Nokia Lumia 920 wins Best Smartphone Camera test, Daylight and low light (And this only gets better for Nokia at MWC :) )

| February 19, 2013 | 21 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-02-19 at 10.05.07Look who’s gone and won Gizmodo’s smartphone camera test of all places. The Nokia Lumia 920.

Winner – Nokia Lumia 920: Using only the automatic setting, it gets an accurate exposure and decent image in all shooting conditions. You can’t beat it.

Of course, it won low light.

In very dark conditions with no flash, the Lumia 920 takes the best photos. As you can see above, the Lumia’s optical image stabilization helps the camera achieve a passable photo even under the toughest circumstances. There’s no graininess, and the statue is more or less properly exposed despite the lack of light.


Winner: Lumia 920

Now this isn’t just low light, it’s overall conditions. I’m finding myself super pleased with the 920’s camera as I only ever have to snap a pic (no worries about settings). I especially love pictures that would otherwise have been blurry due to camera shake but aren’t.

Actually, guess who won Daylight?


In this test, we were looking for the camera that evenly exposed highlights and shadows throughout the image. We also wanted to make sure a camera could shoot during the day without catching lens flare.

The Lumia accomplishes both of these the best. The camera’s wide-angle lens provides a great field of view and it has no problem resolving the sun without creating an awful lens flare.

Winner: Lumia 920

Now we all know there’s going to be more PureView action at MWC. This is DEFINITELY something to be excited about. This is the product we were warned people would climb over each other to get. The 920 is awesome, but imagine what they could do with more time?

I’m most surprised where Z10 came.




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  • Good news for Nokia, but it’s a shame that the 808 PureView isn’t among them.. Most probably because it’s a Symbian device..

    • viktor von d.

      it’s in another niche because of the large special sensor. that’s why most ignore it. and in a way that’s better cause i like to see the 808 put against point and shoots and dslrs

    • yup they did mention that they left 808 because of Symbian.. 🙁

    • Viipottaja

      Well, like they themselves say it is the best camera and would have won AND that they had it in the previous test in the fall so let’s not make a mountain out of a mole hill. 🙂

  • william

    In that test, i think iphone 5 can absorb more light than lumia 920. But it is just my opinion, maybe when night mode is turned on, nokia lumia 920 could produce brighter photos.

  • Damned, I can’t hear it anymore. The 920 makes headlines mostly because of its camera. And where would it be without it? I have to admit that the phone camera became more and more important to me. Without it I wouldn’t have a 920. This is the only thing that keeps me accepting the side effect of having WP. I have an eye on the BB10, which looks so nice that I might accept the loss of a super camera, but waiting for what Jolla will present. Even the 808 looks attractive now, with a low price.

    • Sam

      true that, the reason why N8 failed against iphone, 920 is the same story as N8, good camera, mediocre OS, how long can nokia rely just on cameras

    • D Harries

      I think WP has plenty of scope for maturity.

      • StefanP

        Yes, plenty of room to grow up and get mature. But I don’t want to be the nanny! 😉

    • JGrove303

      Sounds like you are only relying on reviews that suck. The Lumia 920 has the best mics, build quality and LCD display as well. Please don’t disregard the accessories either and how Lumia works with them.

  • KT

    Yeah super excited for the pureview saga at mwc. Only thing i case for is how the body design gonna be when you are packing large sensor in it.

  • D Harries

    808 price fall. 920 barely on the shelves. MWC might annoy a few customers by launching something new

    • DesR85

      Well, in my hometown, only two stores have the 920, one being a Nokia agent and another a nationwide electronics store brand. Kuala Lumpur, on the other hand do stock the 920 in Nokia stores but independent retailers nationwide do not stock them yet.

      Don’t know why the situation is still the same until now.

  • v.s.i

    Hey, Nokia, watch out! HTC’s there to get you! 😀 how’s a HTC 017e for a cameraphone? :))

  • Gonna go ahead and call BS; the Z10s camera is pretty crappy; it takes “pleasant” pictures in proper light; but the details are VERY lacking. :/

    • Trexus

      It’s also very early days, we’re often very forgiving of our own favoured platforms, always allowing for at least some algorithm/sw twks before casting final judgement, so the same leeway needs to be extended to the Z10. And no talk about; “It’s late, so it must be perfect out of the gate”, that’s not being truly impartial at all. (not saying you’re saying that)

  • alsocan
    • Trexus

      Always has been, always will be, so many variables…
      If there was a universal, standardised, testing methodology/process that all sites agreed to use, then it’d be less of an issue.
      But even that kind of approach has it’s flaws….

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