‘dsmobile’ says Nokia “Catwalk” is very slim and good looking. Says Nokia’s designing casing for tablet?

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We didn’t expect to hear any more hints from dsmobile after last year, but he’s been commenting today on the MWC speculation post. Now take what is said with a pinch of salt, but do note that dsmobile was pretty accurate last year on various subjects, including the 808 which was not yet announced at the time.

dsmobile discusses two points:

1) Nokia Catwalk is said to be very slim and good looking device. dsmobile in the past seemed quite particular with Nokia designs, having high standards for design so this is good that he thinks it’s very slim and good looking. He’s not a fan of WP though.

catwalk is very slim and good looking device but as long as there is wp inside no more Nokia phones for me. :(

It was already known that Catwalk may have been slim/aluminium so perhaps nothing new here unless you count on it being “very” slim and “good looking” (we can have slim and ugly, eh, Sammy/Moto?)

2) Regarding a tablet, he says Nokia’s designing the casing, but someone else is making the tablet. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s coming at MWC.

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  1. Doug says:

    I agree with dsmobile, Windows Phone OS sucks.

  2. Mike says:

    I agree with dsmobile, because of WP no more Nokia phones for me. :(

    • spitfire says:

      WP is not a perfect platform.. But I sure don’t want to go with the alternative platforms as they are even worse on most parts…
      iOS is closed platform with lack of universal functions in relation to compatibility with other platforms. Android is just too slow on my Galaxy SII and so power hungry and there is too much malware on it.

      I’ll choose WP8 over iOS and Android any day.

      • von says:

        “iOS is closed platform with lack of universal functions in relation to compatibility with other platforms. Android is just too slow on my Galaxy SII and so power hungry and there is too much malware on it.”


      • rustyknight17 says:

        what about Blackberry ?

    • lumisti says:

      Because of WP, i switched to Nokia from apple.

  3. Viipottaja says:

    Good to see dsmobile has been able to maintain his contacts even being so far removed, afaik, at this point.

    And glad to see he at least acknowledges the merits of and likes the design, despite his well known dislike of WP/MS. :)

    As for the tablet – what else did one expect? Of course the hardware.innards are “made by someone else”. It’s not like Nokia is manufacturing its own chipsets etc. in most cases even for the phones. It would be surprising if Nokia would have nothing to do with the antenna/radio designs, camera, specs configurations, material and color choices, use and durability testing, quality assurance, ensuring their apps work well with the hardware etc. If it is assembled by someone else, not sure that matters __that much__, not to me at least.

  4. drexter says:

    why not windows phone? i thought people say it is convenient and better?

    • Jay Montano says:

      Depends for the user, for me, some friends and family members, it’s definitely the case. I love WP but I can also see it still needs improving in various areas.

      • drexter says:

        oh, ok. i guess it still needs some more tweaking…
        but today i think Windows phone is now stable , or users can openly accept/consider it as their new os

      • ammad says:

        some people just bash WP without actually using it.

        It needs a tonne of new features IMO , but i’d rather take an arrow to the knee than go Droid.

        WP = Easy and Conveniant
        Droid = Figdety and Messy

        • AlsoCan says:

          Let’s not forget that if Nokia chose Android we would be praising its functionality and laughing at WP lack tehereof right now

        • Weirdfisher says:

          Wp = easy and convenient
          I agree on the easy part, but droid is more convenient as you get all updates/ info from home screen widgets. You can change songs, write notes, toggle bt wifi from another page of home screen
          You may also update Facebook status from homescreen widget

          Everything I do on wp requires entering an app/hub/settings over settings
          I think people are mostly reluctant to switch from droid to a widgetless platform(they also miss the apps too)

    • Robert Miller says:

      It is!

  5. Pdexter says:

    Isn’t he saying there’s no tablet at all?

    I believe the tablet was always planned in Nokia’s R&D California (same facility that made Booklet) and manufactured by somebody else, like Nokia Booklet.

    To me Dsmobile is saying there’s no plans for Nokia tablet at all now.

    • Viipottaja says:

      He wouldn’t know that for sure, either way.

    • dsmobile says:

      Nokia has no plans to make any windows tablets.

      • Sonny says:

        What tablets then? Jolla?Android?Ubunthu?

        • Pdexter says:

          No tablet at all.

          Of course they are not going to jump on a new platform.

        • Jiipee says:

          I dont think tablets is a lucrative market for them.

