First Look at Lumia 720 Front and Rear Facing Camera Video Samples (Still in Prototype Phase)

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Earlier today over breakfast we met with the Lumia 720 and 520 product managers and had a good chat (I’ll post about that later). I also managed to take the cameras on the 720 for a quick spin, and I must say it’s also pretty impressive (especially the front facing videos).

The camera on the 720 is still considered a prototype and will undergo further editing and improvements, so this is just an early preview

Rear facing camera (you can hear CJ say something about me and Jay being Nokia fanboys 😛 )- Bonus points for anyone who can name all the bloggers/Nokia people on the table!

Front facing camera- I really love this, the videos look really great (and it takes 720P rather than 480- there was a mix-up about that earlier).



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  • Bakit Ano Yun?

    I thought 720 comes with a unibody design, and the memory card is on the left side?

    • Ahh crap!! I got my posts mixed up; put the 520’s pic here- sorry. and thanks for pointing that out (editing it now).

      • incognito

        If Elop is allowed to mix devices, so are you 😉

    • Ishaan

      that’s 520
      also notice no flash next to camera

  • Andrew_b

    That FFC wide angle lens makes it seem like you have really long arms!

    The rear camera video looks better than on the wife’s N8 which, if I’m honest, can be a bit choppy at times even in full daylight.

    The 720 is really shaping up to be an amazing package for the price.

  • Grazy

    Sorry to go off topic here and this may have been mentioned I’m sure! but I’m guessing all the hype about some new flagship pureview devices never happened?

    This seems like a bit of a let down for me! i was hoping for the announement of a Lumia 940 or something like that?


      i think it will be a at least a year before the 920 is replaced by nokia,
      its not even 6 months old and in limited supply,
      it will only get minor internal changes at best.

      but that does not stop nokia from releasing the rumoured catwalk to compete with slim, light-weight phones, and the EOS to replace the 808.

      that would make 3 flagship models for sale,
      3 high-end choices for consumers.

      while the rest of the lumia wp8 range and asha phones cater to different markets/prices.

      then after that maybe time for a tablet 🙂
      all the while NSN and ‘here suites’ are growing…

      • Nope, heard MWC show floor rumours about a 920 replacement since there was little to inventory but they pushed it back because of larger than expected interest in the device. In the same line it was mentioned that the 820 was expected to sell better as carriers responded better to its design, being smaller and all than the 920.


          if true i’m so so so happy they did not release a 920 replacement,
          that would have been a disaster for people who have bought it or are still waiting delivery, and a disaster for 920 sales.
          if it happened all the haters would troll about how nokia screwed early adopters and how the 920 was osborned etc etc,

          i’m hopeful that the catwalk will be added to the lumia lineup and not be a replacement for the 920 or 820.

  • Sonny

    Can someone tell me why cant these record 1080p videos? I mean they have the hardware and WP8 software allows it so why cant Nokia just add this to there mid-low end arsenal?

    • I’m sure there’s a technical reason as well; but keep in mind that these have 512 MB ram; meaning it would probably choke up trying to play it back maybe?

      • Sonny

        might be that ya, I’m just thinking if they have this great cam at this level why not go for 1080p recording!

        • Hary

          Also, I think there may be flash size and battery constraint considerations.
          These mid to low end phones come with 4 or 8gb internal memory and 1080p video sizes can be huge. Not everyone put a sd card in their phone nor everyone bothers to configure their phone to save videos to sd card instead of internal memory.

          • Sonny

            That’s true ya but I’m thinking if Nokia could bring a mid end phone with 1080p recording will be a killer, just because you will have an amazing camcorder plus camera in a affordable device!

            But yes, that’s why Nokia should have SD card slots in all their flagships because not everyone uses skydrive.

  • Viipottaja

    You all should have a look at the 720 sample pics in the Nokia Conversations post, they look very promising. Of course, Nokia probably took them with a Hasselblad but anyway.. 😀

  • Toomas

    “The camera on the 720 is still considered a prototype” – this means they have not started production yet, no 720s have come off any assembly line… We shall have a long wait before these hit the stores. How come dare they say “rolling out from March 2013” in the official announcement?

    • Camera tweaks and SW updates are some of the last thigns down on phones before they ship; the device I recorded with was a Beta 2 prototype, meaning it’s the almost finalized pre production device, only SW changes and tweaks (mainly camera optimizations and stuff like that) left to do.

      • Boogie

        The front cam of the 720 seems really good for a mid budget device and the rear us super sharp in videomode 😀

        I have the 920 and must say that the front cam on mine is not as good as the 720 which is a shame on a flagship (seems like they were so busy with the rear they forgot the front on the 920 – take the iphone5 front cam and put on the Lumia but keep the 920 rear cam and fix white balance issues then you have a perfect camera phone not only for photo but also for VIDEO which is my main target 😉 )

        Though the front cam on the 720 seems to suffer from the same white balance issues (as does the 920 front cam) in video mode.

        Hope Nokia will adress the WB issue for their entire lineup especially when branding themselves as a photo/video-phone”specialist” (OIS is amazing – but dont forget the basics that should be an easy fix for them with all that knowledge)

        Love my Lumia 920 through and through, but I am hard to please and dont like niggles on my favourite phone 😉

  • Guddu

    i thought the battery is 2000mah like lumia 920.. but the 2nd image of this post shows 1430mah BL-5J..

    • The 720 does indeed have a 2000 Mah battery, the second photo was of the 520 (note the lack of an LED flash)- which is why I removed it from the post.

  • kornofilo

    the auto focus is really smooth and fast, really looking forward to get this one!

  • manubharath

    The display looks crisp with 180 degree viewing angles! I guess they are testing this on 720 before pushing it to the next Nokia flagship!

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  • nabkawe

    I can’t understand why no one else noticed that even on the FFC the voice clarity was awesome .