@Nokia fans loving #2InstaWithLove, Nokia putting more ‘pressure’ on @instagram to bring it to Lumia

| March 6, 2013 | 24 Replies

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Instagram on WP/Nokia Lumia. It has been dragged out a lot, no? Will it, won’t it, when will it appear?

Nokia’s been rather too obvious now that Instagram is definitely coming to Nokia Lumia.


Whilst some see it as Nokia begging Instagram, others have said it’s likely that this is just to drum up hype for when Instagram eventually appears on the WP/Nokia Lumia platform. Why would they have so much fuss over something so uncertain?

A good timing as some have suggested is to coincide with the release of the EOS to really ramp up the whole Image focus of Nokia.


To reiterate, Instagram is not really just about the filters. It’s about the sharing of photos with an audience, it’s about connecting with others through photos, commenting on pictures, liking them, following other folks who share pictures you’re interested in. Some people share their work/portfolio, some share their life through photos.

And BTW, as nice as the multitude of filters are, who says you need to upload pictures that are edited? Nokia fans have been long known to produce some of if not the best raw, unedited mobile phone photography on the planet. You could do the same for Instagram.


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  • SmoledMan

    Begging is not going to help. Instagram hate Microsoft and anything associates. I guarantee you, it will never ever appear on Windows Phone or Windows 8.

    • Guarantee?

      I’m bookmarking your comment 🙂

      • correct

        Yes I agree Jay! Time to bookmark these trolls, and expose them publicly to everyone! These trolls wouldn’t dare act like this in real life, otherwise they’d be exposed like village idiots in the town square :P.

        I also think that Instagram is definitely coming as a Lumia exclusive, and that Nokia is just cleverly building up hype. I’m not sure that timing a release with the EOS model will matter as Instagram degrades photo quality.

    • Bazil

      In fact Microsoft owns part of Instagram, as it owns part of their mother company, Facebook.

  • adam

    Isn’t IG owned by FB? Doesn’t FB have a friendly relationship with MS?

    • correct

      Yes and yes. Microsoft also owns a small percentage of FB itself.

      However, word has it that Instagram’s CEO hates Microsoft. Before founding Instagram, he worked for a while at Google.

      Instagram for Windows Phone is not a matter of if, only a matter of when. Since Facebook owns them, Instagram’s CEO has little say in this matter.

      • adam

        ah ok, thought so! Yea I agree…it’s only a matter of when. Even though IG ruins pics, it will give the iphone users one less reason to complain that they can’t switch to WP8.

        Anyway, I think we will be able to see the platform (WP8) grow if more users came over. It would definitely help Nokia out in sales…especially if an exclusive IG app came out.

  • torcida

    Too much trouble about instagram… They don’t deserve so much Attention. I would rather like a good hardware like the 808 with its amazing camera than such software…

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Remember that time that Instagram used to be called Lomography?

    • viktor von d.

      remembering when instagram came to android? the fus back then, the joy, the celebration, the uproar from itards and how tech blogs started viewing android as a first tier os because the major iphone exclusives started to come to android.wp needs this,even if we won’t use it. it gives the platform credibility and will shut up the morons from tech blags that were saying the windoes ecosystem is bad cause it doesn’t have instagram

  • Weirdfisher

    lol in another way speaking, Nokia is begging for Instagram

    • Weirdfisher

      Sry I only read the title

  • Edwin

    Just saying, people in Indonesia (and Asia) now currently are using “Path” apps a lot. And, it’s only available in iOS and Android.
    The developer been teasing that they will bring “Path” for Windows Phone from last year. Hopefully, it will come up soon =D

  • shallow ocean shoal

    I beg you everyone whenever there is a scene that needs to be captured for posterity or historical reasons, please capture it in the most true to life and highest resolution possible, and do not ruin the photo with some bullsht filter that looks like a leaky Russian plastic camera.

    Thank you.

    • Khoa


  • shallow ocean shoal

    Also DON’T BUY SIMCITY! Total DRM scam! Origin software resource hog! Always-on connection required, and their crummy servers don’t even work! See the Amazon reviews if you don’t believe me! Scam scam scam.

    Thank you MyNokiaBlog for providing the forum to express this.

  • Bazil

    What we need is a Lumia with a proper camera, not a service that was created to camouflage the crappy photos iPhones are producing. Bring the EOS. Yesterday.

  • Alvester
    • Peter L

      Seriously, stop spamming comment sections with completely unrelated topics/links. Use the tips section for that.

  • simonizer

    I know this is offtopic, but Amazing Spider-Man and Real Football 2013 just appeared in store.

  • Iva Biggun

    To me, this is just basically a marketing campaign to let everyone know that Nokia Lumias will have exlusivity on Instagram for Windows Phone. Expect it to come out very shortly.

  • Zhi

    Maybe Nokia should have acquired Instagram, like the way they acquired Scalado. Another missed opportunity?

  • Carlitos

    BTW, Cinemagraph is available for WP 7.8 for Spain now(app spanish name is Fotos Animadas)

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