          1) they wont be getting any exclusive apps, since they are not even minor player.
          2) they are MS partner only with WP. Ie they will probably pay licenses in full. In comparison to eg Samsung their Windows volumes would
          be small at best.
          3) Nokia apps are more suitable for smartphone/phablet. Nokia music would fit tablet. Not much room to differentiate there
          4) The sales channels probably differ a bit between phones and tablets
          5) they still have cash issue evenif thevsituation has improved a lot. Indian tax problems and risku risky tablet venture and MS becoming net earner

      • Viipottaja says:

        I guess a WP phablet might make more sense as a first step but I sure do hope at some point they will also make a Windows one.

        As for no plans.. we’ll see, perhaps not right now of course.

    • Vineet says:

      Precisely. The second part about it just being casing and logo is his reasoning for why there would be no/little profits

  6. Aliqudsi says:

    Sounds like a Nexus tablet…

  7. ADN says:

    Imagine Nokia 800 / 900 / 920 running Belle FP2 !!!

  8. Chris says:

    Consodering dsmobile knows something we don’t: Again I must say that I feel relieved to hear that Nokia is putting some serious thought into their tablet, scrapping projects if they don’t feel good enough. I think Nokia has to have an unique approach to the tablet or making a dent into the market won’t be easy. For me a worst case scenario is that the tablet has good operator backing, huge campaigns and still its only the second iteration that will catch some attention.

    I think that the only way Nokia can make an impact is to have a technology on board comparably unique to the PureView camera technology.

    • muerte says:

      Yes, like a true Haptikos-keyboard ;)

    • Janne says:

      I think we’ve heard this about the Nokia tablet project enough to believe they have indeed been scrapping more than just their MeeGo efforts. Good to see them taking the time, the W8/RT market is just not there yet. But as the touch PC profilerates and W8 gets more and more traction, there will be more room for it…

      I hope the delays mean Nokia has scrapped RT efforts and concentrating on Windows 8 instead – with a Lumia-like host of Nokia-specific apps of course.

      Personally, I’d be surprised to see a Nokia tablet at MWC with all these leaks suggesting it is delayed. But we’ll see…

      • Harangue says:

        Seriously, why the ‘hate’ for RT? I’d say it is a far better fit for Nokia than full Windows. Although I will say that RT is a little undercooked right now with its Jekyll and Hyde feel every now and then.

        What MS should add to RT though is more Metro; file browser, Office and (full) settings in Metro style and RT would be pretty solid.

        • Janne says:

          I’m not hating the RT. I might buy an RT tablet if I were on the market for iPad-like tablets. (I’m not. I’ve had enough of iPads and Android tablets here.) It has the great W8 “Metro” experience and the one time I tried an RT tablet in a shop it felt good.

          RT just doesn’t seem – in my purely subjective assessment – to be getting anywhere quick. It seems like Microsoft’s hedge bet on ARM and more of a future platform than anything meaningfully relevant today. I think the fact Microsoft didn’t give it the Windows 8 brand also speaks volumes on this. It is still bit a side-show, something Microsoft is building up on the side to see if they need ARM compatibility on Windows proper and how much… RT is there to remind developers to test their Windows 8 “Metro” apps for ARM too… that will become relevant somewhere down the line. Maybe.

          Windows 8, on the other hand, is quickly changing the PC form-factor landscape and a tablet or hybrid based on that would seem to make much more sense for me personally – especially once Intel gets into the groove and actually gets some suitable chips out there for this. Windows 8 is much more about “today” than Windows RT. Touch is coming to the PC thanks to Windows 8 and a tablet with access to all that might make quite a bit of sense.

          • Marc Aurel says:

            I recently read an article which suggested that keyboard and touch screens make an ergonomic nightmare. His reasoning was very sound; he pointed out that with keyboard the screen is usually vertical, which requires one to lift one’s entire hand to operate the touch screen. That is very tiring and requires a lot of movement. I think he is right. After initial excitement touch screen laptops will fizzle and PCs will remain primarily keyboard and mouse/touch pad operated devices.

            • Viipottaja says:

              Frannly, doubt that in particular for laptops. Touch screens are here to stay and to dominate. People are used to that direct interaction and will over time want it more and more. Ergonomics aside (which may be partially addressed by form factors that can easily lay flat/almost flat or with larger touchpads complementing the screen itself in certain cases.

            • Janne says:

              Marc: That was obviously the rhetoric of Steve Jobs as well – that touchscreens don’t work for PCs. However, it seems Windows 8 is getting some real traction in this space. It isn’t like the touchscreen is the only thing you need to use – you can use touchpads and keyboards where it makes sense too. Touchscreens open up all sorts of interesting hybrid designs such as screens that fold down or laptops that fold over into tablets… and even in normal laptop use certain things can be useful to do on a touchscreen.

