We’re Going to Barcelona (Again); Covering MWC Live in All Its Glory!

| February 22, 2013 | 53 Replies

This accurately describes my excitement as 10 AM Sunday Morning ticks closer

Exciting days are soon to be upon us, and to add the excitement MyNokiaBlog will be on the floor of MWC in Barcelona to cover all the latest news, gossip and general awesomeness that is Mobile World Congress!

For the second year straight we’ll be in the lion’s den to get you (our beloved readers) a closeup experience of whatever it is Nokia (and others) have in stock for us.

Flight schedule is currently to fly in on Sunday (the 24th- a day before) and leave on the 27th (MWC officially ends on the 28th); so we have 4 days of Nokia related awesomeness ahead of us, and we honestly couldn’t be anymore excited.

To keep us even more tense amazingly we still haven’t seen a single leak or render of what’s coming! Last year we had rumors and specs about the 808 and we all knew the global 900 was coming, but we’re yet to hear something solid this year besides device numbers. As one of our readers mentioned in Jay’s “What are You expecting at MWC post“:

v.s.i says:
One thing is clear: the level of secrecy of new Nokia products is leaps and bounds over the pre-Elop era. Incredible as it may sound, it’s even ahead of Apple’s. Say what you will, but this does point to and account for something. :)

We’ll try to get you loyal Nokia fans the best coverage possible, be it device related or just trying to send out a feel of the general atmosphere; and expect LOADS of videos (seriously).

Be sure to follow our official twitter account @MyNokiaBlog, as well as Jay, Michael and Myself. I’ll try to post as much as possible through the official MNB twitter account; but that’s sometimes difficult through the phone; so follow us all for our impressions and thoughts!

You can also subscribe to my Youtube channel which should hopefully overflow with new videos (provided the internet there is good).
*Note: I’ll also try to get loads of comparison videos against whatever new devices are announced by other companies, or maybe just regular hands on with some new Non-Nokia devices; so if there’s something in particular you guys want to see let us know down below).

And most importantly we’d love to meet any of our readers and fellow Nokia fans, so if you happen to be in the area give us a shout out!

(Now to the most difficult choice of all, which devices to take to Spain…)




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