Vote for Nokia as Designer of the Best Looking Smartphones (because it’s just FACT)

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Who has been known time and time again pushing the boundaries of design of smartphones for over a decade? Who has been winning award after award for their timelessly crafted designs? Who is the maker of the phone that made Engadget pour floods of adulation with comments such as:

– I don’t think you’re doing it justice there Vlad. This is the MOTHER of all phones. This is the design of the gods. This is IT, like NOTHING comes close to this. This blows everybody’s minds out of the universe.


N9 and the fabula-design language that has been making so many head turning devices? Oh yup, that’s Nokia!


You know their designs are so beautiful that others just have to copy it (and later pretend Nokia had nothing to do with it).

PhoneArena asks their readers who produces the best looking smartphones, and sadly, Nokia is not the answer.

But you can change that. Like you pushed for the 920 to win Engadget’s 2012 awards, I’m sure you can do this again. I mean, it’s quite a gross injustice if HTC goes ahead of Nokia on this regard. How can you crown the maker of KIRF (that either makes a fake Lumia or a fake iPhone or a fake BlackBerry?). Nokia goes out of their way to challenge the norm, and go with their own unique designs. That’s why they win awards for it. That’s why even Apple had to use Nokia as an example of a manufacturer that doesn’t go and outrageously steal other people’s designs.

Haha, I’m sure there’s still plenty of things Nokia can learn from the competition as well as learning internally how to evolve their designs. They’re not perfect but they certainly don’t deserve 3d place behind Sony or HTC.

You know what to do Nokia fans.

Cheers Omar-BHR for the tip!


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  • voted 😀

  • Mariano

    “”This is the design of the gods. This is IT””

    But they trash it LOL!!

  • qromodynmc

    So lets remember n9 when we get mad.. This is not faithful,I always loved n9,still loving,It was the most beautiful phone ever made,maybe meego is dead but still software and hardware completing themselwes, Sorry wp or android or ios lovers,n9 with meego still most beautiful thing in phone history.. If anyone think meego is dead,I can say easily our dead os is beautiful than your alive sh*t..

    • Viipottaja

      Grace Kelly was beautiful too, and she is dead. Doesn’t mean Penelope Cruz is not beatiful too.

      But fine, if you think ONLY Meego is beatiful I have no problem with that either. 🙂

      • Jerry Werien

        Are comparing people to mobiles? Strange for me……

    • Jerry Werien

      Why dead?? Still on the market, n9 in sell, new software appars, sites with MeeGo software are active and growing, and finally MeeGo ecosystem is going to grow rapidly thanks to Jolla and oncoming MeeGo Sailfish Linux.

      Rumours about MeeGo death are a bit exaggerated IMHO, and are rather of political nature. Linux, like MeeGo, is open source so no memo can “close it” when there are users and enthusiasts working with/on/because/for it IMHO. We are free people and we have free will, also freedom for choice. IMHO. 😉

  • twig

    Voted Nokia ! I don’t go to that site usually and didn’t realize it was such a htc site. It may be one I add to my list just to torture them for my personal pleasure.😜

    • Ron

      Lol… it is more of Android/samsung fanboy site than HTC

    • Ron

      Lol… it is more of a Android/samsung fanboy site than HTC

      • DesR85

        I also noticed that as well. One editor from WP Central did note that members on Android Central, their sister site, long held a suspicion of conspiracy or favouritism among tech blogs where top Android OEMs like Samsung get all the attention while the others are sidelined.

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  • torpedu

    finally Nokia on top, when I went there in the morning HTC was winning-> not to offend anyone but it looks like shit. 😀

  • cyan


  • migo

    In 2011 they did, they’ve since regressed.

  • Delifrance

    Saidly the effort of design team have not paid off due to poor executive management

  • DesR85

    Voted for Nokia. 🙂

  • Allawi

    This phone is the best phone I ever had. N9 has everything you want. The OS is unique and the design is perfect. It got nice camera with led flash and in front camera. It has NFC and Bluetooth. I have for 1 year and I still never get bored for using. Everyday I do something new with it. It awesome man. Go for n9 and you will not disappoint.

