Ultimate Lumia Comparison; Lumia 920 vs. 820, 720, 620 & 520

| February 28, 2013 | 37 Replies


During our Q&A session with the Lumia 720 & 520 product managers (still haven’t typed it up yet); I got a chance to stack the full WP8 family against each other; so here’s a quick video detailing the differences in each of them; and a couple family portraits (I haven’t seen any of the full range yet- besidesΒ myΒ own ofc).

(I think I’m just going to start putting our custom made 820 shell in all the pictures rather than watermarking them πŸ˜€ )


DSC02201 DSC02203 DSC02207 DSC02208 DSC02210 DSC02211 DSC02212


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  • ImCoolerThanJay

    Be careful with that! You may get Lumia overdose! I heard it’s pretty dangerous πŸ˜€

    • LumiaLover

      lol, will be wary πŸ˜‰

  • tani

    All Nokia Lumia range is great, but of course they are not the same:NL 720 looks really cool…and of course NL 920 is the BEST!

  • D Harries

    Great phones. Do they work with ad hoc wi-fi? Might get one without a sim if it does. Compared to the 510 and 610, you can see how crucial the presentation of the device. It is the software, it is the glass front, the coloured polycarbonate body, and the feel in the hand.

  • lumianet
  • vivek


  • Maybe

    820 looks superb in that blue.
    this is the first time the 820 looks attractive to me

    • Janne

      Just to note, that 3D printed (or milled) custom case on the 820 in the pictures is not the standard 820 shape. That may also be a reason why you prefer it over the standard casing. That blue one has sharper corners for example.

      • Maybe

        What I know it looks more attractive than before

        • CyberAngel

          REAL Plastic Surgery?

  • Karl

    They all look like overgrown winegums.
    I wish Nokia would produce something classy, like the 8800 Arte or those titanium bodied ones.
    No style anymore, just colourful bricks with a glassfront.
    Sorry Nokia, after 25 years I am going somewhere else!

    • Boogieman

      Karl – if you want classy take a look at the velvet black lumia 920 with curved glass and arched back (lika a woman to hold)
      The most beautiful phone ever built.
      I have the iPhone5 Galaxy and the Lumia 920 and i only use the 920 and adore the design and the feeling of the front glass. Even the touch of the glass is velvey – amazing phone really

      If you feel colours is not your thing – white and black arent colours and both culeurs exist on the 920 πŸ˜‰

      • Karl

        yes, you are right, I am using a black N9 since last year (best phone ever!) but in a few years time I will have to replace it with ……? Probably not with a Windows phone, and I do like metal….

        • CyberAngel

          Re-Flashing it with SailFish?

          • fresco22

            karl- yo creo que la gente ira comprandose poco a poco los telefonos de windows ya que los ordenadores tienen ese sistema operativo y conforme la gente vaya comprando ordenadores lo que buscaran en el mismo sistema en el PC y en el movil .En mi opinion nokia a sido inteligente al integrar ese sistema en sus moviles.

  • Muerte

    Does the 820 have the most vivid screen in real life, or is it just these photos?

    • Janne

      Well, at least I can say compared to 920 (LCD), the 820 (AMOLED) indeed has a very “popping” screen with bright colors and deep blacks. 920 has a more conventional LCD look.

      AMOLED perks for the 820 and seems to be 720 as well judging by the pictures…

  • Boogieman

    Sweet roundup.
    From my perspective the 820 can be removed from stock when the 720 is out. Why?
    – the 720 has a bigger apersture and the videos looks excellent
    – the 720 is a LOT better looking (imo the 820 looks a bit fat since it is shorter than 920 but looks just as thick)
    – the 720 has the same bells and whistles except for built in mem
    – the 720 has expandable storage via Micro SD
    – the 720 is cheaper
    – the 720 is A LOT thinner
    – the 720 is lighter

    So why buy a 820?
    If id buy a phone out of theese today id still go for the 920, but after that easily the 720…even if it was more expensive than the 820 πŸ™‚

    Still the 920 is the best looking phone and has differentiation but the front cam of the 720 actually seems to perform better than the 920 (i have the 920 and am disapointed about the front cam video quality)

    The 620 seems very poplar probably because it is really cheap but still is blazing fast and has a decent camera and the necessearies.

    The 520 is probalby great as a “step in” model

    Damn the 720 looks superthin in that pack πŸ™‚

    • Janne


      I appreciate the 720 as much as the next guy, it seems a really smart mid-ranger, but I wouldn’t be so hard on the 820.

      Unlike 720, 820 has LTE data and it has 1 GB RAM (as well as 1.5 GHz vs. 1 GHz but that is of lesser importance), which is required by some games.

