My Dream Nokia #83: Nokia Catwalk Nokia Lumia 1008 WP8 Blue Concept 38mp PureView V1+V2 twisty barrel camera

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Next up on the concept list is the Nokia Lumia 1008, the Nokia Catwalk, also by seasoned My Dream Nokia designer, Edgar Mkrtchyan.

The evolution from previous designs is present, what with the twisting barrel camera that allows for a large camera whilst allowing the phone to still be very slim. An interesting addition are light notification LEDs.

Here is my Catwalk, I appointed in 1008, I’d love to see at MWC, it also incorporates a rotating camera, like my Nokia 809 concept. The volume buttons you can see 2 LEDs, they are light notification. dimensions: 136x74x11, the rest of the features shown on one of the images.
have a nice day 😉
The specs are quite lovely, very top of the range.
  • WP8 Blue
  • Snapdragon 600 1.6GHz with Adreno 320
  • 2GB RAM
  • Top and bottom anodised aluminium, rear hull polycarbonate
  • 4.5 Puremotion HD+, CBD, GG3
  • 38MP Sensor, PureView V1+V2
  • Optical zoom x3
  • Double LED flash AND Xenon
  • Twin microphones for stereo recording
  • 32GB, MicroSD
  • 3200mah battery
  • Wireless charging
  • Back can be made with 3D printer hence multitude of choices

Well sign me up for one if this ever comes true!






Lovely twisting action as seen in #63MNB1 MNB3 MNB3

Not missing out on the 3D printed action.


Previous MDN can be viewed at


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  • imcoolerthanjay

    Never cease to amaze me mr.Edgar 😀
    your twisting barrel cam concept is what must Nokia implement into their next Pureview addition.

    • tonysyngh

      Nokia did a twisted cam before they can surely do it again,

      i,pity Samsung and the bittenApple that they could never dare to design anything out of the box, they were too busy making unibody touch only the norm black all d way,

      the electric pickachu and my favorite my Red920 is so refreshing, and 720 is looking promising, hope the nokia era is back!!!!

  • Edgar Mkrtchyan

    I’m very excited about the new Nokia 41 MP “WP”, according to the rumors I know that his body will be aluminum and it will be sooner thin. I’d love to see what it would look like 🙂

    • AreOut

      Edgar I really appreciate your effort but…all that specs would not fit in that case and if they even fit..the phone would be 250+ g heavy thus not really usable as a phone. If they decide to use full aluminium case it would overheat in the summer(mind you that HTC One is overheating even now in February) which is a big no-no for a cameraphone.

      At the end Nokia half a year after unveiling did not implement stereo sound on Lumia despite two mics available and even FM radio too… also HTC engineers are claiming that WP8 kernel can’t support their kiddy Zoe how do you think they will implement real PureView technology with all external DSPs xenon with 2 capacitors and everything? 🙂

      • Edgar Mkrtchyan

        For the weight you do not worry, there’s the top and bottom are in aluminum the rest is polycarbonate, not heavy 🙂

        For equipment such as dual LED, the LED notifications, it is the team nokia (+Microsoft) to study it, I’ll take only the design, but despite that I try to stay on reasonable dimensions, a concept you’ll ever see from me that is 4 mm thick with 64 cores to 4Ghz CPU, 1 TB of memory, 41 Mpix, a 5000 mAh battery ….
        Maybe in 10 years
        But for Led … we are in 2013 is not that complicated

        • AreOut

          I have never mentioned LED but xenon with its dual capacitor. Also the top and the bottom in aluminium wouldn’t help a lot 😀

          believe me that second concept with 64 cores etc. has the same probability of showing up like the first one 😉

          • Edgar Mkrtchyan

            ah yes indeed, I do not know why I mentioned the LED flash 🙂
            for the rest I’m no expert, but the technology advances, so anything is possible within the limits of reasonable course

            • AreOut

              technology advances but not so fast 😉

  • john

    i think the cam is a good concept but not for 41 mp pureview

  • allawi


    • carcar

      This is an amazing concept that nokia should take a look on this.
      This allow people to take a photo of themselves without having a second camera(cost less), with a much better photo quality.
      This is a very obvious weakness found in nokia 808 and 920. This concept can definitely tackle the weakness.


    wow what a great design,

    that rotating camera somehow adds “value” to the phone,

    the consumer can actually physically move/twist the camera assembly instead of the camera being buried deep in the phone and unnoticed “out of sight out of mind.”

    but by having the camera module ‘external’ turns it into a feature that makes the camera ‘feel’ more substantial and valuable to consumers.

  • JM

    This can be Lumia 1008, but not Catwalk! Catwalk has aluminium body!

  • Stunning work hope nokia sees this :).

  • Rik

    I want it, please Nokia make such an awesome phone…

  • Leonard Pontuliosis

    Everything is OK but one thing. You have to put into this nice design a nice system like Linux MeeGo or Linux Sailfish, cause I will not take this really nice mobile with Windows. I need a good tool with Linux or Android, I use it for work and I have valuable and important data in my mobile. This is my choice, I don’t expect understanding, I expect delivery according to my meeds and specifications, all supplier do this way. With full respect and dedication, but Noka is only one of many.

    • Edgar Mkrtchyan

      it is the policy of Nokia, they chose Windows Phone and they staked everything on it, so my concepts are with Windows Phone in the day or it will be something else (or Meego Andoid) I will do another OS

      • tonysyngh

        Hey Edgar really nice work there,
        just for my info how does this work, u get to design awesome phones and nokia actually makes them? How soon if yes, its not impossible from the nokia side i am sure!

        also now that Mozilla os coming out n few useful,os environments which nokia has already been using, how much of a necessity or obligation is it for nokia tomake wp8 smartphones? Only?

        • Edgar Mkrtchyan

          I conceive phones only because it’s my passion in recent years, moreover, the school I chose voice designer, this is my future profession. and I love it, create, create and create again 🙂
          Nokia never works (I think) based on the net, they align with other competitors like Samsung .. and I think they already have enough engineers to do what I did, or even better …

          This year we had 3 new OS (possibly more) on a nokia BB10 is impossible, Firefox OS is currently unstable and this OS is the market entry level phones, Nokia has already Asha gold in S40 and WP (lumia 510 …) so I do not see the need for Nokia to have a 3rd OS

          I hope I answered to your questions 🙂

          • Edgar Mkrtchyan

            the 3rd OS could be Meego or Jolla, but I do not think it will happen

          • dr. J

            Yes thank you, i do think Nokia should bring out such great devices, and jolla looks very very promising

  • Alvin

    I want it , hope elop sees this!

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  • Hi! can anyone please tell me any app program i could use to same designs? Thnx!

  • Manu Sangeeth

    If this Concept is going to be real.. its better that if they release this in Windows 10 OS