Nokia’s 808 PureView still rocking the biggest sensor ever put in a smartphone

| February 19, 2013 | 168 Replies

potato vs pureview


Saw an interesting conversation Steve Litchfield was having on twitter. Apparently it appears that someone’s been claiming to have the biggest sensor in a smartphone, Steve and co have some words to say on that matter.

What I’m finding more interesting is the fact that once year over when Nokia destroyed the megapixel race (by bringing out the best camera on paper and performance) some companies are starting to pay attention to other ways they can improve image QUALITY.

Ultrapixel vs PureView. 

There’s sensor size and then there’s pixel size. It’s very neat to see pixel size as a feature. Imagine if Nokia did that. Imagine a sensor as huge as the one found in the 808 but reduced to 12MP? Someone do the math of the pixel size? Haha. Of course, that would be a trade off of over sampling.

I wonder what we’ll see at MWC?

P.S. someone’s obviously liking tiles on the homescreen.

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  • MF

    Fast forward to MWC 2014. After teasing the public for weeks that the Next Big Thing in smartphone photography is about to be revealed, Peter Chou gave a keynote presentation for their next HTC flagship, the HTC Zero. After reminding everyone that the industry had been heading the wrong direction by increasing the megapixels, and HTC had innovated by introducing the HTC One in 2013 with 4 (FOUR) megapixels with what he dubbed the Ultr Pixels, Peter now unveiled their latest camera technology called the Uber Pixels, sporting a 1/3″ sensor but only 0.5 megapixels!!! This creates such large pixels that exceeded even the mighty Nokia 808. Peter argued that most people only view images on their Galaxy S, oops Htc One screens that 0.5MP is really all you need.

  • Dark knight

    i need ‘exposure’!!!..asked in what way..shout again..i need ‘exposure’!!! us..shout again..i need ‘exposure’!!!..anything else..i need ‘exposure’!!!..just anything..i need ‘exposure’!!!..ok we have the n808 which doent need one..i need ‘exposure’!!!..definite you need an i phone..bitch..talks a lot huh..i bitch..

    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

      I guess that in Finland that’s called something like “itkupotkuraivari”?

  • Dark knight

    lets bring out iphone 4s htc one and i ll bring the n82..and leave the n8 and 808 home..lets talk about 5MP..

    • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

      What kind of examples do you have in mind? I guess xenon flash.

      I’m more into taking pictures without flash because it easily makes the pictures unrealistic. That has always been the problem of using any type of flash. At least with a direct flash.

      • AreOut

        N82 has bigger sensor than HTC and iPhone and it does matter even in ideal conditions, enough said

        • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

          In theory.

          In a real world usage all that matters is the quality of the image a camera can produce. I bet N82 fails to beat the iPhone in certain situations just because it lacks the quality software.

          Apparently you don’t understand that I’m not talking about post production but the actual usage of the sensor. I can get even some ‘PureView’ out of the 4S. That’s combining pixels without losing resolution.

          Software matters.

          • AreOut

            in your mental hospital you can get various sorts of anything I guess

          • kaz

            Wait what? Have a look at some real world comparisons. The N8 will beat the 4s every time.

            • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

              I was talking about N82.

              But I guess while N8 has a quality camera, it’s not best in everything.

              Sometimes it feels that Nokia users are super sensitive about those cameras they have.