What are you expecting from Nokia’s new devices at MWC? EOS/Catwalk/PureView? :)

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We are now counting down the hours until Nokia announces their new portfolio of devices. The much awaited line of new Lumias have been highly anticipated, with Nokia Exec Richard Kerris last year indicating that in Spring we might get a new Nokia that people will climb over each other to get.


There’s been plenty of rumours of codename Catwalk and the camera successor, EOS. Whilst other manufacturers are trying desperately to defeat Nokia’s cameraphones, their current line of handsets is still more than plenty enough to hold them off. Of course they do since Nokia’s camera phone is about performance first rather than marketing (because, sorry Nokia, you suck at that).

There’s definitely a lot of excitement from the Nokia camp. They’re pretty well prepped on not revealing anything other than it’s gonna be an exciting year for Nokia. We hope so.

What features are you looking for from Nokia’s devices?

What features are you hoping MS have taken the effort to put in Windows Phone this time around?

Where is the next step for PureView?



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  • Luisito

    Mmm… More variants from existing ones, maybe a Lumia with an slim version of the N8 sensor… No 808 until Nokia World… That’s my bet

  • Keith too

    I expect a slimmer variant of the 920 which will be the first WP flagship on Verizon. I believe the EOS is real and we will be blown away by it. I don’t think their will be Nokia tablet but it would be a nice surprise if there is–especially a Pro version.

    • After using the Surface RT for over a week now I don’t see the point in a Pro device. Shorter batterylife, need for fans and most .exe files aren’t even properly usable with a touchscreen, hence you would need a stylus.

      The only X86 chips available that don’t need fans and have good batterylife are the Atom’s. But they don’t really have any performance gain over even the older Tegra 3. The only things I miss on an RT device right now are programs I couldn’t run on Atom HW anyway, thus needing Core chips. They consume too much power and thus negate the benefit of a tablet; long batterylife.

      All in all, at the moment a Pro device (or X86) doesn’t make sense. With the newer Haswell chips and new core design for the Atom line it would become interesting. On the other hand, ARM development isn’t at a standstill either.

      • Keith too

        I went back forth a few times but after reading many reviews of both I decided its a pro I want. Though I will likely take the loss on swapping it for a Haswell chip version later. The Surface Pro is not just a tablet so the poor battery life is an acceptable sacrifice for having such a cool hybrid of ultrabook and tablet.

        If Nokia were to annouce a compelling RT tablet, it could win me over though.

      • Simnbuk

        Until MS provide some sort of Zune / iTunes equivalent the rt is useless to me. In general the MS app for RT are litte short on features..

  • jcar302

    The lumia with 808 camera would be good for me.

    They also better have something for verizon, while i use ATT (had them forever so i can leverage that any time i want something or have an issue), in NJ business people and adults mostly use verizon so high end windows phones would be better suited on verizon.

    Hopefully they also have a quality phone that’s lighter and thinner, not that i care, but the general public seems to, so…

  • dsmobile

    catwalk is very slim and good looking device but as long as there is wp inside no more Nokia phones for me. 🙁

  • dsmobile

    Nokia did kill wp tablet project as there is no profits for Nokia. Someone else would make the hardware and Windows is 100% MS. Nokia only input would be casing design and logo.

    • Janne


      Was the canned project W8 or RT?

  • 00610

    Dsmobile, any info about EOS?

    • dsmobile

      nope but I am sure it’s not very slim. l0l

  • yemko

    OIS+41mp with less bump, 16* lossless zoom

  • Francis

    I’m dreaming EOS with Nokia’s UI Android OS….BOOOMM!

  • Sonny

    If people is already this excited about MWC what about Nokia World!, btw which one is it where I think Microsoft got banned or will not participate/attend anymore, MWC or CES?

    • MS stopped with CES, they used to do a keynote there but last year was the last time. By their own choice.

      Regarding Nokia World, that should be in line with the timeframe in which Nokia would launch new devices. Last batch was September, next will be February and then September again.

      • Sonny

        So if they release a 808,920 successor now then what will they release at Nokia world? another Flagship?

        • kaz

          If they introduce a 920 “successor” at MWC it will be more a 920 version 2 rather than a new flagship. I imagine camera will be the same, specs the same just a different body design and lighter.

          Later in the year we will see new completely revamped Nokia flagships.

          I’d wager Nokia will keep updating their products on a 6 monthly schedule, which they really need to do to compete. With new iphones coming out in sep-oct and androids claiming the march-april timeframe it is difficult to grow marketshare consistently across the year unless your products are updated more often than yearly. Samsung and apple don’t need to grow marketshare so they can sit back and release on yearly cycles, which is more profitable (less development costs). But if like Nokia you aren’t making the sales there is no point in big profit margins. Nokia needs a different strategy.

  • Sonny


    Define thin? also can you confirm if there is a 808 successor in the works? only 2 more days left! cant wait

  • manu

    will nokia introduce full hd display or do we need to wait till wp9 for that?

    • kaz

      Nokia won’t intro a full HD display on a phone unless they do a bigger screen (like 5″+). And there is no point. At 4.5″ it is just a spec with no discernible difference (unless you hold it right up to your face) compared to 768p. The pixel density is already around 330ppi on the 920, which is more than adequate for a mobile device.

      The other factor is that Nokia would have to rejig all their apps for 16:9 aspect ratio, because their current devices are 16:10.

      Tbh I can’t see Nokia coming out with a giant WP, it’s just not WPs cup of tea. A small winRT I can see happening though, and that would likely be 1080p.

  • john

    hopefully a nokia pureview jolla/ubuntu/android along with windows versoin

  • Doug

    microHDMI and a xenon/LED combo flash on a phone with a 4.5″ AMOLED panel with a 2500 mAh battery. I don’t care if its the same size as the 920. It just needs to have those things.

  • D Harries

    A Nokia wrist watch to pair up with your phone!!

  • rustyknight17

    A Lumia with Belle/ Meego level functionality would be great , as would a Lumia with a cam to rival the N8 . Oh and Nokia needs to hurry if they want to succeed , one dangerous rival is already here and more r coming ..

  • ideasukma

    However, I’m still hoping about the implemented concept of Nokia Air into device, or surprisingly a Nokia Air device. That Skydrive thing don’t make any move but a complementary.