More speculation: ‘dsmobile’ indicates Nokia Lumia camera (EOS?) to be better than 808. Catwalk cam better than iPhone 5

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It appears that dsmobile has been willing to share more information with MNB readers asking him questions about upcoming Nokia devices. Now, as we’ve mentioned before, you can take everything said with pinches of salt. He may very well be wrong but it’s interesting to speculate nonetheless as it’s not that long until these things (whatever they are) are officially announced.

It has been long rumoured too that alongside ‘catwalk’ there may be ‘EOS’. Some invisioned they’d be the same device but dsmobile assures us it’s one. This is meant to be the camera centric phone. Furthermore, if a 41mp sensor device is coming, at best, people were hoping it to equal the glorious 808. But it appears somehow that Nokia is to better it.

In response to a reader who thought catwalk was EOS who commented:

Slim and good looking’ that means NO xenon flash for the so call catwalk phone..

No phone can be called “flagship camera phone” if no xenon flash !!

I rather Nokia just revise 808 with same camera spec but with bigger screen say 4.5″ and meego on it.

dsmobile replies:

There is camera phone “808″ with wp8 for those who really needs best pictures possible. catwalk is for people who currently are happy with iphone5 quality of photos and do not care about best camera.

It’s for people just want good looking device that is well-shaped as thin, small bezel that makes big screen fit all hands.

I am sure there is lot more buyers for that device than camera phone. Still catwalk most likely will kill iphone5 in picture/video+audio quality.

Really shame that so good hardware is waisted for OS that is lagging behind in so many ways. Lumia 920 battery life is a big joke and OS is far from stable.

The camera in the Catwalk is said to “most likely” kill iPhone 5 in picture/video/audio quality.

Quite interestingly, Viipottaja shared this link indicating it may be possible to have slim and xenon.

Viipottaja says his 920 is very stable and wishes Nokia be more bold and release that rumoured yellow fish/banana lumia pureview.

I only wish they had the balls to release the funky “banana” shaped design for it. :)

Btw, my 920 has been very stable indeed.

dsmobile appears less sure and says he thinks the new camera phone is flat. He comments on rumous about a huge circle that possibly means you might be able to change the optics (what like interchangeable lenses?)

new camera phone most will be flat I think. Not sure Only rumours about huge circle etc. so far. May be it will use optics you can change over it. =)

Another reader asks about the camera module

Very nice! Can you tell us more about the 808 clone ? 100% port of the phase 1 system, or just partial ?

dsmobile replies

better than 808

He later adds he doesn’t expect to see this device any time soon but that’s his own estimates (possibly based on Nokia’s usual lateness) not anything known from Nokia.

But I am sure you wont see that device soon. I think it will be Q4/2013. But this time estimate is just my guess no real info about it.

If that’s the case, would this even be announced at MWC? What if it’s just about Catwalk this time around? We’ve seen at least that the 920 camera can hold off HTC’s overhyped “Ultrapixel”.

Lastly, dsmobile says there’s no plans for tablets. The last post was misinterpreted. Nokia cans tablets (the only thing they would have done was design casings).

Nokia has no plans to make any windows tablets.


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