  • Nokia is now over 46%……….yipeeeee


    go nokia ftw

  • yemko

    so WPs fan can remember n9 during hard times! Honestly Nokia didn’t deserve to be honoured anymore… To say the fact, M7 beats any Nokia that has ever came into existence? Yes! sarcasm mode off

  • b4b4.4l1

    Voted for Nokia. Leading by almost 50% ahead others :3

  • Voted!

  • Janne

    No matter what you think of Lumia and the N9 design language (I can see it is still an emotional issue), I can’t see how anyone could NOT love the Lumia 620 design… such a beautiful design in its own right and clearly miles above whatever midrange crap others come up with.

    I’m voting Nokia for the Lumia 620 alone. Lumia 920, which I think is beautiful too, is just an added bonus.

    • migo

      That’s true. They definitely have more than one trick.

  • incognito

    It depends on the year we are talking about – it’s not as Nokia always bears the competition when it comes to design.

    The so-called Fabula design language was clearly ahead of everyone else (I still consider my unicorn N9 the most beautiful smartphone ever conceived) but you cannot milk that forever. Plus, whether you like it or not, the buttons at the bottom kill it’s symmetry and style while the fugliness of WP seriously cripples its looks – it’s like taking a beautiful Ferrari and replace its headlights with the ones from Fiat Multipla while having the guys from Fisher Price to redecorate its interior.

    Voted for Nokia mostly because of their former glory and the fact that the question wasn’t limited to a specific point in time (say, the past year) but that ain’t gonna stay forever – just as with almost everything else, the competition is overtaking them while Nokia stands still and prays for a miracle.

    • Janne


      Plus, whether you like it or not, the

      Just because you have an opinion doesn’t make it universally true. WP has won design awards, one just recently, and all sorts of people do prefer it, looks-wise, over the traditional-looking UIs such as the N9. Just the same, symmetry is also in the eye of the beholder. I see capacitive buttons as part of the screen and thus I feel different than you about them.

      So, there is nothing universally wrong with either WP looks or with N9s design adjusted to WP. It is an opinion of some. Time will tell who is the more significant group.

      • Sefriol

        To be fair I agree with incognito with the button thing. Even Unbuntu has software buttons for every application which can be swiped from the bottom of the device.
        Imo WP should do the same / find their own way to do buttomless approach.
        But for now. I want to see what Nokia has in their sleeves for MWC.

        • Janne

          I was only contesting the universal notion that buttons lead to inferior design. That was silly talk from incognito.

          Now, nothing wrong with lessening buttons where is makes sense either. Having to swipe some bar out to press a button seems like an extra step though, so that isn’t really optimal, but some other solution can be.

      • Sammy

        “Time will tell who is the more significant group.”

        Well it’s obvious who’s going to win that one, Nokia’s no longer actively pursuing that design approach via newer harmattan->meego devices. And MS (it seems) will never let them deign their own UX for WP*, or take on-board some of the stuff Nokia’s done there.
        So your sentence makes little sense…

        *or just add little tweaks here and there

        • Janne

          I meant generally, not just Nokia. iPhone, Android, WP etc. have taken different approaches. Some may move towards less keys than now, others add even more like qwerty… We shall see. I agree there is momentum in lessening keys and in itself there is nothing wrong with that, just as there isn’t anything wrong with keys. All depends on the application. I’d personally love to see more qwerty, but fear that instead we’ll ser buttonless WP at some point.

          I was merely contesting incognito’s notion that somehow universally, “like it or not”, buttons translate to inferior design. That is nonsense. Many kinds of designs find receptive audiences and are considered great even if very different, it is also a cultural thing.

          As for symmetry, there is design symmetry and that of the human physique. Nokia’s nin-symmetric designs are often more usable than their symmetric ones.

          • incognito

            I never said that buttons translate to inferior design – I’d love a Lauta-like device with a full landscape QWERTY kb (tho still no buttons on the face) – I said it doesn’t work well with the so-called Fabula design language. It clearly looks like an afterthought and in a sense goes against its prime principle of minimalism. To continue my car analogies, that’s like adding a trailer to a sports car; or like adding spoilers to a minivan.

            And that’s before turning the screen on to greet you with something straight from from the design labs of Fisher Price (actually, FP usually does design better, but the color blocks are a dead giveaway).

