Portico Update Now Rolling Out to More Devices (Including my UK Unlocked 920)

| February 21, 2013 | 13 Replies

wp_ss_20130221_0008I saw a couple tweets in my timeline excited about finally getting Portico (plus a couple of readers yesterday announced its availability in Finland and Indonesia); and surprise surprise it turns out my 920 decided to finally get it as well (Bought in UK unlocked; and in Jordan). WPC also reports that Portico is rolling out in a second “wave” to multiple new devices and areas (also including non-Nokia WP devices such as the 8X).

I took a couple of pre-update shots and will be sure to upload a comparison of the two once my update is done.

* Apparently my phone doesn’t have enough juice in it to update so I have to wait a while- I’ve hooked it to both the wall charger and the put it on the fatboy in hopes of a faster recharge 😛



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