Joe Belfiore says he’s got to know the competition (uses mac and iPad too)

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For some, you can be a fan and even employee of a company and still use products made by the competition (either by choice or for their learning). For others, it’s unacceptable.

Yesterday there was some uproar regarding Joe Belfiore’s tweet from an Android phone. He has said in the past that he uses devices from the competition (as should everyone) to know what they’re up against and what they need to improve. Nokians are known for this too.

Joe responded saying:

Since u asked.. ive been carrying a GS3 for about a month. Got to know the competition. I have a Mac & ipad too.I think u WANT me using em!

There definitely is a lot to learn from the competition. It’s sometimes difficult to see different avenues when you’re engrossed in a one direction path. Even if Joe and other MS people are trying other platforms, can they really appreciate what it is that makes the others stand out? What things they could bring to the Windows side? Hopefully they don’t simply look at other products with the conclusion that their implementation and way to go about things is better (though it is nice to occasionally say “yes, we’ve done this right and it’s so much better than how they do it”)

What is it that the bloggers are loving? What is it that the consumers are really appreciating? Am I using our own products enough in real life situations to see where it falls short? Am I critical enough of my own products to push the platform forward? Where is the next step for our platform to leap frog the others? What are we missing in our platform that the others have as standard which is loved by techies and the general consumers? HOW and WHEN can we adopt these into our platform? WHAT is our next big thing that will make others want to copy us? WHAT can we do to be the best at this game?

These (and many more) are questions I hope MS and Nokia peeps ask themselves daily, when using either Nokia/Windows products or that of the competition.



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