‘dsmobile’ says Nokia “Catwalk” is very slim and good looking. Says Nokia’s designing casing for tablet?

| February 22, 2013 | 131 Replies

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We didn’t expect to hear any more hints from dsmobile after last year, but he’s been commenting today on the MWC speculation post. Now take what is said with a pinch of salt, but do note that dsmobile was pretty accurate last year on various subjects, including the 808 which was not yet announced at the time.

dsmobile discusses two points:

1) Nokia Catwalk is said to be very slim and good looking device. dsmobile in the past seemed quite particular with Nokia designs, having high standards for design so this is good that he thinks it’s very slim and good looking. He’s not a fan of WP though.

catwalk is very slim and good looking device but as long as there is wp inside no more Nokia phones for me. :(

It was already known that Catwalk may have been slim/aluminium so perhaps nothing new here unless you count on it being “very” slim and “good looking” (we can have slim and ugly, eh, Sammy/Moto?)

2) Regarding a tablet, he says Nokia’s designing the casing, but someone else is making the tablet. This doesn’t necessarily mean it’s coming at MWC.

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