S40 browser making big gains in Finland?

| February 18, 2013 | 11 Replies

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Quick heads up. Janne has noticed that S40 has been making strange gains, all appearing to be at the cost of the other OSes; Windows Phone, Android and iOS.

I had always wondered why S40 browser wasn’t as high as it was in Finland. Perhaps now it’s being counted properly or there may be an error.


What is going on with StatCounter in Finland, I wonder. Series 40 has been making unrealistic gains in the recent days. I wonder if Xpress Browser proxy servers are located in Finland and StatCounter recently started counting proxied requests as originating from Finland…?


Series 40 attributed to 20.34% of mobile traffic in Finland yesterday, according to the “data”. Everyone else dropped respectively, with iOS dropping the most… Unless Asha became an overnight hit, something is way off here. :)

- Janne

Cheers Janne for the tip!


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  • Jerry Warootch

    Former Symbian users has bought new mobiles. Obvious.

    • Jerry Warootch

      I must admit that Asha smartphones are quite quite attractive. I am a potential buyer. Just wanted to add this.

  • AdiS

    ” I wonder if Xpress Browser proxy servers are located in Finland”
    Yes, they are.

    • Marc Aurel

      Only in Finland? One might think that geographically distributed servers would make more sense, especially since most Series 40 devices are not sold in Europe (let’s not forget that all current and many past S40 phones can run the Xpress Browser, not just Asha branded phones). Then again, Finland has pretty good internet bandwith to most parts of the world and due to compressing the bandwith requirements from the server to client device are not great.

      On a related question: does anybody know if Opera’s servers are still located in Norway exclusively?

      • goosepig

        I always seem to get Polish related content for Opera Mini, so assume their proxies are located there.

        Yahoo in particular always tries pointing to Yahoo Poland.

      • AdiS

        I know from an indian developer, located in India.

  • KT

    S40 is the underdog. If nokia engineers make multitasking possible on it then it will be very good. Asha series is has been the true success story so far for nokia in the last few year.

  • twig

    I’m saving 91% on data using Xpress,??????,over Bing or google. Nokia rules!!!Nice update on Xpress last time made it even faster.

  • Marc Aurel

    Did some digging at StatCounter and Worldwide statistic show a similar jump for iOS in roughly the same timeframe, whereas all other Mobile OS’s expect Android seem to take a hit:


    So perhaps there have been other changes in StatCounter’s data gathering and analysis algorithms?

  • Janne

    The anomaly seems to have been fixed/removed now.

    • Janne

      Sorry, I spoke too soon. There it is again. :)