Nokia Lumia 920 wins 2012 Engadget Awards Best Smartphone!

| February 19, 2013 | 38 Replies

ENGADGET920Some readers had been letting us know whilst voting was open that the 920 was in the lead. I didn’t want to jinx anything so just kept my fingers crossed.


Well, voting is done and the winner is the Nokia Lumia 920! Congrats!

This just goes to show, not only how awesome the Nokia Lumia 920 is but also the community of fans behind it.

Cheers EasycapExpertti for the tip!


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  • Ali Abdulla

    forgot the source? XD.. /lazy

  • Saddat

    Are these the only brand/models in the voting?

    • Keith too

      No, there was a qualifying round before these finalist were selected.

  • Keith too

    Wow, that is awesome. A first for Windows Phone on Endgadget–way to go Nokia and Windows Phone 8.

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  • larryg968

    Haha. It amazes me how a phone that is loved so much and wins all these awards cannot get decent phone sales.

    Even the lumia 900 won a much of awards and everyone can attest that the 900 was no break device. It more or less was way behind its time.

    Something smells fishy

    • larryg968

      Look at tablet of the year. Surface RT won. U must be fucking joking. Most of the reviews stated it sucked.

      And everyone extolled the nexus 7 and even the ipad mini. Yet, the surface RT won.

      Now thats hard to believe

    • KeiZka

      So that’s why you still can’t get one around here, three months after launch? Yelp. Hard pressed elsewhere too, what I’ve gathered. Take Hong Kong, for example. None to be seen, since they are taken to Mainland China by small scale entrepreneurs.

    • AreOut

      there is nothing to amaze you as majority of votes are coming from paid microsoft trolls, pay attention on wpcentral people are just complaining and complaining…

      • larryg968

        I kno. They just deleted my comment about how the surface also won tablet of the year.

        Do u think thats possible??

        • AreOut

          if you pay enough everything is possible 😀

          • Mark

            Well you’re here, aren’t you! 🙂

        • Keith too

          If I had been forced to buy a tablet last year it would have been the Surface RT so it was the least bad tablet of 2012. But the choices are getting better and better. I’ll be deciding after MWC whether to get a Surface Pro or wait for some killer device announced at MWC–hopefully from Nokia.

      • Keith too

        People on WPCentral are not shy about pointing out the problems and deficiencies but Nokia is still the overwhelming preferred vendor on WPCentral and the Lumia 920 is the overwhelming preferred phone.

    • larryg968

      I cant believe u deleted my other comment.

      What was the reason? Can i not state the current market dynamics

      • ricky124

        Really? They deleted your comment. If you quoted where you got the real or true information, I think it should not be an issue. Opinion based comments, I could see why they might. I hope you can repost it if it’s all factual.

    • Mark

      Not really. There’s a difference between gadget enthusiasts and the general public.

      Anyway, thought you’d bought a Nexus 4? I take it that it’s a bit crap if you’re still here then? 🙂

      • larryg968

        I did. Using it right now. The phone is absolutely amazing. I need to get a case though

        Don’t get me wrong I like symbian but I’ve never been this satisfied with a phone before

    • Viipottaja


      Btw, IIRC the 900 did not get that many awards besides the Best of CES 2012 or whatever it was.

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  • rafaelinux

    What? The SIII? It’s one of the ugliest phones EVER! D= ! I really don’t understand.. it’s popular, yeah, but design-wise? D:

  • v.s.i

    As much as I like the 920, it’s good that it won ‘Best 2012 phone’, because it’ll be as good as the HTC Butterfly is compared to the 017e in 5 days from now (when the best phone of 2013 H1 launches). 😀

    • Viipottaja

      Are you referring to the Samsung Galaxy SIV? 😛

      • v.s.i

        Nope. It’s just like the GS3 and the Note series. Taken on their own, you have 2 pretty good phones (spec-wise, don’t get me started on the design). But factoring in the individual preference, there were/are phones that better them overall. And besides, Samsung recognized some days ago that their phones aren’t really innovative in any way (except I’d say for resurrecting the stylus), they’re just doing their marketing homework fine. Which to Nokia seems to have remained a mystery…

        I appreciate your tongue-in-cheek comment though. Just couldn’t resist answering 😛

  • Mark

    A good result which, of course, doesn’t translate to sales.

    That said, tech nerds are usually early adopters so positive signs…

    Haters gotta hate though! 🙂

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  • Janne

    Great to see more positive publicity, although of course this means nothing more than just a bit of positive publicity.

    Some of it obviously is disproportionate fan-movement, but still it is great to see good reception to Nokia’s products. That is a marked change from how last few years have treated Nokia in online blogs.

    No wonder, Lumia 920 is a great phone.

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  • Baptiste Giabiconi

    Each time I see the name EasycapExpertti, I always read it as Easycapertii lol *waley joke!*

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