Video: Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 Security highlights

| February 12, 2013 | 14 Replies

Nokia @ Work just tweeted the following video called “Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 Security highlights”; the video is aimed at business people I guess, telling them how WP8 protects them. I enjoyed the mention of “other devices getting malware” (Pst: the Number of malware apps int he Android Play store grows over 580% YOY).
Also interesting was the explanation to why only media and pictures (rather than apps or other info) can be saved to the Micro SD card; which is apparently due to the lack of encryption on the card (although I think many people would prefer the ability to utilize the space over security)



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  • kues

    “which is apparently due to the lack of encryption on the card”

    Leaves the question why sd cards can not be encrypted?…

    • Not sure what the issue was, but recall before NoDo update for WP some phones were bricked byt he update and the only way to revive them was by putting a memory card fro a Symbian phone into the internal memory sot of ( samsung focus I think) which somehow saved the day because of the encryption on it.

  • Speaking of security, apparently Z10 doesn’t have BIS for regular customers?

    • Yeah they got rid of BIS on BB10; which on the upside means that you can use BBM and all other features without a specific plan.

      • correct

        That also means no more fancy data compression from Blackberry servers, nor any fancy encryption from Blackberry servers.

        This is going to hit Blackberry hard in developing countries where people were buying low-end Blackberries. People are very data-sensitive in those countries, so with no more data compression on the BB10 devices, when the low end BB10 devices hit less people will get them.

        That makes Nokia’s Asha phones with the Xpress browser have a big advantage due to the data compression built-in to the stock browser.

        • kues

          Blackberry will continue to sell BB7 devices at the low end…

          • blablabla

            Only for the next few months, however those devices will soon be reaching end of life. Late this year Blackberry is supposed to release lower-end BB10 devices to replace the BB7 low end. The problem is, those low-end BB10 devices still won’t have the encryption or data compression of Blackberry servers, so a lot of customers won’t get them for that.

            Encryption and data compression for BB10 devices is only available to corporate customers who have Blackberry Enterprise servers set up in their company.

  • srg

    On my nokia e5 (symbian) I have both internal memory and microsd storage encrypted – weird they could not implement this in WP8

  • everlfr

    sorry f*ck that is the wp8. . sd cards got nothing to do with whether you would choose to put in the encryption.

    • srg

      …until you put your private files on the card, that is.

  • How do you enable encryption for the internal memory?

  • Mahoney

    For security by all means a Linux is the best so far, hence MeeGo or Sailfish ought to be mentioned in this context.

  • GordonH

    Maybe we need another article on :

    “Windows Phone future secured with Nokia Lumia highlights”

  • rustyknight17

    Excuse a stupid question but doesn`t Blackberry Protect enable encryption ? If u so desire ?