PureView vs UltraPixel (PV, Phase 2.) (PS, PureView v1 kicks Ultrapixel’s ass)

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Yesterday, we talked about how PureView absolutely demolished the HTC One in terms of review praises for the camera. That was PureView V1.

I was elated when I got the tweet about PocketNow’s PureView vs UltraPixel test because the PureView V1 will just embarrass the competition.

Well, it wasn’t quite the 808 but it’s still PureView (v2) 

I don’t think there’s any mention of the 808, although I do find it funny that there’s mentions of ‘large sensor sizes’ when talking about the HTC. (Question, how big is the sensor in the N95, announced 2006?)

Folks, it is NO Content. PureView vs UltraPixel. Side by side comparison will just be formalities.

We should add tests for zooming, cropping, super low light with flash and movement (people, the fan test etc).

If we’re speaking simply on terms of phone-camera performance, then the 808 with PureView V1 wins. We have to also think about practical terms. Even if PV1 was to come to Lumia, could the mass market stomach a hump? WP might be easier to stomach than Symbian, but can the masses handle all that extra lumps?

PocketNow warns Nokia to keep innovations flowing as the ultra-low light battle is no longer a once horse race. True. The 720 is pretty great in low light, as is the 808 :p.

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