KPN Unannounced Lumia is “Not a Nokia Device”

| February 16, 2013 | 26 Replies


My eyes were rather sore yesterday morning after only sleeping an hour so whilst I was typing up a story on a 920 KPN promo, I had to double-take when I saw something that wasn’t an announced Lumia I was aware of. I attributed it to possibly my memory just failing at the time.

KPN claims that was not even a Lumia. The translation we got that “it’s not a Nokia Device”. It made me paranoid that HTC is stepping up their copy the Lumia game with that strip at the back. Haha, the story made it to Dutch news website

Lumia that’s not a Nokia Device? The MS Lumia :( No. Just an error in translation perhaps. Our tipper ryfsap said:

Nokia Netherlands and KPN have responded to newssite concerning the leaked Lumia phone in the KPN commercial.

Nokia says: ‘It’s not a Nokia phone, ask KPN’
KPN says: ‘We are investigating the situation’

Cheers ryfsap for the tip!

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  1. Aamir says:

    Well.. This Is Also Looking like A Yellow Geometry Box :-D from Backside..!

  2. Aliqudsi says:

    Seems like they’re playing the blame game to hide a screw up..

  3. kar says:

    Just an FYI, it’s a repainted samsung devices or something.

  4. drexter says:

    thats a new lumia phone.. cmon it has the nokia strip at the back!!! and that dual led flash. only nokia does that :D

  5. Kevin says:

    I will eat my hat if that is not a Nokia device. It clearly is.

  6. swain says:

    Who is that girl ??
    She must be pretty close to some big name of Nokia to get hands-on to an unannounced device.
    For me, if it’s not a cheap Chinese clone, it’s a Nokia.

  7. Janne says:

    As speculated in the previous thread, it IS possible they mocked up (or post-processed) a Lumia 920 “lookalike” if they didn’t have a yellow Lumia 920 when they shot those figure-making scenes. That could be a reasonable explanation. Maybe it is just done in post-processing, changing color and adding the camera stripe or maybe they painted some Android phone and glued a print of the camera stripe to the back…

  8. Muerte says:

    Tom Warren from the Verge saying at Twitter today, that Nokia is only going to announce two phone at MWC.

    Do we (anyone) have any insight, that suggests other outcomes?

    Tom Warren ‏@tomwarren
    I’m revising my estimates of Nokia @ MWC upwards. Two phones.

  9. Paul van der Heu says:

    Here’s what the mentioned article says:

    KPN confirms to that the device is not a Nokia Lumia. “We can see how the yellow colour could suggest so, but this is a mock up made for the commercial” a spokesperson for KPN says.

    “As we älso use the yellow Nokia Lumia in the commercial, we made this device yellow as well”

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