Camera Comparison: Sony Xperia Z vs Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II, iPhone 5, Nokia Lumia 920

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Quick heads up! Sorry I’ve been busy with more exam prep.

This is a comparison between the Sony Xperia Z, SGSIII, Note II, iPhone 5 and Nokia Lumia 920. Of course it would have been unfair to have the 808 in any camera phone comparison.


Cheers Sonny for the tip


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  • harsh doshi

    still the comparison is really unfair!!!..u see the earlier comparisons and they were great from PA but this makes them look like Samsung makes the best camera..soo not true!.. check out my comments there with the name of doshi_harsh.. I have mentioned the same things there about how biased the comparison was

    • harsh doshi

      sorry wrong name given up there..its actually harsh_doshi and check out for comment #4, #10 and #15

    • josh

      This is before the portico update as well, with the portico update there is so much detail in day photos, and they are so much better… This is so baised

  • dss

    The difference between all of them are.. negligible really.. noise, mediocre detail, and poor flash performance.. the usual 1.4 / 1.1 micron mess 🙂 The Xperia Z is probably shooting at 1.1 considering that 1/3″ sensor cut into 13Mpix for marketing purposes.

    • AreOut

      yupp, all these smartphone camera comparisons are really just comparing between their software and what maker has put more saturation and artificial light or softening…

      808>>>N8>>>>>>>all others

      • dss

        ~ 3.x µm >>> 1.75 µm >>>>>>> 1.4 / 1.1 µm

        add xenon, ND filter, amazing optics, and very well tuned jpeg processing in the mix and you have a winner.

        • mirco

          You are really obsessed by the pixel size but remember that the N95 had larger pixels than the N8 (2.2mu) and the N90 even had 3mu pixels. Was any of those old N9x better than the 920? Certainly not.
          As time goes by technology evolves… just don’t be so fixed on one single value.

          • stylinred

            yes they’re better than the 920 especially the n95 🙂

      • Gordon Ramsay potkii takaosaa

        It’s all about software.

        Unfortunately 808 is not a modern smartphone.

        At best it’s more like a souped up featurephone with Symbian making it unreliable.

        It’s unfortunately true.

        So, comparing any Symbian phone with a modern smartphone is actually a comparison between a modern smartphone(s) and those Symbian phones. Completely different products.


        • Jyrki Sukula > Gordon Ramsay


          • Gordon Ramsay potkii takaosaa

            Actually what I said was pretty much how it is.

            Symbian is no longer relevant so that’s why the 808 is just a curiosity.


    • Marc Aurel

      dss, pixel size in itself has very little correlation with image quality. This has been discussed widely for example at by people who are imagining engineers and know their stuff inside out. I will not repeat their arguments here. Go there and search for old threads about noise, pixel size etc.

  • pezman726

    as a side note….they said “highest resolution possible” but it looks like they left the 920 on 16×9, which is a lower res than 4×3 mode. 7.1MP vs 8MP. So they did not use the highest resolution

    • pezman726

      i should have said. SOME of the 920 pictures. the indoor ones are 16×9 it looks like the others are 4×3. maybe they noticed it and changed for the rest. I’d like to know what version their L920 was on also.

    • mirco

      The aspect ratio doesn’t change the resolution. The total amount of pixels changes when you switch from 16:9 to 4:3 but the resolution (i.e. resolved details) does not.

  • paul

    it is not “unfair” to left out the 808 in a smartphone-photo-comparison. It is ignorant and not so clever, leaving out the “king of the hill” of an given function in an comparison of this function.

    • Tetlee

      It irritates me how the 808 is nearly always left out of these comparisons, had the 808 been a WP for sure it would have been included in all. The OS shouldn’t come into it, if you’re testing the best cameras then surely the benchmark should be included.

      • Gordon Ramsay potkii takaosaa

        Why should they compare the 808?

        It’s not a modern smartphone and apparently they are comparing modern smartphones and not some souped up featurephones like the 808.


        • Tetlee

          In what way is it not modern, can you elaborate….


          • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

            Symbian is not modern.

            • Yes_is_NOT_a_question

              ^^^^^ Genius.

              Ford has been around for donkeys years. They are not a car manufacturer because of this.


              • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista


                Symbian is not a modern OS.

        • Samar

          well then you are not invited on this website, because it is a place for Nokia lovers and not some non sense talkers like you

    • dss

      Its like leaving the S class by Mercedes out of a luxury sedan test.. it doesn’t make any sense.

      Here is another one from the jokers at giz

      At least they understood what the 920 is trying to achieve..

  • JGrove303

    Ya, no PR1.1. Reshoot is in order.

  • Bkams
    Did you see this? Somebody is lying here… Is it Gizmodo or PhoneArena? You decide 😉

    • dss

      Both of them are pretty clueless actually.. what are they compering really ? At least gizmodo tried to take a look at the bigger picture and gave the 920 credit, phonearena are very confused.

      This is how it is:

      Image quality in daylight:

      1. iPhone 5
      2. Z10 (very, very close)
      3. GS3
      4. 920
      5. Nexus


      1. 920
      … the rest is all pretty much the same bs.. depending on conditions one would do better than the other.


      they all suck.


      1. 920 (because of the stabilization)
      2. iPhone 5…
      .. whatever


      1. 920 by a huge margin because of the haac mic
      … whatever.. the ip5 and the z10 are awful.

      So.. overall.. I would pick the 920, but really.. at this level it doesn’t matter.

      This is quality:

      The rest is pretty much garbage in comparison

      • Bkams

        It’s easy to see that the writer has his preferences, for example there’s no list in the indoor test where L920 is clearly the winner. But maybe it’s me who has other preferences?
        And about 808, they’re just afraid that an old smartphone with symbian takes way better pictures than their cutting edge all-new-hardware-pomped high end smartphones. They will just ignore it.

        • Gordon Ramsay potkii takaosaa

          I don’t think they are afraid of that.

          It’s just that the 808 is not a modern smartphone. It has Symbian OS, you know?

          Besides, it’s possible that the 808 is no longer in production.

          Actually it would be interesting to see how obsoleted products can compare with the modern smartphones. Like 808 and some camera from the early 20th century.

      • Marc Aurel

        The phone and general gadgetry sites don’t really understand digital imaging, so their reviews and comparisons are very subjective. At least Gsmarena has the nice comparison tool, which allows us to do our own comparisons. Even they make amateur errors in the actual comparisons like not taking into account the field of view of the lens when comparing real world shots…

  • adam

    ah don’t worry guys…

    Clearly the Portico update was present…and it was shot in a 16×9 ratio which is meh…but look at it this ways guys/gals///when the EOS comes out, I’m sure there will be no room to talk.

  • swain

    Surprised to see xperia z and 920 coming last.

  • Zhi

    What a joke, some review websites say that the L920 is the best, some say the iPhone is the best etc. If they can’t even agree on one objectively, what makes their shootout comparisons even credible? The only smartphone that got a universal praise is the 808, because it IS the best.

  • Zhi

    What a joke, some review websites say that the L920 is the best, some say the iPhone is the best etc. If they can’t even agree on one objectively, what makes their shootout comparisons even credible? The only smartphone camera that got a universal praise is the 808, because it IS the best.

    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

      Best for what?

      No camera phone can be best in everything.

    • Viipottaja

      That’s what she.. I mean Gizmodo said! Sometimes reading helps.

  • Grendell

    Wish they at least brought in the N8 for this test. At least for a historical perspective on how far camera phones have come. I can understand that everything else is competing for second place behind the 808.