Lumia 720 and 520 Live Pics Leaked Almost 5 Months Ago?

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Our reader “Viktor Von D” pointed out something very interesting, put simply this isn’t the first time we see the design for the Lumia 720 and 520. Just before last year’s Lumia 920 & 820 launch we saw several leaks of a white lumia; which we at the time assumed was the 820, we didn’t really give it much thought seeing how similar the design was to the actually announced device; and chalked it down to prototype changes. But it seems that earlier leaked white device is the Lumia 720. While that other super slim (super sexy) leak was the Lumia 520, and we might even see it in green this time!!!

The 720 is a dead ringer for the leaked white device, except those missing three dots on the back cover; which have caused quite the commotion amongst a few of our readers; with most people speculating them to be wireless charging pins, or battery level indicators. (Couldn’t it just be a rear microphone for video recording? and they put another two just to keep it looking nice?)


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Image Editor nokia-lumia-820-live-photos-3



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  • Punataro

    It looks just like the HTC 8X

    • Chris

      Wouldn’t be surprised if this was the reason to delay the launch of this device. 🙂

      • Ruhul

        HTC 8X is a direct copy of lumia phones. How can this one look like 8X????

        • Just Visiting

          ^This! The 8x tries to be a Lumia, but fails – thus the very poor sales of the 8x.

          The Lumia 520 and 720 are simply following the Lumia design language.

    • DesR85

      Looks a lot more like a square version of the 820 if you ask me and not to mention a different looking earpiece hole (for lack of a better term).



    • Bob

      You mean 8x looks like this (and Lumia range)

    • flava

      Should’ve put /s next time, these guys are so dead serious 😛

  • qromodynmc

    Ahh this yellow.. :)- actually I like 720 more than 820,I dont know why..

  • Edwin

    they’re not apple-to-apple similarities. I guess the White device leaked is what to be Lumia 820 and evolve to Lumia 720 that time. Lumia 720 has this curved glass edge while the white proto has flat edge just like Lumia 820.

    Also the yellow proto has different ear-phone than Lumia 520

  • Janne

    …and the Lumia 720 proto lacks the magical THREE DOTS the final-looking (render) has.

    Those magical three dots sure are magical.

    • sunnyvale

      Magical dots are magical

      That’s very deep and thoughtful of you Janne. 🙂

  • timpo

    Isn’t the white one an 820?

    • DesR85

      Look similar, but the earpiece hole position is different and the FFC is positioned to the left of it. Not to mention looking squarish when compared to the 820.

  • larryg968

    Haha. All these Nokia phones just look the same

    Great job Nokia. Nokia made literally 5 phone models that look slightly different.

    • Muerte

      And Samsung did… how many?

      • DesR85

        Kind of lost count, but they’re still making a lot of money thanks to aggressive and prolonged marketing. Won’t be surprised if half of the marketing budget is financed by the South Korean government.

        • correct

          I wouldn’t be surprised if much of Samsung’s finances are helped by the South Korean government.

          There’s a war going on before our eyes; it’s a subtle, economic and intelligence war between countries. A war of commerce, economics, and minds.

          • DesR85

            In fact, LG recently start to advertise their appliances (e.g. refrigerators and washing machines), electronics and phones more regularly and for prolonged periods like Samsung. Not surprised if that is the case.

            And I am sure that this financial support is affecting the country’s economy in one way or another. I remember reading somewhere that financially supporting their own companies, including the Japanese, to expand worldwide ended up as a burden during the ’97 Asian financial crisis. Not sure if the Japanese are continuing to support their companies (haven’t seen that may ads for Japanese companies, with the exception of Canon) but it is apparent that the South Koreans still do.

    • MOOking

      yep the legend of the N9 has been molested but WP ……regurgitated models cause they have nothing else to work on cause of the OS

      if it where Meego or Symbian they would have added a hard keyboard, and even look at the 808…that’s the reason why WP is killing nokia the from factor cause of the OS



      • Hey, seriously chill out! i appreciate your enthusiasm and love for Nokia but take it down a couple notches; I’d hate to block you but you’re starting to be disrespectful and rude.

  • v.s.i

    If they don’t show anything else, MWC will be really disappointing. Not to mention that to me they look like a waste of resources and manufacturing power.

    The 720 is what the 820 should have been, and priced accordingly. I’m ready to bet that spec-wise they’re identical save for maybe a 5MP camera. Know why? Because it would have already been established at this point and seen as a mid-to-high-end, not mid-range.

    The 520, I could understand, but only for at least 30-40$ less than 620. And yes, it does look very similar to HTC 8X, because even if HTC copied Nokia then, there is no point in Nokia copying HTC again. But I guess at that stage the design was complete. Which begs another question.

    Why OH WHY does a 215$ phone need to be in development for 6 months? You’d think that if the world’s second-largest phone maker takes half a year to release one, it would take a player such as (again!) HTC at least 8 or 9 months to develop a flagship, right? Wrong, Snapdragon 600 has been sampling let’s say from November (I’ll not say January when the sampling was officially announced).

    I thought we weren’t going to repeat the WP7 story, what with all the new NT kernel and stuff. Wasn’t it supposed to help speed up a development device’s time-to-market as well?

