Nokia Not Seeing Much Demand for QWERTY Devices?

| February 14, 2013 | 77 Replies

According to an Interview WMPU had with a product manager in Germany; when asked about QWERTY devices (the last QWERTY smartphones were the E7 & E6 iirc) he replied:

 Nokia concentrates on the consumers’ demand and QWERTY models are not being requested that much. It is no secret that touch only devices are actually the most wanted devices, and Nokia wants to focus on the customers’ desires.


Of course I know a lot of you are personally huge fans of QWERTY devices, especially if they looked anything like the beauty above; so hopefully we will see one soon.

*Note: there seems to be a common misconception on every post we write with QWERTY devices tht Windows Phone doesn’t support them; so once again yes it does (google Dell Venue pro)



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  • rustyknight17

    Ermmm , I can only guess that the left hand doesn`t talk to the right at Nokia , would explain a lot lol !
    Nokia conversations ran a poll not long ago on input methods and 40% voted for QWERTY !40% is not much demand ??? WTH ??
    Yet another stupid mistake by Nokia management , and I can see Blackberry taking advantage of this with the Q10 …

  • Jules

    My concept for Lumia 820 Case with QWERTY keyboard 😉 |

  • donc

    fire that man elop wen he talks its always bad news for nokia needs to fire him i really hate him i cant say that about n e one else in cellphone industry he seems to wanna kill nokia from inside

  • guerrahp

    Nokia concentrates on what the inner circle-Nokia want, not what the customers have been asking for.

  • Carbontubby

    Samsung, HTC, Apple and Nokia don’t give two shits about Qwerty devices in either landscape or portrait. In their minds it’s all slabs, slabs, slabs. Their loss…

    Yes, any phone with a physical keyboard creates a compromise for the screen size or body thickness, but there is still a market out there for people who don’t want to type on glass. It is now a niche market but still worthwhile catering to.

    • rustyknight17

      If u define 40% as niche lol !
      QWERTY appeals to anyone who , like me dores a lot of text input. Virtual kbs have come a long way but there`s still no substitute for a physical kb iflike me u do a lot of text input @!

  • Ahmed92

    I’m still dreaming in a super smartphone from Nokia with QWERTY keyboard…. I hope they will make one with Windows phone.

  • SFFS

    They are making a huge mistake once again..