Gallery: Me and my Yellow Nokia Purity Pros :D and Yellow Nokia Lumia 920 – Unboxing Dilemma (pics by 920)

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So, I’ve just spent a Valentine’s evening dinning with Nokia and Nokia Connects, that would be eventful enough that I should call it a day, resign myself to my hotel bed for the early start tomorrow (well it’s already Friday).

But how can I sleep knowing there’s a box in my bag that contains something I’ve been anticipating more in the past few months more than anything? Could you? I told myself not to touch it. I told myself I’ll do the unboxing when I get home. I’ll have my equipment, my lighting, white surfaces, my DSLR, my tripod, my video editing stuff.

I said to myself, I’ll take a picture with the box. That’ll be fine, right?

One eye and the Purity box 🙂

[BTW, I (Jay Montano) have never really shown a picture of myself on this blog. Only recently did I change my profile pic where my face is actually visible. Kinda. I have COVETED the Nokia Purity Pros so much, I have lusted for them for so long that I will come out and show you me and my Yellow Nokia Purity Pros, some with the 920, all taken by the 920. (These have been processed/compressed for watermarks). ]



Just to have some closure with the evidence that this box of Purity Pros, is not in anyone’s hands. It’s in mine 😀


What if….I just peek into the hinge-flap? I’ve still not opened it, right? It’ll still be fresh? Look, I’m almost touching them to my ear 😀 (#desperatetoplaywiththem)

MNBWP_20130214_074Yup, I Can restrain myself from opening it without filming an unboxing.

MNBWP_20130214_080I’ve got willpower!

MNBWP_20130214_083OK. That’s the box done. We’re not going to open it further. I’m going to bed.

Oh, but wait. There’s a box inside a box. I can slide the other one out and I’ll still only be looking at the box right?

But, I’ll have to take the security sticker off that seals it? Seeing that on an unboxing is nice. No one will notice.

MNBWP_20130214_084Hang on a minute. This has a flap too! I can open that without taking the Purity Pros out of the box!
MNBWP_20130214_085It’s sooo pretty!


We wants it, we needs it. Must have the precious!

MNBWP_20130214_087I was too far gone. I’m already here, I might as well take it out.

I give it a tug. It might be friction keeping it stuck somewhere.

Tug again. Hmm. It’s not budging.

What’s going on? Oooh. There’s some plastic ties attaching it.

I don’t have scissors. I can’t cut it. I’ll have to wrap it back up…unless…

…aha! You can untwist these plastic wraps from the back and free the Nokia Purity Pros!


I’ve kept the plastic on. I swear I won’t take that off. 🙂

Whenever I see headphones, I like knowing what they’d look like on someone’s head. So here they are on mine.



I am soooo happy with these.

MNBWP_20130214_138 MNBWP_20130214_145Side view

MNBWP_20130214_111Close up/blurry back view?

MNBWP_20130214_114Engraved NFC

MNBWP_20130214_117BTW they’re really comfy. Light, but good grip on your head!

It doesn’t squish my hair too much.




They look good around your neck too 🙂




Now just messing around

MNBWP_20130214_125 MNBWP_20130214_126

I can’t get enough of how these look! I love these Purity Pros!MNBWP_20130214_128The DJ one cup one ear pose.

MNBWP_20130214_152OK what the hell am I doing. It’s now it’s time for bed.

920 has been crying for the charger for a while anyway.

MNBWP_20130214_163I didn’t come to visit Nokia just for this. I actually didn’t know the Purity Pros would be there (though I prayed they would!). I’m here to film some SwitchtoLumia videos. 🙂 Got to sleep in the next hour!

I hope you guys liked the pictures of the Purity Pros, and I hope the ones who want one will be able to get theirs ordered/delivered soon!

I’ve repackaged the NPPs in the box. NightNight 🙂



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