            Of course, I’m not saying that my design taste is somehow universal, nor that what I’m implying for the ‘Fabula’ design language has anything to do with the original intentions of the designers. I’m just expressing my opinion and my impression of it.

      • migo

        Yes, the capacitive bettons look fine with the live tile view, but in landscape mode with an app, particularly a game (which is the most popular and important app category after maps and browsers) it looks and functions quite badly. I’m putting up with it on my Nexus 4 right now because I want a sense of what the average user will get, and because I know I can flash AOKP on it to solve that particular issue.

  • Ruben

    voted nokia, that’s ahead already. The fabula design…ah the fabula design… like nokia only made them beautiful from that point on..false.

    N9 was mindblowing, i got one. But i had nokia always in the past, and in the past, previous to fabula design, nokia already made the most beautiful phones.

    Don’t talk like it started on the fabula. It came from earlier before.

  • Francis

    For me, i like N9 due to combination of hardware and software. BUT i don’t like those similar design such like Lumia 900,920…etc, mainly due to WPcrap.

    Now Nokia only know to copy themselves along ORIGINAL N9 Swipe Hardware (smooth curve screen & colorful plastic body). Those Lumia Series is very tiring and aging to me now. I not sure when Nokia will innovative again.

    • Janne

      Have you NOT seen the dual-shot Lumia 620? That is innovative and a completely new design.

      (That said, personally I do think Lumia 920 is an improvement over the N9, design-wise.)

  • von

    I have days when my N9 looks premium and days when it looks like a toy.

  • Janne

    Posted this in the wrong place first…

    By the way, personally I don’t consider Nokia’s first Lumia generation any kind of design triumph. The transition shows and N9 looks better than Lumia 800/900, Nokia 603 looks better than Lumia 710. However, Lumia 920 and 620 in my opinion look better than any of these. Lumia 820 also has some nice variants that stand on their own design merits. As do the accessories. So, Nokia is getting back into full swing! Great!

    • Jeff

      Funny, I recall you forming comprehensive arguments not so long ago that the 900 was better looking (IYO) than the N9, & that the 800 was pretty-much on-par. And no, I’m not going to waste my time digging such posts up, my memory’s fine thanks! 😉

      • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

        That’s the problem with people like you.

        You just can’t understand that people can change their mind.

        That’s how it’s in the real world.

        But you don’t get it.

        • Janne

          While this is true sometimes, I don’t think I’ve changed an opinion on this. Lumia 920 looks better than N9 or the first Lumia generation, but the curved screen of course has issues with using screen protectors – which it needs more because the protruding screen is more vulnerable than a flat screen. I’ve seen many scratched N9/800s.

          N9 looked better than Lumia 800/900, and had a balanced design, but 900 had the more practical design.

          • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

            That curved glass is something I don’t really like. It makes the device harder to use and it makes the screen more vulnerable.

            It’s one of the greatest flaws in Nokia’s phone designs.

            I have the 808 and that curved glass is really something I would not like to have in it. Currently it’s not such an issue because I can’t anyway use the 808 as a mobile phone. Therefore I don’t have to touch the screen so often.

        • Janne

          The problem is more that people don’t read each other in good faith and read them like the devil reads the bible instead. People don’t want to understand each other, they want to argue everything. Even when aa perceived “enemy” agrees with them, even that us contested.

      • Janne

        Jeff: I really don’t recall calling Lumia 900 better than N9 design. I *did* appreciate the flat screen of Lumia 900 because I like screen protectors. So, Lumia 900 is more practical than N9 or 800. I like it better that way. But I didn’t mean the design per se was better.

        But N9 is the best design of the three. I think that is quite obvious…

        But as far as screen protectors go, I am on my third on my Lumia 920 because they keep peeling away from the curved screen. Same with my 808. My Lumia 900 needed only one for its duration and never peeled or got dirt under it.

        So, as much as the design in 920 is great, I hope my next Lumia has a flat screen!

        • Janne

          I didn’t use protectors on N9 and Lumia 800 and latter scratched quite badly. N9 I managed to keep OK.

          On both the USB door has often gotten bent, I’ve seen. This is another where Lumia 900 was more practical.

          But as pure design goes, N9 is better looking than first Lumia generation. Lumia 800 is less balanced and 900 is balanced but less fluid. Second Lumia generation is a lot better.