      820 also has SD card (like 720). 820 can use wireless charging covers instead of an add-on shell on the 720, so 820 is a bit more elegant and probably better looking in the case if you want to use wireless charging. I agree 720 looks better of the two without wireless charging, though.

      • dss

        You and I are on the opposite sides of the WP “like” scale.. I always manage to find something that I don’t like about a WP device, and you always manage to find something to like : )

        • Boogie


          I dont like everything about WP8 for example:

          – to locked down for users (why not advanced and normal mode so u can choose amount of settings)
          – to locked down for developers (Swyp – love it – but WP does not allow to change keyboard. A mix of swype and MS intelligent correction would be a wet dream :D)
          – due to above some favourite apps are missing that I got on my droid tablet (home cinema related stuff)

          What dont you like?

      • Boogie

        Janne, you right, i was a bit fast on the trigger there on the specs.

        But even with fast processor, more mem (as i wrote 2) and LTE id still go for the 720. Especially after seing the videos.
        Is the 720 just 720p on rear cam?
        Even if that is the case the prototype video you show below looks amazingly sharp – I even start to wonder if my 920 videos turn out that nice even thought they are a lot more stable http://mynokiablog.com/2013/02/28/first-look-at-lumia-720-front-and-rear-facing-camera-video-samples-still-in-prototype-phase/

        The front cam is even better even if it suffers the same white balance issues as the 920 – still the front cam for sure beats the shit out of the front cam on my Lumia 920 which is the worst part on the entire 920 phone (i got one of the first that arrived in December here in Sweden so I dont know if it has been update but i sure hope so)

        Well Wireless charging is sweet, i have the DT-910 stand, but the design of the 720 is really admirable for such a cheap phone. And I do like that it is a bit narrower than the 920.

        Dream phone ->
        A Lumia 920 with 75% of the inactive bezel removed would pe perfect for a followup flagship (and much less bezel at the buttons at the bottom). Titanium or Aero aluminum in red anodization maybe (hough i do like the polycarb a lot too..hmm) and the 41Mp sensor combined with the OIS from 920 (upgraded) and the aperture from the 720 and with lossless zoom in videomode as the 808. Add on nanotech to make it water repellant (IP65 – so u can take it in the shower or rain) and slim it down 2mm and round the corners JUST a touch to make them less sharp on your hands. KEEP the weight about the same (maybe 10-15g lighter not more) since it makes the phone feel damn sturdy IMO.

        Now THAT would be a wet dream πŸ˜€

        • Boogie

          oh and FullHD screen of course with the same bright experience and great sunlight readability.
          And maybe touchless touch in combo with the supersensitive touch…see below

          Hmmmm…what more πŸ™‚

  • cyan

    Some of lumia range spec looks weird to me
    820 should have HD screen
    720 should also have 1g ram
    620 should also have 4 inch screen i don’t know why they added 4 inch screen to 520 but not 620 :/

    anyway all of them look beautiful

    • viktor von d.

      they were mental for not putting a 720p screen in the 820.
      my only wish is that they keep using amoled screens and not turn exclusively to ips.

    • Neill

      If Lumia 720 have 1GB RAM, then who will buy the Lumia 820 ? πŸ™‚ . This is the reason Nokia make differences in their mobile specs.

  • cyan

    i like 920 and 720 the most

  • Edgar Mkrtchyan

    in a few days I will have the lumia 920 πŸ™‚ I’m so happy!!!

    • aeslehc

      Well there are 925, 928 to check.

  • Boogie

    Well, now the reviewers can not complain about:
    – Size
    – Weight
    when they have the 720 πŸ˜‰
    Recently I read someone who now complained about the 720 not having OIS – haha, those Biased reviewers just have to find something to skimp on dont they πŸ™‚ Its like they dont know what differentiation is all about πŸ™‚

    Rememeber the ramble about the brick and the tank (Lumia 920).
    For me it is the sturdy but beatiful Lumia 920.

    My iPhone5 now feels like a dinky toy phone when i pick it up ocassionaly just to put it right back, bored to pieces by it :p

    • Grendell

      Enjoy your iphone I’m sure they’ll manage to make the iphone 6 look as different from the 5 as it was to the 4.

  • Ozdil

    The same problem with all of Themis the ugly and unnecessary huge bezel that makes them look cheap and ugly

  • Infinidim

    I have the 820 and my wife has the 620 and we love both of them.

  • Mark

    I have an 820 although I like the 620 and 720 too.

    I find the 920 too big and the 520 is a little lacking in specs for me.

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  • Django

    Any Recommendations on which phone to get?
    I want to get either a 920 or a 720, but they both sound so good,