RM-860 Spotted in FCC With Verizon Bands

| February 23, 2013 | 33 Replies

lumia-at-fccFollowing up on yesterdays leaks, a Nokia “RM-860” was spotted in the FCC filings, the phone comes with Verizon’s LTE bands (4 &13). Nokia have been hinting and promising a HIgh End phone for Verizon since forever, and come Monday we might just see it.


There was a time when the codename of devices gave some hint of what the device was actually going to be; but unfortunately they don’t seem to make sense anymore, seeing how the Lumia 920 was Rm-820- & 821, while the Lumia 820 was RM-824.

*MY thoughts; the catwalk = 920-specs in a new body/thinner/lighter, perhaps even made of glass or aluminum?




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  • Muerte

    This device is codenamed “Laser”

    Catwalk – I’m not expecting to see it on Monday. Even Laser’s launch is unlikely, but possible…

    • Sonny

      so what is the device which jay pointed out by Nokia’s Exec said?

      “with Nokia Exec Richard Kerris last year indicating that in Spring we might get a new Nokia that people will climb over each other to get.”

      • Muerte

        Well, the spring is long 🙂

        • Sefriol

          But if are going to launch a phone during Q2-3 you must announce it in MWC since it’s most important event at the time. It would be a huge hit for Nokia if HTC and Samsung release a new flagship phone and Nokia releases nothing competitive.

          • Pdexter

            If you are expecting quad core phone you can already stop that as there’s no support for it yet or higher reso.

            These things don’t come in surprise with WP. Just like WP7.5 and WP8 the core hardware changes come in waves and you see all of the manufacturers updating at the same time.

            • Bob

              The WP8 OS supports up to 64 cores (NT kernel).

          • Viipottaja

            MWC is less important in the US than in Europe and you get lost in all the news so they might go for a separate launch event.

      • correct

        It seems likely he was referring to EOS, but we shall see soon enough.

      • rustyknight17

        Yup , Catwalk would fit !

  • adam


    Yea I’m thinking this is Laser as well.

    However I’m confused. Is the EOS a different device rumor than Catwalk or do they go by the same name?

    I actually hope we at least see one flagship device at MWC this year. If this is passing through the FCC at the moment, then we’re likely to see this launch fairly soon…within a 3 month interval.

    • Janne

      Lumia 520 is the “Fame” or Flame, whichever it was.

      Lumia 720 is the “Zeal”.

      Lumia 922? is the “Laser” (RM-860) for Verizon, announced soon(ish).

      Lumia 9xx/1xxx PureView is the “EOS”, later this spring/summer.

      Lumia 9xx/1xxx “Catwalk” is for late 2013 with aluminium/magnesium/vapormg/graphene/kryptonite casing and a new design direction for Lumia

      Then there is the Nokia tablet, codenumbered RX-108.

      • Ujwal Soni

        Kryptonite? Nokia doesn’t like Superman?

        • Bloob

          I’m guessing it will be a mix of mithril, unobtainium and adamantium.

      • adam

        Thank you for the clarification Janne!

      • ms.nokia

        is it possible for the “tablet” to be a HTML5 device ?
        the only application being web browsers ?
        ultra low cost hardware specs for people who just want an “internet tablet” ?

        no game apps or programs other than web browsers,

        it would have to be very cheap to manufacture and very portable, maybe folding.

        • Janne

          For emerging markets, sounds theoretically possible. Although not sure high cost/low availability of data would play into HTML5 tablet?

          • ms.nokia

            i think if such a device was made it would be wifi only, avoiding phone networks.
            can’t wait for monday 9am to find out 🙂

            • Janne

              I seriously, seriously doubt we’ll find out anything about any kinds of Nokia tablets come Monday though. 🙂

              Would be glad to be wrong of course.

              • ms.nokia

                as you said, emerging markets, a web only tablet using the html5 platform would be the first “PC” that many people can afford to buy.

                i’m guessing off-course ….. but it would connect nokia to the “next billion” price sensitive consumers who want a “personal computer”.

                but it has to be ridiculously cheap, so it will be very low specced.

                for example….

      • Keith too


        I hope you’re not right on your list because it would mean no EOS, Catwalk or tablet at MWC. After bowing out of CES and getting a keynote at MWC I was hoping Nokia might be planning to wow us there. But I don’t think there could be much wow without any of those 3. Nokia knows that so I think they would have tried very hard to get some wow into MWC.

        • Janne

          Keith too: I hope I’m wrong too. 🙂 I am just collecting all the leaks and analyzing them with my own knowledge. Maybe the leaks don’t know all, it is possible but also things seem a little unlikely now for the hoped-for high-end bonanza.

      • correct

        Nokia does have a keynote at MWC, along with a separate product presentation. It would be strange for Nokia to have such a big presence at MWC and not have any high end devices announced.

        • adam

          It definitely would be…however with the amount of leaked information out already -not including the 920 variant going to Verizon…It is looking like nothing else extraordinary will get announced.

          Wasn’t the 808 expected at MWC last year with the leaked information amounting the few days/weeks before. I think I remember something like that.

          Anywho, I really really really really hope I’m wrong here. I have been waiting for a high end 808 successor ever since Nokia started doing business with MS. The 920 is a good cameraphone, however it is PV phase 3 that I’m drooling over.

  • Janne

    This looks like the polycarbonate “Laser” aka Lumia 922 for Verizon. I expect similar specs to 920 with perhaps slight alterations here and there – and of course a design more in line with Verizon’s Lumia 822 with fugly logos and stuff plastered all over the place to appease Verizon’s design sensibilities.

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  • ms.nokia

    the diagram shows a curved back, more than likely a polycarbonate back,
    a flat display with slight curves at the edge
    and what looks like a metallic band/bezel.

    not a fabula style design

    i wonder if this is the iphone5 competitor that dsmobil talked about.

    • Pdexter

      That’s Catwalk and this is Laser as i got it. I doubt Nokia would release brand new, totally awesome phone just for Verizon.

      • Muerte

        Yep, you are right. Catwalk is a totally different device to Verizon 92X “laser”.

        And knowing Verizon, it might not be the jaw-dropper in terms of design 🙂 For sticker/logo-lovers it might be the perfect device though…

        • Janne

          Are you suggesting Verizon’s design sensibilities might be questionable? 😉

          • Muerte

            Well, you could read it like that, yes 😀

  • CyberAngel


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