Major Update for WP Whatsapp; Brings Chat Backups, Brodacasts, Wide Live tile and Lockscreen Notifications and Much More

| February 21, 2013 | 40 Replies


Whatsapp for WP8 (possibly Wp7 too?- I’ve loaded my 900 to a friend so no way of checking Thanks to our readers we cna confirm this update is available for WP7 as well; but some features such as lockscreen notifications probably won’t be available); has just received a pretty nifty update. The new version 2.9.2 brings some long awaited features that have been available on other OSes from quite some time. Mainly the ability to broadcast chat messages, Backup chat history and “enter to send” option as well as the long awaited lock screen notifications. The live tile also now supports the Double wide view that takes the full width of the screen; and the icon changes to match your phone’s theme color.

I’ve also noticed a new sharing feature which uses a much nicer Metro UI to get you your options; plus you can send Screenshots now!


After updating the app claimed to be “Optimizing chat storage” which should hopefully fix the long wait times for resuming/booting the app.

Grab the App from here:



Thanks for the tip AKA_P

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  • arts

    its for wp7 too.

    • arts

      I certainly hope that on wp8 it boots faster; cause on my wp7 i sure dont feel the difference.

      • On WP8 (920) it starts near instant. A little faster than before, but on WP8 it was always practically instantly.

        • arts

          Even on the lumia 620?

          • Checkoff

            looks better. finally. plus notifications, finally!
            so theres still hope, WP8 becomes better and better…

            • Praneeth

              Finally Whatsapp 2.9.4 fixes maximum issues and no heating also this time on my NL920 !!
              Finally Whatsapp for WP fixed

        • V

          How instant is instant though?

          I mean, for me it takes about 2-3 seconds from finger lift off to actual display n usability. (920 as well)

          In that time, it does the side flip animation to present the green pattern whatsapp wallpaper, then goes blank for a moment n then displays all the current chats.

          In Symbian, instant was literally instant (since it was always running behind the scenes and just presented the UI to you on launch)

          Also does anyone know if you can send chat history via email properly now? WP truncates the message to the last 600-700 or so messages (which sound like a lot, but could easily be just 1 days worth of chat log for a person)

    • arts

      more info is also being displayed per screen. More stuff to see now.

  • agusdeviurrio

    for lumia 710 wp7.8 to 🙂

  • Amit

    This is exactly what i want.

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  • Good update and worthy of the word update as well. Menus work better and are arranged in a more sensible way. It feels more unified with WP8 now instead of some janky app made by a subpar developer.

    • Only thing that’s a shame is the colourless logo on the tile now. I liked the green icon. Even when it clashed with some colourschemes. Ah well.

      • Ugh, the audio-streaming ‘bug’ appears to still be in it.

        • In their defense it’s a purposeful feature; that is until all devices can connect to WiFi while sleeping.

          • Yeah, that’s true. However I’d like an option to turn that on or off, but I guess that will be hard to implement in the app.

          • My major gripe with it is that in my car I can’t get the music player to start automatically when selecting the streaming option on my car’s radio.

            With the bug I first need to start the music player (or Nokia Music) and only then can I control the music via the steering wheel.

            Where can I sue WA if I ever get in a car crash because of it? 😛

  • Mark

    WhatsApp should really be more responsible. That’s one less thing for the haters to hate now!

    What will they do with their lives!? Think of the children! 🙂

  • TK

    You can also send your screenshots now

  • Praneeth

    I wish it would add wifi connectivity like in IM+ for the next update really needed that on my 920 !



    • Developers don’t have access to the videolibrary for either retrieving or storing video’s.

      Nothing WA can do about that, it is a rule set by MS. Had to do with certain ideas pertaining privacy etc.



  • pls

    On WP7.8 we don’t get large tile size, nor any settings for lockscreen notifications. A bit of UI changes, but nothing major, really.

    • pls

      Nor can you send your messages by pressing “enter”.

      I’ve updated it like 5 minutes ago, but it’s kind of a same thing as before.

      • Yes you can, under settings turn the option on.

        • Silthice

          I have turn on the “big” tile so what’s the different that it does compare to the smaller one?

  • Dor

    and still..cant send music! thay are just shamless, nothing less!

  • rishabh

    We can now long press a contact and select to block it rather going to settings and selecting from there

    • rishabh

      Also we can now send screenshot which was a bug in previous version

  • Johnny

    Still needs integration of Nokia Maps or Nokia Drive when someone share their location in Whatsapp..

  • Carl

    Is this available in India yet? Please say yes!

    • Prasad

      How to take whatsapp backup of Nokia Lumia 900 device.

  • Sam

    This new version is very good because of lockscreen notifications but this new version is crashing quite often on portico, especially with contacts that you have a long chat history with.

  • V

    Can you email FULL chat history now as opposed to limited number of messages (that get truncated by WP?)

  • eh

    this is the biggest reason y i am no getting a window’s phone… will wait till the new lumia phones come out and if whatsapp is not fixed by then (ie. saving audio n video, and the messages appear as soon as it is received) i will not get it..
    Also hoping for pebble integration and sygic to bring out it’s software.. nokia drive is awesome but sygic still has better maps for india..

  • David

    If i use whatsApp and close it, when i touch the volume button the same comes up, as if i was listentint to music or better yet, if I was streaming music. Not the slim but the big grey something comes down and i have back, play, and forward buttons, and under it theres a sign which indicates that i’m streaming “music” ftom the internet. if i touc it, whatsApp opens, like it would with media player od sound cloud. anybody else has the same? please reply

  • Liviu

    With the update I experience big performance pb on 920 Portico. If I press the tile sometimes is takes 2-3-4 seconds to display, somethimes gets stuck. Hope they fix this soon …

  • nikisha

    I m having a problem in loading earlier msg of whatsapp in lumia 520. Pls help me n email me

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