              It will certainly be interesting where things head from here. Current rumour is that Chromebooks will get touchscreens too. Will Apple follow? Ironically the one OS that is best suited to handle this new transition is the one creating it: Windows 8. It really looks like the PC will be transformed by Windows 8. These new formfactors are gaining real traction and Windows 8 is uniquely positioned to take advantage of it – while still offering all that traditional productivity as well.

              • Marc Aurel says:

                Hybrid form factors are gaining traction? The only one which has is the Asus Transformer. Surface seems to be a modest success at best. I think it’s too early to say anything about their success. Not only the ergonomics are a problem, but touch screen optimized UI is quite different from mouse and keyboard oriented one. W8 is a good example of that, and not in a good way. W8 IS a good tablet OS, but I still can’t see its value on any device which has an integrated physical keyboard and a mouse/touch pad.

        • Janne says:

          I agree RT might make more sense for Nokia, because it is more “smart device” and less PC, that’s why I fear they might go with it… But I don’t think RT is really making sense for anyone outside a niche right now. That’s why I think Nokia might be smart to steer clear of it for now.

          • twig says:

            I’m using the RT with Win8 Pro on my HP touchsmart. I won’t use a tablet for business letters, accounting, music studio software, stock trading, movie editing, etc. because the big screen opens up everything you need to see and interact with. The tablet though is perfect for FAST information, stock quotes, weather, larger web surfing, picture and gaming. The RT is the perfect size for hand held gaming that shows a better experience than phones. I’m loving Last Gun game here on the RT and hope for Wings of Glory, while Nokia’s Yahtzee is perfect for the 920. I’m a little shocked at how many people just download games on their smartphones instead of other apps that I talk to. Perhaps then Nokia getting into a RT might be just the right thing because of the gaming experience and its a great in between, smartphone and all in one. Either way a RT or 8 Pro tablet may see a larger market share quickly because people like to match their hardware, example yellow 920 and yellow Nokia tablet as with Apple buyers.

    • iluvnok says:

      “I think that the only way Nokia can make an impact is to have a technology on board comparably unique to the PureView camera technology.”
      Then make a tablet with 41MP camera.

  9. Siliconsub says:

    Oh, now I see what dsmobile meant, it would be like how Huawei make Orange branded devices in the UK, where Orange only has it exclusive and they put their logo on it, the rest is made by Huawei.
    I don’t believe that Nokia would do that, but more importantly, what is the point of Nokia being in the tablet industry is they don’t make their own tablet, it would be better for Nokia to not make a tablet, or at least make the tablet in partnership with someone, like Huawei or better, someone that would know far more about tablets, laptops and Windows, and isn’t making a mobile: HP.
    Nokia could design the device, make the casing and add its suite of applications, and HP would put in their hardware knowledge and their understanding of Windows, and of course make the tablet, and they would see it through one retailer per country, like Amazon, or Dixons Group or Best Buy

    • Viipottaja says:

      They won’t do it the Huawei/Orange way. I would guess its just DsMobile’s oversimplification of the situation, nothing more.

  10. Janne says:

    I think the important takeaway from the Catwalk leak is this: Nokia seems to be planning a high-end Lumia announcement at MWC *in addition* to a Phase 1 or 3 PureView Lumia announcement we are expecting. Of course this might be at first for Verizon, but it might be for wider distribution as well…

    Of course, a PureView might not appear, but I’m holding out hope that we’ll see both some bold new high-end mainstream Lumia design (the Catwalk), as well as a monster camera PureView niche model (the EOS codename). Plus, I’d love to see more migrange and cheapo action (Lumia 720? 520? Maybe a Lumia 410 for Africa?)… and some major Asha advances.

    Add to that some new software/services announcements… plus a Windows 8 tablet, which I don’t think we’ll see yet. :)

  11. JGrove303 says:

    So their tablet may be an aesthetics piece as opposed to an in house exercise. Pity. If so, O hope they went with Asus

    • viktor von d. says:

      why would they do that? it would be like samsung went with sony for a tablet. it’s ridiculous. microsoft does it’s own tablets, nokia does it’s own tablett. period

      • Pdexter says:

        Well Lumia 800 was not manufactured by Nokia, neither was Nokia Booklet.
        Nokia has no experience with current tablets. Anyways Ikea, McDonald, Apple are mostly a brand holders that control some R&D work, but most of all supply networks.

        Nokia will use some of its tech, manufactured by somebody and then put together by somebody like Foxconn.

        • Viipottaja says:

          It is not like Nokia did not have major input to the 800 in particular, and to lesser extent the Booklet. Who assembles it in the end is in IMO somewhat secondary.

