Skype integration in People Hub coming to WP

| March 4, 2013 | 22 Replies

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Ali posted earlier about Joe Belfiore stating the “other” storage bug getting a fix soon. It appears that isn’t all we got out of him. Apparently Skype will be getting integrated into the People Hub.


The wording of the tweet makes it seem like Skype is the only thing that needs to be updated. If that is the case, we may see it released before the next Windows Phone update, or even a fair while after. Also, it would mean it is from the Store, suggesting a global rollout independent of carrier/unlocked handset types. Either way, it is just awesome to know that updates of any kind are coming!

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  • john

    cool now how bout a homescreen with wallpapers also and a clear tile option and plz plz a real torrent app it is vital i dont care about a torrent remote and then ill leave android

  • Silthice

    For me notification light/warning is essential so that people know they receive something and go dig out what is it.

  • arts

    Stop talking and more action plz.

    • DesR85

      Well, at least Belfiore is responding to complaints. Better than not saying anything at all.

      Of course I also like to see action taken but I prefer that they (Microsoft) properly fix it, even if it takes time, rather than rush it out only to break something else or cause further problems to the phone.

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  • ssd

    my 808 need fp2 keyboard on skype

  • efekt

    Wp7.8 too? *crosses fingers*

    • guerrahp

      You are joking right?. WP8 is not even getting the proper attention, do you really thing its coming your way???

    • StefanP

      Nokia’s commitment to old phones:
      N900: Sorry, this one was just experimental
      N9: “longterm support”, last update was PR1.3 in June 2012
      Symbian Belle / FP2: Still freezing sometimes on my just bought 808, no fix in sight
      WP7.8: sorry guys, please buy a WP8 Lumia
      WP8: The next burning platform?

      • Mark


        You mean… WP7.5, please have WP7.8.

        Nice try though! πŸ™‚

      • arts.

        Symbian Belle / FP2: Still freezing sometimes on my just bought 808, no fix in sight

        thats a feature many people requested. why complain? πŸ˜‰

  • john

    thats why im not touching windows phone until it gets better i dont want to have to wait for an update

    • Mark

      You probably want to avoid Android then! πŸ™‚

  • nn

    When we are talking about Skype…

    O2’s Tu Go aims to challenge Skype and other Voip apps

    O2 has launched an app which lets users make and receive phone calls and texts via a tablet, computer or smartphone.

    Seems like the promised carriers love for Skype isn’t there yet.

    • Janne

      Who said carriers love Skype?

      The argument has been that Skype isn’t a reason for carriers to boycott Windows Phone, unlike some claim – and some even claim Elop agreed carriers boycott WP for that at the previous AGM, when he clearly agreed to no such thing at the AGM.

      If anything, O2’s efforts look like they understand the world is moving towards VOIP and instead of fighting it they want their share of the pie…

      • nn

        No, the claim was that owning Skype is actually advantage because with it they can offer carriers unique deals.

        • Janne

          No, it was it may be an advantage – not that it will always be an advantage.

          If anything, this case actually shows a carrier moving towards VOIP, which was central to that argument. Not Skype in this case, of course, but the argument for Skype was that some carriers are embracing VOIP instead of fighting it, and there Microsoft can offer one solution for them…

          I don’t see how this case in anyway invalidates e.g. Elop’s comment on Skype. Because, well, it doesn’t.

          • nn
            • Janne

              …and your point is? πŸ™‚ Elop paints a picture of an advantage with some operators, about starting a conversation with them, “maybe we can do something” etc. Again, nothing that is discredited just by the O2 announcement – if anything, it shows carriers looking at VOIP as more than just an enemy, which was central to Elop’s point as well.

              • nn

                I can agree with you that when you look at Elop’s speech in detail he actually said nothing. He didn’t deny there is boycott, he didn’t say he is in talks with carriers or that they see his potential offer as advantage for Nokia.

                However, he tried to made the impression that all this is true. And for how he succeed in that you can read your own retelling of his words. Remove the deals with carriers and the argument completely falls apart.

                • Janne

                  Only if you read me like the devil reads the bible… oh, I forget, you do. πŸ™‚


    thats some simple but good PR work by joe belfiore,