is pretty far (see it at shoulder of the woman, by the Global HD logo.) But of course the camera direction is different so maybe it isn’t showing the screen in real time but part of me saying it is happening real-time.

So, is it the new Nokia with 808+920, PureView Phase-3?

Cheers Munir for the tip!


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  • Spitvuur

    I sure hope is the successor of the 808..
    WP8 + 41mp pureview, I’ll definately buy it when it comes out.

  • Adriano

    On their facebook pic they may hints at that, only way to see those tiny spots as people fishing could be a really monster zoom, maybe lumia eos 1000??

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  • Viipottaja

    Hmmm… This looks like a more real hint than the snow pic! 🙂

  • Rushil

    I saw the episode, and the use the same phone before, its WP7 or at least that’s what the logo suggests. It could be a prototype, however the side buttons are that of a Nokia Lumia 900…they use it as a GPS prior to that scene.

  • anon2

    Oh, but we’re not allowed to dream according to the android fanboys that regularly troll our site.

  • Igor

    Which episode is that? SxxExx ?

    • rushil

      Season 2 episode 2

  • Duffeldof

    I looked from Google Maps and I estimate that the distance from where this photo was taken to where those fisherman are standing is roughly ~250m.

    • I am sure for 808, getting a very good sharp picture from that distance is possible, but not from Lumia (I think). They show the output of cropped/zoomed image later on and it was clear. Of course those pictures will be taken from closeup but the point is “make it 100 times larger”. That’s the keyword there. And that unknown set they keeping out of clear sight. 🙂

  • Duffeldof

    If it was shot with 808 why they don’t state that in the description?
    Not possible from current Lumias but if it is device not yet launched we do not know what it is capable of.

  • Anastasios-Antonios Toulkeridis

    pureview 3 !!!
    I doubt that a tv show could have such early access to unreleased hardware though 😛

    • Product placement! with a tease dialogue, and a prototype to give a visual hint is possible. Obviously not the actual product.

  • Muerte

    Just watched this episode, and the phone is Lumia 800, at least in every other parts of this episode…

    • That’s why skipped other parts other than this particular one. 🙂

  • livebig

    nokia needs to start making phones for upcoming jolla or android people need choices n nobody wants to b cornered i to buying windows bad bad management on ther part well hopefully they change ther one track os thinking atitude hopefully this changes some time this year love nokia but windows i dont find atractive and is missing a bit nokia if your listening pls adopt a second os jolla to me looks more practicle n efficient then android run quicktime apps android that is what nokia needs

    • livebig

      ment to say runs quicktime and android apps among others true beauty if they add new nokia hardware then i will buy

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