        • Pdexter says:

          It’s up to you do you consider that a Nokia tablet or not, but it’s not exactly new thing for Nokia or anybody in this business.

          I doubt anybody ever expected Nokia to manufacture its tablet in its own plant. Neither will anybody care, like nobody cares Foxconn makes puts together Apple’s devices.

    • Vineet says:

      You’re confusing OEMs and ODMs. Asus does some of its own work but is largely an OEM now after the spin off of Pegatron (or the other one that starts with W (wistron?) that Microsoft uses for Surface I think).

      Nokia will use an ODM for manufacturing (Foxconn, Quanta, Compal, Pegatron) not an OEM like Acer, Asus, Samsung etc

      Microsoft does not build the Surface itself obviously. Apple builds almost nothing by itself, neither do Dell, HP etc.

      Nokia, Samsung etc are some of the few that have in house manufacturing.

      The 800 was built by Compal however (not sure if Nokia augmented capacity with its own factories later)

  12. viktor von d. says:

    i need to say this: last year when the rumours from this guy turned out to be true the name was *ds_mobile* and never made any comments about nokias preference for windows phone. after a while *ds_mobile* dissapeared so after many months someone using *dsmobile* appeared and only made the same predictions as the rumours of the time and always had malicious comments about nokia partnering with microsoft and using windows phone. my point is, i think this is just a troll posing as the real *ds_mobile* and doesn’t actually know anything.

    and until know all the sources pointed out that the *catwalk* device made of aluminum will be the successor to the lumia 920 and will be launched in the autumn/q4. now this dude is saying that the aluminum device is the full pureview phone? give me a break.

    all the sources collated so far: *catwalk* made of aluminum in q4(will mark new design language for lumia handsets), *laser* is a 920 polycarbonate variant for verizon, *eos* is suposedly a full pureview phone follow up to the 808, *flame* is going for t-mobile and it’s a low end phone, *zeal* is some kind of zune-like device-mid-ranger.
    ^^^ these are all the rumours gathered from all the tech blogs/websites since last the ending of last year.

    as for the tablet, only the moaners on this site still believe and insist that nokia is gonna design a tablet for microsft, because of course elop is a trojan and nokia sold itself to microsoft and it’s owned by them. so i don’t believe any of this crap. i do believe nokia will release a tablet this year, hopefully not with that shitty win8 rt

  13. jops says:

    Yes, all tabs suck. they are against God. They are evil machines.

  14. drexter says:

    can anyone of you tell microsoft or windows phone makers to use the volume and camera buttons as hardware controls for games/apps? like using volume buttons as trigger/reload for a gun or some sort… or using them as gas / hand break / nitro for racing games.

  15. Sonny says:


    Define thin? also can you confirm if there is a 808 successor in the works? only 2 more days left! cant wait

    • Viipottaja says:

      If you mean a Symbian successor, no. If you mean WP: yes, even Mr. Elop himself has pretty much confirmed they are bringing that kind of magic to WP as well. Of course, it is an evolution so it may not be exactly the same thing as in 808 (and to some extent hopefully not as the bump is a bit extreme).

      • Luisito says:

        Unless they put some new kind state-of-the-art capacitators (for the xenon flash) you will see bumpiness here and there, Yeah I know that PV phase 2 is enough for low ligh, but putting something like the sensor of the 808 without a Xenon flash must be declare a crime againts humanity and tech in general

  16. Francis says:

    ‘Slim and good looking’ that means NO xenon flash for the so call catwalk phone..

    No phone can be called “flagship camera phone” if no xenon flash !!

    I rather Nokia just revise 808 with same camera spec but with bigger screen say 4.5″ and meego on it.

  17. dss says:

    Windows 8 needs Haswell or one of the new AMD chips. So.. summer/winter of this year we should see a no compromise device running on Windows 8 Pro. I am waiting for someone to pick the North Cape design by intel.. that would be my next PC.

    As far as the slim profile of the cat.. I guess that won’t be the camera flagship.

  18. Matti says:

    dsmobile at least got the part about Nokia designing cases right.

    That is the only thing that Nokia does these days, so it cannot be wrong.

  19. AndrewS says:

    i have had nokia phones all my life and tried other brands to test the waters, however i have just upgraded my e7 to the lumia 920, and it is brillant, the phone is stable, pics are awesome, however u must use the camera properly to get the best shots, interface is smooth very responsive, given the current hardware spec the phone runs extremely well, alot of poeple have tested my phone and have converted to lumia, its easy simple and really realiable, everything that nokia is and has always been,

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