Nokia’s ex-imaging Head, Damian Dinning teaches HTC the definition of “Breakthrough”

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Damian Dinning known by Nokians for being Nokia’s Imaging Guru and delivering us great camera smartphones like the Nokia 808 PureView has been speaking up today in the wake of the audacious claims from Potato-camera-maker HTC (who if you remember, dared to diss the 808 PureView as pretty meaningless, not even recognizing how good this is compared to the crap they serve. I am still reeling at HTC’s inconsistency there, beating up the iPhone for having the same size sensor as a previous model but not recognising how insane the sensor size is in the Nokia 808 PureView?! That’s downright deceitful! )

  • Did I miss something today?? Thought HTC were introducing a breakthrough camera?? Read the whole press release but no, couldn’t find it.
  • @HTC #FYI, definition of breakthrough: A sudden, dramatic, and important discovery or development, esp. in science.
  • @jamesburland did you not see it already? Here it is…
  • @rafeblandford @stevelitchfield that I agree with, but I’m sure when I wrote the #808 white paper we pointed that out loud and clear??
  • So the size of the HTC’s sensor is the same size as the #Lumia920 and it’s stabilisation according to HTC only works to 1/7.5 vs 1/3…
  • ….how does that mean it collects 300% more light?
  • Oh and before I forget Ultrapixels is from the same company that told you 16mp was great last year right? #consistency
  • 808 the largest ever sensor in a mobile
  • @rafeblandford @stevelitchfield I agree, it’s good that they are on that path, whilst others still wake up but trying to own it as unique!?


BTW, tweet from Steve


  • The N95 in 2007 had a slightly larger sensor and roughly the same megapixel ratio. Six. Years. Ago

I’m not saying anything against the “One”. I like it actually, it’s a good effort. CopyPasta/Nokia inspirations on the go. Just quit pretending you made this all up on your own, HTC. At least recognise the market that influences you.

This will be one of those times again that will demonstrate the importance of getting your message through. Why? So consumers FULLY understand their choices, and that one of their main choices should be your desirable device with that unique desirable set of features.

The 808 PureView keynote was possibly one of the worst keynotes for something groundbreaking that I have ever witnessed. Everyone related to conducting that keynote should really not be at Nokia anymore. The 920 keynote wasn’t that much better with Ms Harlow droning and sucking all the enthusiasm out from the room, combined with “show and tell” 5 year old level presenting (I’m sure she’s doing a great job elsewhere but people need to be placed where they’re best, and then their best is put to use. If presenting is not your talent, do not go in front of millions and present. Simple as).

Maybe I’m too harsh or maybe Nokia just needs to be much better prepared for getting the message out about their new products. It’s all well and good spending years and years of research and money and all that effort only for no one to understand what it was that your product does because a) key people responsible for the abysmal marketing deserves to be fired b) your keynotes are terrible.  Adverts and keynotes are the times to get other people to repeat YOUR message verbatim, therefore you must get the message coherently, in a way that would be memorable and understandable. We can’t afford for you, Nokia, to mess up your message delivery again where people misunderstand all the work you achieve, get slated for it by angry bloggers (who btw change their mind after trying it), who’s selective choice quotes are then used against you.

I’m going to try and finish my rant about this some other time. I have a draft that’s been stuck there since last year.


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