Video Comparison: Lumia 620 Vs 920; Boot Time and App launching Speed

| February 22, 2013 | 16 Replies

620 vs 920I’ve been playing with the Lumia 620 for a couple days now, and it’s a very impressive device, but most importantly how does it shape up in terms of general performance? For me the greatest feature in WP8 is the overall speed and flow of the UI; where it rarely lags and is generally quite reliable. So how does the 620 shape up in terms of this? Well thankfully it bares no resemblance to its predecessor (the 610) in terms of performance  where-as the 610 had trouble running a lot of apps and was described as “clunky” by many the 620 is pretty much perfect.

*Note: Nokia Drive wouldn’t run on the 620 since the battery had died mid-installation; which sort of made it a corrupt install; a quick uninstall/reboot fixed the issue, so nothing to worry about.



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