    It seems I’ve deluded myself yet again… Eos better be good, or you can kiss your profits goodbye, Nokia!

    • Peter L

      Given that Nokia operates on supply constraint, these devices might’ve been ready already 6 months ago and are now going to production stage.

    • Siliconsub

      Look at the stats for the most popular Windows Phone devices: the 710/800 top, then 610, then 900. Clearly, for Nokia and Windows Phone, a lot more is banking on making the 720, 620 and 520 than for 920 and 820. Nokia could easily rush out to release a device, but if it launched a cheap Lumia alongside a expensive Lumia, most would go for the cheap one, and that is lost money for Nokia.
      On the 8X side of things, I agree, it is too similar to the 8X and S, but that is only because of the camera. If they had made the camera square, or put something around the camera like with the Nokia Lumia 920 and 820, than it wouldn’t but thoses extras add extra money, money that Samsung isn’t spending and is clearly reaping the rewards from. HTC wouldn’t really care, as they can’t sue Nokia, or Nokia would countersue them, and the HTC uses a rubberised back, whereas Nokia would use matt and gloss finished. Finally, HTC will have bigger fish to fry with their stunning One device.
      The devices are so similar because some people will lie a device more for subtle differences. In addition, the 820 and 720 are like each other so you don’t miss out on as many features. Cost, finally, is a big issue, and Nokia will want to fill the market with Lumia devices of all price ranges.
      Finally, what if this is carrier exclusive in the USA. That would causefor their to be extensive talks, questioning of release times and prices.
      We don’t know what is going through the people at Nokia’s heads (apart from they like the design of the HTC Windows Phones), all we have to hope is what ever they do think is right.

      • v.s.i

        Yeah, I’ve seen the charts. And what do they tell me? Just that the cheaper WPs sell more than more expensive WPs. Which is and has always been the case with every platform, including Symbian and Android.

        But the problem is this is only a part of the strategy. You don’t regain market share by flooding the market with devices almost identical in terms of specs but priced across the whole range. As Ali showed in his video, what can the 920 do that the 620 can’t, apart from photos and some demanding games? Might as well give up the profit margins and price the 920 like a mid-ranger.

        What Nokia needs and *has been needing* is to step up HW specs more frequently or at least release something future-proof once a year. Take the 920 for example: why not a quad-core S4 Pro with Adreno 320? It would have at least been on par with Nexus 4 and Xperia Z. Never mind about 1080p. Why? Because that’s the name of the game, as evidenced by the current smartphone leading platform.

        Now, I’m not saying the 920 is outdated, but for a constant profit for Nokia, they should at least future-proof their flagships for a year instead of watching Q2 and Q3 results tumble.

        • Bloob

          920 has plenty over 620, 620 & 720 seem quite similar though. I do agree on the specs side of things, WP is just now getting in to dual core, when Android is solidly in quad, and soon dipping in to semi-octa (S4), with 1080p screens ( pointless as it is ).

          S4 Pro would have been a bit too much of a battery hog propably, but more importantly, WP does not yet support ( it’s not optimized ) more than 2 cores. This could change relatively quickly with the NT-core.

    • Just Visiting

      MWC doesn’t have to be just about phones and tablets; I suspect that Nokia will also highlight their other ‘mobile’ developments – i.e. mapping and navigation services as well.

      • Muerte

        Indoor navigation, Navteq in general, NSN events… You are right, people are too focused on Lumias only.

      • correct

        Yes indeed. That and they have an announcement with Qualcomm coming. I also expect/hope for an announcement from Microsoft about a new update for Windows Phone 8.


    the leaked white prototype does look like the 720,
    but the 520 does not have the colour matching buttons and the slot above the nokia logo on the display is also different,

    • correct

      Indeed. Those leaks from months back look like prototypes for the final 720 and 520 phones. There are some slight differences apparent between them.


        or maybe the 520 prototype is really a 420, cheaper colour matched buttons for younger consumers.

        • correct

          I don’t think there will ever be 4xx devices. I believe Nokia will avoid that as they have done in the past as a nice gesture to Asian markets, as many Asian countries are superstitious of the number 4.

          The exception of course is S40, but they are calling future S40 devices Asha devices, and I believe they will move away from the S40 name in the future as they modernize the OS.

          3xx devices are Ashas, so I think that currently 5xx are the lowest Lumias we will see.

          However in the future I think Nokia may bring Lumias low enough to the 3xx range.

  • Paul Grenfell

    920 with different numbers? Whats difference? This is what hate about Nokia.. Too many models..

    • yvo

      yeah choice is a bitch ! /s

    • Pdexter

      Well that’s exactly how Nokia was dominant at the time and this is why Samsung is dominant these days.

    • Qromodynmc

      Do you know how many samsung released last year? and most of them was slightly same,You like it or not,This is way to dominate market.

  • muerte

    EVLeaks leaked more images a while ago. You could update those photos to relevant articles. 520 looking even more tempting… Photos from the back of those two devices this time.

  • Lumia 720 is looking quite fancy.

  • MOOking

    they both look the same -___-

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