Joe Belfiore Forgets Which OS He’s Supposed to Be Using

| February 9, 2013 | 46 Replies

It seems Joe sometimes forgets what phone he’s supposed to be using; especially seeing how he’s the head of the Windows Phone team. One of his latest tweets, boasting about how cool a Windows Phone device was (the 620 I assume) came from Android.


I fully understand that OS┬ádevelopers┬áneed to use their competition’s devices, to see what they’re up against at the very least. Still it’s not the wisest move to be tweeting from other platforms when you’re having a hard time convincing people to use your own.



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  • rustyknight17

    Yes , it`s a good idea to know your enemy ! One reason why I`m able to comment intelligently ( if somewhat controversially sometime lol !) is that I`ve used several devices on several different platforms .
    The OSes r : Windows Mobile , BB , Android , Windows Phone (7, 7.5 ) , S3 , Anna , Belle and Belle FP1 . I also gotten top play with ioS and WP8 and BB10 ( DEv Alpha B ) .
    The devices r : HTC Excalibur , HTC Snap ,Blackberry Curve 8900 , Blackberry Pearl , HTC HD2 ,T-Mobile Ny Touch 3 G Slide , G2, Nokia N8 , C6-01 , 701. As well , I`ve had the chance to play with several iterations of the IPhone ( 3gs, 4 , 4S ) and the N9 , plus the e6 and E7 .Whew !
    Just so we`re clear , these r my qualifications … Cheers !

  • Otto

    You know, Nokia employees used to use only Nokia devices. Few thousand people that think N97 is the best smartphone out there is not a wanted state. Especially if we remember this:

  • smartfonefan

    Disgraceful shouldn’t happen there’s no excuse for slips like this….

  • he’s being an as*h*e!!!

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